Thursday, June 30, 2016

Timeless Poppies - 2

   Showing you another encaustic piece with the poppies and butterflies, and watches - this is the second in a series of 4.
  I showed you the first one a few days ago and have decided to call them 'Timeless Poppies'
  I used some pieces of fencing wood that my neighbor cut off to mend his fence. It is about 5 and 1/2 inches by 5 inches and about 1/2 inch thick.
  I have used many layers of wax with poppies and butterflies from pretty napkins embedded into the wax. The watches are image transfers.
   This one and the last 2 in the series should be up on my Etsy shop in the next couple days...
   Had a doctors appointment after work - making arrangements to get injections in my knees for hopefully a bit less pain and a bit more sleep :)
  Got home later than usual but the pups made me go for a walk anyhow :)
   All for tonight - Take Care

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


  Another Christmas card for you today using an old Sweet Pea Stamps image by Conie Fong colored with copics onto cryogen white paper.
  The base cardstock is red paper columns from Paper Temptress and is such a lovely paper with the column texture!!!
  I edged the main image panel with silver metallic pen and used some silver corner stickers, as well as some Christmas stickers of trees and 'Happy Holidays'
   Middle of the week - I think my pups will have to do without an evening walk today - HOT, HOT, HOT - yesterday at 5 when I took then for a walk it was 94 with 80% humidity and no breeze - they didn't mind but I sure was HOT!!!! I think today will be the pool for me after work!!!
   Take Care

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


  A good Tuesday am for you today - I managed about 3 hours playing in my studio yesterday which was fun - walked the pups, did about and hour and half of yard work, got groceries and edited a bunch of pics - and then got in the pool for a bit - the only thing I like all this hot weather for.....
  Today is back to work but popped in here quick to show you a card I finished off on Sunday.
  The main image is from Amanda Byron I think - old Sweet Pea image - colored with prismcolor and polychrome pencils.
  Layered to some pretty pink paper from Paper Temptress.
I edged the main image with gold metallic pen, used some gold corner stickers, some pink flowers and some round bead circles too.
  Finished it off with some rub ons that have been in my stash for a Looonnnggg time now.
  All for today - Take Care

Monday, June 27, 2016


  Monday am and I am about to head out for some time in my studio playing with wax and then a few errands, the pups took me for a walk early and then I managed to do about an hour and a half of yard work before I about fainted from the heat. Those durn weeds love this heat....
  Showing you another small encaustic wax piece today - it is done on some left over pieces of wood from my neighbors fence that he fixed up. The wood is roughly 5 by 5.5 inches and about a half inch thick.
  I stuck with the clearer white wax for this piece and embedded first the poppy in it after several layers of wax and then added a few more layers. Next is a couple image transfers of an old watch - and a couple more layers of wax, and last a butterfly, and a couple more layers of wax. Both the poppy and the butterfly are from some pretty napkins I found and cut up to layer with.
  It is framed in a 10 by 10 inch frame with a orangey-red matt board to match the poppy.
I will be entering this in next weeks show at our local Arts and Design Society - the theme this time is 'small' so it will be perfect - along with my owl from yesterdays post.
  Time for me to get a move on....
     Take Care

Sunday, June 26, 2016


  It is a hot one in NW Florida today - temps about 98 with heat index at about 105.
  The pups took us for our morning walk about 7 am and it was already about 85 and no breeze, then I did about an hour of yard work and literally could wring out my shirt and pants, as well as my hair.
  Needless to say I have spent the rest of the day inside the house - Did some cleaning, took and edited some photos, made a few cards in my craft room....
  Todays project is an Owl I did and am really quite happy with how he turned out!!! He took me about a good 6/7 hours to paint ....
  The base is encaustic wax and then I used cold wax to paint him.
  He is 6 by 6 inches framed with a silver matting board in a 10 by 10 inch frame.
   I will be doing a few more like this one eventually.
     Have a great day!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sunset Illusions

  Started the day out with a walk with the pups - 7 am and already very hot and humid.
  We are headed out in a few minutes for a ride on the motorcycle. I haven't been riding with my hubby for awhile so even though its hot it should be fun!!! (and the pool waits for me when I get home :)
  Showing you some encaustic on paper, painted with an iron today - had it for awhile but reframed it and it looks nicer now.
 It is called 'Sunset Illusions'. Each picture is about 3 by 5 so it makes a nice sized frame.
  Time to get a move on - Have a great weekend!!!

