Friday, November 30, 2007

Well my last craft fair for the year is over and I did pretty well especially considering how poorly I did at the other 2 - you can never tell what will strike peoples interests. What sold at the other 2 craft fairs didnot today and what didn't sell at the others sold today ... But I love the craft fairs - seeing what everyone is doing and talking techniques and ect.
Changing the pics in the elements again (will try to load Picassa tomorrow - wish me luck). Todays pics are 3 of what I call stamp paintings - its a frame matt board with picture, I do the frame to match or add to the picture. 2 are an oriental dragon komono - one done 'fire' style and one 'ice' , the other is a butterfly and bamboo. All are done with color washes from and then stamped and painted with Twinkling H2O's and watercolor crayons.
P.S. Sorry for the blurry pics this time - tried loading them 3 different ways, resized...still blurry - the photos aren't blurry but they loaded very large so maybe thats it.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Short note tonight - worked today, have caught a nasty cold, the kids are ready to be tucked in to bed and the couch is calling my name in a not so subtle way :) - my bed is quietly calling too ...
Will change the elements to show you 3 cards made with some of my Bella stamps :) - They are just such adorable stamps. @ shoe shopping Bella and Sistahs.
All for now

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just a couple cards to show you this am as I have major work to do at the craft table - my last craft fair of the year is friday and I work the next 2 days (12 hour shifts) so today is it to get last minute stuff done.
3 cards all with the same stamps, same technigue but different colors - the technique is 'drummed pearls' from Technique Junkies home. The flower and scrolly stamps are stampin up and the words behind the flower I can't recall right now but its a love letter. The pictures are a little dark but it really captured the sparkle so I didn't retake the pics.

Monday, November 26, 2007

The craft table is calling me today but thought I would stop in and tell you about the couple pics for today. Again switching pics in the elements as the upload image button won't work (plan to try Picasa this weekend but need to finish stuff for my last craft fair of the year on friday and then I will have some time this weekend - and believe me it will take time to #1 for me to figure it out and then #2 for me to get my pics back in some sort of reasonable order again...). Showing you pics today of 2 journals and one addres book that I altered in the last couple months. The address book is Coke-a-cola stuff - paper and old wallpaper, I used paper piecing on the ladies which is from a Stampin' Up set. The second is an elegant India lady stamped on acetate and using a TJ technique with alcohol inks, probably the one using the brayer but I used daubers instead, patterned paper, a punch, silk flowers and some fancy brads. The third is using a stamp from CHF ( from their Thomas Kinkade line "It doesn't get any better than this" - and the covers of the journal was done with layers of embossing powders and some fishin' bling. BTW all 3 are in my Etsy store right now.
All for now

Thursday, November 22, 2007

More boxes - non Christmas ones

Happy Turkey Day everyone!!!!
I had a little time to play today before and after the big pig out :) I started on the non Christmas gift boxes for my craft fair next week. I did one with a Fight Breast Caner theme and a guyish one - BBQ King. They both went together fairly quickly - I thought it would take me longer to embellish and make the tags for non Christmas stuff but was pleasantly surprised.
My Mom was discovered to have Breast Cancer this October so the Breast Cancer theme hit a note with me - I think the box turned out cute though, I used some old pink ribbon from my last garage sale finds and pulled out my new stamp set from 'My Favorite Things' (part of the proceeds go to Breast Cancer research). Fortunatly Mom's cancer was caught very early so the prognosis is about as good as it gets!!! She doesn't even need to have chemo (except some estrogen blockers) and no radiation either.
For the BBQ King box, I kept it simple - with brads along the rims and bottom of the tags, some letter stickers, some samll rope and of course BBQ Fella from my stash of Bella's and Fella's.
All for now.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Some cards this time

Short note as I worked today but adding some picks of cards this time although I had a bunch of gift box pics left - but they are still on the camera. The cards are from Mother's Day this last year - again my liking for doing a technique in several different colors. This is an alcohol ink and acetate technique from Technique Junkies. The one picture shows the pins I did to match the cards.
All for now - the couch is calling my name very enticingly :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Just a short note today as its been another long day at the computer for me. My Etsy site is up and running now though and I am finally getting the hang of all this computer stuff - now if my upload image button in my post would get fixed I would be one happy camper.
Changing 2 of the element photos to show 2 more of my Christmas boxes - one is done with polar bear and eskimo paper and one is a paper with presents on it.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Spent alot of time on the computer again today but as slowly getting a handle on editing my pics better - took a look at Picasa and will have to decide whether to add it to my computer or not - if I did then I might be able to upload pics to my posts through it...
Just 2 pics for you today - a couple more gift boxes for ya - maybe something different tomorrow.
Keep a watch for my Etsy store coming soon.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Toys for Tots, gift box

