Friday, April 26, 2013

Puppy play

   A very pretty morning here in NW Florida - nice and cool - went walking with a friend of mine and her dog (and the baby :). Our dogs get along really well and love to run, so we took them to the small beach near us.
  Her dog loves the water and loves to swim but Kyna isn't too sure about the water yet - she jumps right in after her buddy, but doesn't go very far and only once did she get out far enough to have to swim.
  I was taking these pics on my phone and couldn't even see the screen so was rather surprised that they turned out so well :)
   I got a phone call from my boss at 630 am asking if I would please work tonight - I surprised myself and said yes - something I rarely do anymore is work extra, it just seems to take so much energy to do that extra 12 hour shift - especially since this will put me 3 in a row...not to mention all the stuff at home that doesn't get done.....ah well a bit extra on the paycheck is nice now and then too....
   Well I had bette get a move on - I do have a couple things that I want to try and get done today....
      Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wedding cards

   Just a quick post with a few cards I did today....and as usual I had a hard time choosing which DP and whether to use black or gold embossing powder so I ended up doing both of both for 4 cards total :).
   I did these for the current challenge over at Flourishes which is for 'wedding bliss' - check it out here -
  The stamp is from Flourishes and I embossed it in gold and black onto 2 different DP and backed them with 2 different DP.
   I used the same 3 ribbons on all 4 cards and edged the base DP with gold embossing powder (I think one of the Flourishes gals reminded me of this technique lately but when I looked back I couldn't find the specific post).
  All for today - the couch is calling me :)
       Take Care


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Locker hook daisys - lots of pictures!!

   Some of these pictures I have had up before but now that I am mostly finished with this locker hook wall hanging I thought I would show them all at once again.
  All I have left to do is put a backing on it and I want to do some cloth hooks to hang it with too....
   In case you don't know what this is  - it is called locker hook. It uses a mesh canvus and strips of fabric. With a large hook tool (like a crochet hook on one end but an eye on the other to thread a string through) You pull loops of fabric up from below and then draw the string through the loops with the tool to 'lock' the loops on place.
  I used a 30 by 36 inch piece of mesh (it gets a bit smaller in the end due to turning under of the edging and just with working it)
   I first drew the pattern I wanted with a sharpie marker and then I did the edges and another square along the edges to add a bit more of a 'frame' feel to it. Then I started by doing all the centers of the flowers - mostly because they were the same fabrics as the edges.
  Each of the flowers I chose 4 to 5 fabrics and tried to stay in the same tones - the bottom right hand one I used more gold tones, bottom left I used more orangey browns ect..... I did each petal in one fabric and alternating the fabrics in order, so the petals would show up better.
  I edged the whole piece in yellows and added some yellow fringe to the bottom edge of the hanging.
   I did the sky in mostly teal and tourquose colors because I like the way they contrast the yellows.
I did add 2 darker spots of dark blue and dark teal for some 'clouds' and later added some white fun furr over stitched for some more 'clouds'.
   Once I had all the locker hook done I did some over stitching - mainly the flower centers. I added an old button to the center of each flower and then over stiched with fuzzy yellows and brown yarns to make the centers of the flowers pop just a bit.
   All for today - Take Care

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Flowers for you

  Just a quick note before I head off to sleep for the day - busy night at work so a quick walk for my puppy and a bit of destress computer time for me :)
  I finished this card yesterday for the current challenge over at Imperession Obsession which is for 'flowers' Check it out here -
   The stamp I used is from Impression Obsession of course and is called Wild Sweetheart Rose H8889.
   I colored it with prismacolor pencils and blended the background with mineral spirits. I cut the main image and the next layer with Spellbinders labels dies. (the second layer is the cut out piece from yesterdays card :)
   I spent some time trying to find DP for the background on this card - was looking for pink, something distressed and vintage-ish and nothing looked right, then happened to try the black with pinkish swirls and it really looked dramatic.
   I added some gold sticker corners and some pearls , 3 layers of ribbon and a paper bow from my stash .
  The paper bow is an Accu cut die designed by my friend Vicki - (I may have to get that die - I seem to have used up almost all of the small bow that I got from Vicki...)  
Well thats all for me this am - off to bed with me and back to work tonight....
    Take Care

Monday, April 22, 2013

Frame it with Flourishes

   What a beautiful day - I took my puppy for a walk out in the woods on the military base this morning. Its a large open and wooded area that has fences in among the trees (a couple hundred yard back from the path) so I let her loose and boy did she have fun today. She scared up 2 deer and had quite alot of fun chasing them - to the point that after a 45 minute walk (for me) she was almost tired out, almost... :)
   Well when I got in the craft room I had a challenge that I really wanted to get done before todays deadline later today and it looks like I have gotten the job done :)
   This card is for the current Tuesday challenge over at Flourishes which is to use a frame. Check out the challenge here -
   The main image is from Flourishes of course and was done with watercolors and pencil. I did light washes of the watercolor onto watercolor paper first ans then came back when it was dry and added more color and definition with the pencils.
   I cut the frame from a piece of coordinations pre-embossed cardstock and sanded to show the light pink underneath and layered to a piece of green cardstock. I added some flowers and some pearls and all done.
   I am headed off to my bed now to get a nap before working tonight - sure wish I could just sit outside with a good book instead but alas the nap with come in handy around 3 am tonight :)
   Have a great day!!!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

B-52's and the Doolitle Raiders

   Well my hometown had the Honor of hosting the last public reunion of the Doolittle Raiders this last week and it was a busy week.
   We had friends in town and the DH and his buddy went to one of the reunion luncheons as well as one of the Autograph/meet and greet sessions. Both my kiddos assisted with the 3 dinners as part of their High School ROTC and my DD also marched in the Hero's parade with the HS ROTC.
   There were 5 B-25's in town on display and available for paid flights. 3 of them did fly over for the parade and circled that end of town for over and hour. Most of the 'in-flight' pics were from our friends hotel room on the 7th floor and a couple from the flight-line out at Destin. (there are also a couple pics of several other old planes also participating )
   The very first picture is of 3 of the 4 remaining Raiders (not in order) Lt. Colonel Richard E. Cole,
S/SGT. David J Thatcher and Lt.Colonel Edward J Saylor.
   Thanks to these brave men and many others over the years who have served!!!!
       Have a great week!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Household pink

  Beautiful weather here in NW Florida today!!! My puppy took me for a long walk early and I did a smidge of yard work....
  I finished off this card for the current Tuesday challenge over at Flourishes which is to use something from around your house. Check out the challenge here -
  I used a used drier sheet - one of my favorite techniques. I used double sided tape to stick it over my main image for a softer look and a soft texture too.
  The cherry blossums - from Flourishes of course - were stamped onto watercolor paper and painted with koh-i-noor watercolors
  I used some pretty spring Dp that I have had for quite awhile and a green card base. I embellished with a cream ribbon and a pinkish cream thinner ribbon , a paper bow, a metal charm and some pink pearl drops (from a tulip fabric pen). The main image was cut out with a Spellbinders die.
  The paper bow is a die cut from Accu cut that was designed by my friend Vicki Chrisman -
   All for today - am headed into work tonight in a little while.....
    Have a great weekend!!!