Friday, February 23, 2024

Coiled seashell basket

    Another basket for you today that I made on our weekend road trip - started on the way over on friday and finished about half way home on Monday. This one is a bit bigger than the one I showed you yesterday - about 5 inches wide by 7 long and about 3.5 inches tall. Same supplies as yesterdays so wont repeat. 
   Have a great day!!!


Thursday, February 22, 2024

Turquoise and seashell basket


  A small basket for you today that I made in the car on a recent weekend trip up to see the Grandbaby - and my Daughter and Son-in-law.

  It is about a 6 to 7 hours of driving time depending on traffic and pit stops so I usually bring something along to keep me busy. I started this one the day before our trip and had about 2 and a half rows done when we started the trip and finished it about 5 hours into the trip(with a couple pit stops for me and the pups).

   I used a large seashell slice for the basket start and another at the end for a decoration and a few colored beads. The coil is a twisted paper coil and I wrapped it with the light turquoise hemp twine.

  The basket is just a bit bigger than my hand and about 2.5 inches tall.

   All for today, Take Care



Wednesday, February 21, 2024

In the pink


  Another encaustic and cyanotype painting for you today.

     I used a cyanotype print that I made using a transparency from a photo I took. This is a flowering bush in my neighborhood, and I have no idea what it is called but it is very pretty.

  I colored the main flower and a little on the branches and the tiny bud with colored pencils, then glued the paper to a cradled wood panel.

  I added several layers of encaustic medium and then used my hot pen to add encaustic paint. Adding the encaustic paint gave more depth and color as well as some texture to the flowers. 

  Lastly I added some gold foil circles and some pinkish white to the edges. 

   All for today

                                                                                               Take Care



Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Purple basket


   Quick post this evening to show off another basket I made. This is another one made with leftover yarn in my stash for my Grandbaby to play with and use to put things in. 

   The base is a round wood piece originally made to use as wall decor(I found 3 of them at a thrift shop and they make great starts for baskets!!)

   I used 3/4 inch paper coil and yarn.

the basket is about 19 inches round and 9.5 inches tall.

   All for today - Take Care



Tuesday, January 30, 2024



   The transparency for this cyanotype print didn't work as well as I would have liked - too cluttered and too detailed, which didn't pick up in the print. First photo is how the plain cyanotype looked.

   I then added some color with colored pencil and decided to try it with encaustic as it looked much better with that bit of color. That is the second photo.

   The last 2 photos are the finished painting. I added several layers of encaustic medium and then layered 2 more photos printed onto tissue paper of smaller branches of hydrangea. Then I colored it all with pan pastels - colored over the original-colored pencil part a bit too.

   I wasn't as happy with this one as the first 2 paintings, but I have another hydrangea bush spotted in my neighborhood to take some pics of without that fence behind it and hopefully get a clearer print.

   All for today - Take Care



Monday, January 29, 2024

Sunset Iris


  Another cyanotype with encaustic painting for you today. I started with another iris print - first picture.

I glued it to a wood panel and added several layers of encaustic medium.

   This time I colored the Iris with pan pastels - second pic is the coloring in progress. The pan pastels work very well with the wax, giving the iris more of a watercolor feel to it.

   The last 2 pics are the finished painting. It will be framed in a black float frame eventually(I ran out of studio time this last weekend - hadda go back to that work thing ).

   All for today - Take Care



Sunday, January 28, 2024

Royal Iris


   I have been playing with cyanotypes. I did these a couple times with premade paper when my kids were little and decided to try and make my own thanks to a class with Painting with Fire (an online encaustic yearlong course). 

   I bought the paper making kit and made up a boatload of papers and starting printing them over the last couple weekends. 

   Instead of using plants and leaves and such, I made up transparencies using some of my own photos. Then you just put the transparency over the paper and expose it to the sun. That step is my first photo here.

  I have alot of prints to play with so you will be seeing alot of these!!!

   The second photo I have used colored pencils to color in the iris, a couple leaves and a bud.

                                                                                      I then glued the paper to a wood panel and added encaustic to the mix. The last 2 pictures are the finished piece. It is an 8 by 10 inch and eventually it will be framed in a black float frame. (I ran out of studio time this weekend)

     Take Care