Friday, June 24, 2016


   Well I had great intentions of getting a few things around the house done yesterday after work and got attacked by a case of the tireds - decided to take an hour nap and set my alarm for 430.....don't remember shutting the alarm off, and when I did wake up  it was 7 pm...ate super and went back to bed about 930 and slept some more.
  Ah well I did get a few things done today - laundry put away, dishes put away, a bunch of photos taken to edit for etsy, walked the pups and even got in the pool for a  bit and did some water excersise.....
   I may have already show these but not in the frame - got them framed up last weekend. It is called 'Splatter' and will be up on my Etsy shop sometime this weekend.
  Plans are to head out in the am for a motorcycle ride with the hubby... I haven't ridden with him in awhile, should be fun, if a bit hot...
   Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Christmas in July(ahhh June)

   Showing you a quick card for Christmas - trying to get a head start.....
  The main image is from Flourishes stamped onto cryogen white cardstock and colored with prismacolor pencils.
   The base cardstock is from Paper Temptress called 'emerald' from the Mica metallic line and it is so shimmery and pretty!!!
  I also used one of PT overlays called 'vintage Christmas'.
  I also used some gold corner stickers and some red rhinestones to accent a bit.
   I really like how this one turned out!!!!
  Almost the end of the week and another hot weekend in store for us.
  Take Care

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pretty Fairy

   I really had fun with this card!!! My 2 favorite colors are purple and teal and that's what I used here.
  This sweet fairy digi is by Janice Cullens (Scrappers Delight) and colored onto cryogen white with prismacolor and polychrome pencils. I then fussy cut her out and layered her onto 'violet' from the Mica metallic line over at Paper Temptress.
  For the corners I used an overlay from PT for one (off the black vintage frames sheet) and rhinestones on the other corners.

    The shimmery purple paper is just gorgeous!!!
     Well I got a bit of cleaning done monday and stopped on my way home from work to get a few groceries yesterday and did dishes,  got everything prepared to go in the crock pot this am and got laundry put away....
   Too hot out there for a walk last  evening - pups wanted  to go but even they would be ready to get back inside within a few blocks.
  Our AC has been acting up - the compressor is shot but it still manages to keep things reasonable so far - the hubby has the AC guys getting us an estimate on cost and when they could replace it so lets hope our old one lasts long enough!!!!
   All for me today - working a bit late today to make up for taking off a bit early next week for a doctors appointment.....
   Take Care

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Steampunk Angel

  A quick post this am as I head off to work - our AC has been acting up and it looks like a new unit is in order (afterall the one we have is over 20 years old and wasn't technically big enough for the size of our house as it is - we knew it was coming but hoped to get one more summer out of it.....)
  A quick card I did with fall colors and a steampunk theme. The stamp is by Meredith Dillman and colored with prismacolor pencils onto Cryogen white paper.
  I used 'mango orange' from the Treasures line at Paper Temptress for the base cardstock as well as the cryogen white.
  I managed to get some housecleaning done yesterday and today after work I will get a few groceries for a crockpot super on Wednesday - I may like these 8 hour shifts better than I thought I would - but it is still nice to work the 10's and have that extra day off every week....
   All for today - Take Care

Monday, June 20, 2016

Teal Mermaid

   After a hot but productive weekend (at least for me in the arty/crafty department) its Monday and back to work.
   I am working 8 hour shifts this week so should be able to catch up on the house cleaning I didn't do this weekend(and maybe a bit more time for crafting :)
  I am showing you a card made using  a sweet mermaid digi by Julia Burgess colored with prismacolor pencils.
  I printed her out using cryogen white from Paper Temptress - this cardstock is my all time favorite for coloring - either pencils or markers work beautifully on this cardstock!!!
  The base cardstock is  teal from the basics cardstock line at PT and the pretty silver overlay is called silver bohemian again from Paper Temptress.
  I used a silver metallic pen to edge the main image and some pretty gold seashells for accents.
   All for today - Take Care

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Lockerhook Rug

   I finished off another rug this weekend - been working on it for several months(a couple hours a night).
  It measures 33 inches wide and 58 inches long and is made from an interlockin fabric  that is kind of like a thinner soft knit fabric and makes a really thick soft rug.
  Time to get out the door for brunch for Father's Day.
  Take Care

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Every Day

  Showing you an encaustic wax piece that I finished off a bit over a week ago - a pretty simple one.
  After the base layers, I did about 4 layers of purple and turquoise, and then covered that with several layers of silver wax.
  I carved the words and then added wax with a stencil using a brighter silver wax - I then accented the stencil with a turquoise oil stick.
    Every Day

Take Care

Monday, June 13, 2016

New Orleans - 3

  Day 3 of New Orleans pics (and the last round ). I just love all the beautiful old buildings with all the pretty decorative touches and pretty iron windows with cozy courtyards hidden behind them - so that is what I have for you today :).
  Its another HOT one here in NW Florida today - walked the pups at 6 am and still came back mostly soaked with sweat - then did an hour of yard work to boot. Played in the studio for a bit and back home mid afternoon to do some cleaning and maybe have time to take a few pictures.
  I am digging out all my fall and Christmas crafty items and retaking pics and getting them loaded to the Etsy shop - hope to have everything loaded for a July sale....
  Well I had better get a move on....
  Back to the artsy stuff tomorrow .
    Have a great day!!!