Saturday, August 29, 2015


   One more day in Nebraska and then back to my Hubby and my pups and my nice soft bed!!!
   Finally uploaded pics from my camera and did some editing last night so here is the first batch from Wyoming.
   Paula and Cortney and Collin at a high point look out the day we went to the hot springs.
  A couple pics from the "short, easy" 2.5 hour, no path, hike my brother Chris took us on to see the ponds up the mountain from his cabins.
  And the last few from another 'short easy hike' the next day - not much shorter but easier and even a narrow path to follow - went to some cabins way out in nowhere that are pretty well stocked - folks who stay there are allowed to use anything but encouraged to leave something behind and restock for the next person - there was a good stock of wood for the firepit and woodburner in the cabin, axes, kerosene lanterns, food, linens and blankets for the beds and games and magazines too. There is a creek running through the camp that had pools built into it to keep foods cold (the water is snow runoff so very cold) - and they have lots of hummingbirds around too. Pretty cool place!!!
  The last 2 pics were taken the morning we left - ice covered by snow on the mountain - down to about 7000 feet - but my brother said most of it was gone by noon. Made for a pretty wake up to start the drive home.
  All for today - gotta get my suitcase stuffed back together and a cooler packed from Grandma/pa's garden to take to Lincoln today - am staying the night with Paula and she gets to take me to the airport in the am......
   Take Care

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