Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Party at Picchu


   Another of one of the paintings I finished off this weekend in the studio. Both yesterdays and todays paintings are 11 by 14 and will be framed in black float frames.

  First pic here is the finished painting.

  Second pic is the 2 cyanotypes I used - glued to the board and ready to go.

  I then colored the lamas and Machu Picchu with colored pencils and a bit of gold watercolor. I then added several layers of encaustic.

  I printed out the lamas again onto tissue paper and colored them with pencils and embedded them into the encaustic to make them stand out a bit more.

   I used stencils and oil sticks with the encaustic to add some texture and then a fine tip hot pen to add the fence line in.

                                                                                           All for today - Take Care



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