Sunday, January 31, 2010


Hallo everyone,
Hopefully I am back to former organization levels or better(and if you believe that...). It took me longer to catch up after being out of town for 2 weeks than I expected.
I have been doing some yard work - preparing for the flowers I ordered.
This weekend I got the patio cleaned and my potting bench cleaned out.
The back yard still needs some weeds pulled and stuff but should get to that later this week.
This photo shows a corner of my patio that I arranged as my sittin' spot. It gets the most sun in the afternoon in spring which is perfect and then come summer the fake trees will help shade. The 2 orchids and the cactus are real. I lost all 8 of my orchids to the cold snap we had a few weeks ago. Lucky for me these 2 were on sale on Base so I grabbed them (I even remembered to bring them in last night as its going to get too cool for them again the next couple days).
All for today - I did get a couple cards done to show you the next couple days (I work the next 2 days).
Take Care

Friday, January 22, 2010

Home Sweet Granny

Just a fun little card I did yesterday to send to my Mom. Mom is doing very well after her knee replacement but I couldn't resist making her this card. Mom is still using a walker and the white hose Granny is wearing are the compression stockings they have to wear for a few weeks after surgery.
My Mom looks much younger than this Granny does by the way!!! And yes I colored her slipper pink to match Mom's favorite slipper from a couple posts ago (although Grannys look in alot better shape than Mom's :).

Granny, the walker and the Home Sweet Home picture are all from Hanna stamps and the rest of the stamps are from Papertrey Ink.
Granny, the walker and the pictures are all colored with copics. The wood floor I drew in and colored with prismacolor pencils.
The couches are paper pieced, and the pictures on the wall and Granny are all stamped on white paper and layered on top - Granny with foam tape to pop her up a bit.
Last but not least I went with a challenge from Flourishes this week to create a scene. See what everyone else has done here -

All for tonight - Have a great weekend!!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Outlines Lady Bug

I finally got back in my craft room today after almost 3 weeks!!!! Yippeee!!!
The final colors for this card did not turn out like I had envisioned....all went as planned until I tried to decide what to color the backround. I tried all my yellows but none looked right - you think with over 150 colors of markers I could find a color I liked!!!
Well since the yellows didn't work I tried 2 shades of peach and it looked cool. Then I put the layer on top of some peach paper and decided to go with it.

All the stamps are from Outlines and you can find them here -
I colored these with copics.
All for tonight - going to try and prepost something for you tomorrw - I have to work all weekend so will be back on monday.
Take Care

Monday, January 18, 2010

Mom's favorite slippers

Just a quick little note tonight - I got back home today around 130pm and was very happy with the sunny warm weather (55ish) - much warmer than Nebraska where I have been the last couple weeks.
My Mom is doing very well after her knee surgery so it was high time I head back home to tend to things around here - like work .....gotta work tomorrow.....once I get a day off I have a ton of yard work to do....DH and the kiddos took care of the cleaning for this week for me :).
These 2 pictures had Mom and I laughing. These really are her favorite slippers - really, no kidding - she has a bran new pair in her closet sitting right next to these. I offered to throw them away for her several times :) but she wouldn't let me.....

I can't say too much as I have a rather ratty pair of flip flops in my closet that I wear around the yard but they are not near this bad!!!!!
I told Mom they look like the dog chewed them up - and they don't even have a dog.....
Not too sure if I will get back in here this week - I work the weekend too, and have errands to catch up on but I have done any stamping in weeks so hope to find a bit of time.
Take Care
Love ya Mom!!!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Snow waves and snow drifts

More snow pics for ya - I have never seen the snow look like it does in this first pic and a bunch more below. The main drifts are all curved like a track made by a sidewinder snake and then there are smaller waves behind then. What is hard to see in the photos is that the main drifts - the curvey ones are 3 to 4 feet high drifts, the smaller ones are a couple feet.

These next couple pics are taken on some country roads west of my Mom's place - many spots are only open one lane wide. I am standing on the road here and the drift they cut through is way above my head. It is hard to see in the second photo but I have my arm raised above my head and the drift is still higher than my hand.

The snow drift along the tree line in the one photo are 8 to 10 feet high.

All for tonight
Take Care

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Floribraskan back in Nebraska

I am still in Nebraska but had a little time to play today so I could post some snow pics for the kids tonight. I went out this morning and took a bunch of pictures, edited them tonight and loaded them to a jump drive and transfered them to my Mom's computer and then to da blog ( Mom doesn't have wireless and I didn't bring a cord to hook up and don't know how anyway soooo - got it done anyway in the round about fashion).
I got here the 3 of Jan. right after a 'light dusting of snow' that had all but 2 gates closed at the airport. An then wednesday last week we had a big snow storm - my step-Dad was snowed in for 2 days.
My Mom had surgery on the 4th and has done very well. We ended up going to a rehab center for the weekend mainly because we couldn't get home - and yes I say we because I stayed with her both in the hospital and at the rehab center - slept in a recliner.
I brought Mom home yesterday and we both got our first look at all the snow from the last storm. ALot of the fields along the higway looked all swirls like the ocean waves - I was going to try and get pictures this afternoon after Mom's therapy but then it got all foggy and hazy and you couldn't see it very well - maybe tomorrow will be better.

These photos were all taken around my Mom and step-Dad's place and a couple at my brothers place across the road.
It really felt good getting outside for a bit even if it was cold!!!!
The pine and cedar trees really had my attention as you will see below - the snow clinging to the needles (before the wind came up again anyway).
All for tonight - Take Care