Lots of time at the craft table today. Working on the 6-pack gift boxes. When I get an idea I often like to take it and do it in every style and color combo I can - which means you'll be seeing alot more of the boxesas the fever has once again caught me :). They really are fun to do!!
Including a pic of my favorite box for today - the paper was red and beige with Christmas music on it, then I sprayed it with some cranberry Glimmer Mist. Also including a pic of my DH as he rode by on the Toys for Tots run in town today - some 900+ bikes.
More boxes tomorrow.....

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Estate sale find

Didn't get any craft table time today but I did find a few good bargains - a garage sale with some rubber stamps and paper (1 set for me and 1 set for my DD). My Cheif Enabler got there ahead of me :) - she bought 10 stamp sets and twice the paper I did. Then I found an Estate sale that has this big box of odds and ends - price was origionally 5$ but I asked if they would take 2 and they did - the box had a bunch of OLD lace and trims, a pair of knitting needles, 2 stitching hoops, a tin stuffed with embroidery thread, a bunch of plastic canvus, bunch of pipe cleaners, and a sack of small doll heads - I took the laces, trim, half the thread, and the dolls heads and DD got the rest.

A craft fair, lunch out with the family at our favorite beachside resturant, and some errands took the rest of the afternoon - might get some time yet this evening.

Including 2 pics of my estate sale find and a card I did using the Double Pocket Fold technique from Technique Junkies (see my inspiration list). The stamp on the tags is one from the Thomas Kinkade line at Cornish Heritage Farms.
Have a great weekend !!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Knick Knack shelf


Short note tonight - worked today so no time at the craft table. But will show you a project I did last month. Found this little knick knack shelf at a thrift shop for $2.50, repaired a divit or 2 and painted it, then put a couple layers of gesso on the front doors so I could stamp and color on it easier. Stamped with Staz-on ink and colored in with prismacolor pencils and mineral spirits then sealed it with a spray fixative. On the inside behind the shelves I put some pretty patterned paper. Then I made a double light switch plate to match - sanded a plain switch plate and again with a couple layers of gesso to stamp and color on, again with prismas and mineral spirits.
Hoping to get some time at the craft table tomorrow (have some more gift boxes to finish- but first I have a garage sale to go to ("craft items - lots of stamps" - 7 am sharp, first stop :) then a craft fair to check out...
All for now

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Christmas gift boxes

Hallo ,
Will rearrange elements again today as my upload image button still isn't working but will have some pics of some Christmas gift boxes that I am making up for my last craft fair of the year. I thought they would be cute for small gifts - anything from cookies and treats for the neighbors to bubble baths and soaps for the girls and maybe some BBQ stuff for the guys, the ideas are almost endless for the kids - small toys, magazines, colored pencils and coloring books. I plan to do a bunch of Christmas ones and then try some other themes that could be used anytime.
I have a bunch of errands to run today - groceries, post office ect. but should get some time at the craft table this afternoon.
P.S. For the green motifs and the vintage boxes I stamped on patterned paper as well as the tags.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Photo upload trouble

Well I still can't get photos to upload through the posting option but I found a way to show you pics anyway - at least short term. I just add elements and the photos upload from there fine. Not much to gab about today - spent way too much time at the computer yesterday so the craft table is feeling neglected. Since I work tomorrow I had better finish up the projects I have going. Hopefully Blogger will fix me soon.

Monday, November 12, 2007

An Awsome Day

Hallo Blogworld, Hi Mom,

I am hoping I can figure out all this Blog stuff - so far I seem to be doing ok. An Awsome Day? Well not only did my DH agree to us going on the stamping cruise next fall (I will attempt to put the link in) but my wonderful children decided they were going to earn themselves some extra $$ by taking on more chores around the house (thereby leaving me more crafting time? :)
And I am finally taking the dive into this bloggin thang.....

I am hoping I can inspire, entertain, and enable you half as well as the many people who have inspired and enabled me!!! You can expect mostly Stampin stuff - but I also bead, play with clay, paint, knitt, sew-rarely, crosstitch-also rare, scrap and anything that looks interesting (as long as its not too expensive :)

Now if I can only figure out how to add a photo....I plan to add some pics of a cigar box that I did using stamps and prismacolor pencils so we'll see if I can figure it out.