Monday, June 19, 2017

Dragon Nebula

   Well the pups have taken me on my morning walk and since I don't go to work till later today, I guess I need to get a bit of house cleaning done.....
   I was lazy for the weekend and other than a bit of yard work Saturday am I mainly read( a fiction book by Mercedes Lackley - rereading actually, and more reading on a new cold wax book I got - almost 2 inches thick and tons of great stuff) and Sunday spent some time working in my studio on a portrait that I am working on of my DD in cold wax and oils.
  I haven't attempted a portrait since High school and the 2 I did then were watercolor, so its a challenge. It is looking good so far but it is taking me  a LOOONNNGG time. There is a portrait themed show at Artel in Pensacola here the first part of July so am hopeful I will get done in time!!!
   Today painting that I am showing you is encaustic wax and shellac in another painting in what I guess I can call a series of nebulas - this is #3 - Dragon Nebula for the red dragon head that I can see in the upper right side.
  I have looked at this one a month or two trying to decide if it is done or not, since I like it but it didn't really 'feel' finished. Well I cant think of anything I want to really change about it so have called it done. (I can always come back to it later - and meanwhile someone might decide to take him home).
   Well better get my butt in gear and clean and then off to work - hot as blazes here in NW Florida today!!!!! Glad I don't work outside!!!!
    Take Care

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Carnivale masks

   Showing you today a painting I finished off this last weekend in time to enter it into our local gallery's carnival themed show at ADSO - its our calender show and there are a lot of cool art pieces  to choose from!!!
  The base is encaustic and both masks were painted with wax and then shellac and a burn.
  I then added feathers and beads to the masks and secured them to the board.
  Then I added beads and gold foil pieces to the background on the encaustic.
  I finished off the sides with the purple color . It measures 24 inches wide by 12 tall.
   I am hoping to get to the gallery today but for now - the pups need a walk....
       Take Care

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Irish skys

   Another painting I finished off a couple months ago - this one has been over at Artel gallery in Pensacola for a show until last week.
  The sky was done with alcohol inks and a shellac burn covered with clear resin.
   The dolmen and ground is done in cold wax and oils.
   I really love how this one turned out - the contrast between the sky and ground is cool. The resin is so smooth and colorful and the bottom half is textured and soft colors.
   The painting is framed in a floater frame with a black inner and the outer part of the frame is silver.
     All for today - Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Blue sky elephants

  Another painting today - one that I did a couple months ago but had forgotten to get a picture of it framed  until this last weekend....
   Another elephant themed painting. This one started with an elephant stencil and wood putty and after it dried I used the torch to burn the wood putty a bit. Next I colored the background and elephant with alcohol inks, dry, a coat of amber shellac a bit of drying time and then a burn.
  I then taped off about an inch and a half near the top and added a couple layers of plain wax. The I added a narrow row of microbeads in blue and embedded them into the wax.
   I added resin to the part I had taped off section near the top. And lastly some small elephants that I did with gold colored clay from a mold.
  All for today - need to get my but off to work....
    Take Care


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Lake song...

  I haven't posted for awhile again - been a busy summer lately. My DD is home for a couple months before she goes for her military training so we have been hanging out a bit now and then - she decided to work while she was home so she does have that much free time.
  Its amazing how busy I can keep with yard work, house work, walking the dogs, the job and finding a bit of time every week to get to the studio and paint. My current project is a portrait and I haven't ever done a portrait so its a challenge....I am doing it in the cold wax and oils onto a heavy weight paper for oils.
   This painting is currently at the Artel gallery in Pensacola for their "Music to my eyes" show and it won an 'Honerable Mention' - Happy me!! I have 2 paintings in the show again - 2 in a row now and 4 shows in a row to have paintings in - very happy me!!!
   This painting was done with cold wax and oils and is 24 by 12 inches. I really didn't have much in mind when I started other than a lake scene with flowers - the tree was a last add on because that corner looked like it needed a bit more, and I liked the idea of the petals on the breeze. Then I added some 'fireflies' - little dots of light as I felt this painting had an evening feel....\
  Down in the right hand corner is a pair of eyes that I added - as in music to my eyes....but it looked too disembodied so I added a shadow that is cat shaped...
   I had stained the sides with wood stain and taped them off and so that turned out nice....
   Well better get off to work this am....
     Take Care