Friday, January 31, 2014

Sweet Pea Stampers - Valentines challenge

   I am a bit late getting my card made for the current challenge over at Sweet Pea Stampers. This time our challenge is a Valentine challenge. I  was getting over a head cold and cough - and just when I thought it was done my head feels like exploding again - and I am such a wimp with a cold too....
  I used a digi (from Sweet Pea Stamps of course - and I have her in rubber form too) called 'Black haired lady' by Ching Chou Kuik and colored her with prismacolor pencils.
  I don't do dark skin tones often but was happy with how this one turned out.
  My Hubby loves getting cards with a sexy lady on it for Valentines and the Sweet Pea Stamps are always a winner :)
  I am on call for work tonight and glad of it - slept all day like I normally would and am probably going to head back to bed about now - love it!!!
  We have finally thawed out a bit here in NW Florida - the roads were passable today - even the bridges had cleared off by mid-morning - after over 2 days its about time - we are just not used to it here - no one knows how to drive on ice - thankfully most folk just stayed home!!!
   Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ice, Ice babe

Hallobrrrr, teeth chattering,
  It is an icey morning here in - where am I - oh ya I am sposed to be in Florida :)
  Leon left us with a nice coating of ice overnight. It started raining yesterday about noon and about 330/4 pmish it started to turn to ice.
  Only one other time in 15 years have we seen ice/snow here in NW Florida and the last time it only lasted about an hour  - this time its staying around a bit.
  We braved the ice and cold (the wind is nasty) to get a walk with my crazy puppy - she not only loves the cold but we met up with a friend of mine and her dog and the 2 dogs just ran like crazy once we got to the ballpark.
  I fully plan to stay indoors most of the rest of the day - I do have to go to work tonight though (DS is off school and DH may go in to work at noon but more than likely they will end up with the whole day off too)
  All for now - maybe I can get some craft room time today :)
     Take Care

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Booth pretties....

   Well despite winter storm Leon bringing the gulf coast a rare ice storm today I managed a quick morning run to Panama City to get my pretties up in my booth. (She opens on Saturday and I work the next 2 nights so today was the only day I could have free to do it.)
  The rain started about noon but the temperature was good until the sun started to go down - I now have little icicles starting to form on my clothesline - all the schools are off today and tomorrow because of the storm, and the college, and ALOT of places closed early today, even the DH got out of work early today. Too bad I will have to go to work tomorrow night regardless...
   Well I was happy with how my booth looked and believe it or not I brought the perfect amount of stuff - I had room for everything I brought along without it being crowded and didn't have to bring any back with me.
  All for me today - now that my booth is set up - I am going to try and get back into my craft room :)
   Have a great day - I am going to get into my comfy warm sweat pants and my slippers and head for the craft room :)
   Take Care

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Shelves up and ready

front of booth
   Well the DH went to Panama City with me yesterday to help me get the shelves I made  up in my booth at the craft market and I thought it turned out looking rather cool.
  I can put shelves on either side of the partitions and can create a little 'vignette' in front and back of both side and people will see my booth (part of it at least) from several directions. There is a main pathway designated to either side and there will be a smaller pathway across the front of my booth too.
   All I have to do now is get all my treasures tagged and loaded into the van for the trip up on Tuesday am....oh and stain 3 more boards the put on the ends of the 'shelves' to hide the unfinished ends.
  The last photo is down the long hallway so you can see how big this place is and the beautiful street lamps she has.
   All for tonight - off to work.
     Take Care
front of booth, right side

from right side

back side of left side

beautiful old street lights

Friday, January 24, 2014

Busy, busy, busy....

   Haven't been on the blog or in my craft room near as much as I would like lately - first due to a nasty head cold and cough which is thankfully much better and 2 a new adventure along with a big project....
  My new adventure is that I am going to have a booth at a new place opening up in Panama City (a little over an hour away) - its going to be a Handcrafted flea market. So like the normal flea/antique markets but just for handmade arts and crafts which I think is a super cool idea and a great opportunity for me :)
  I just heard about it about 2 weeks ago - went and looked and decided on Monday this week and she opens on the first of February which didn't give me a whole lot of time.
  I have enough stuff made to put in the booth but didn't have anything to display stuff on.....I had seen a shelving unit at a cute little flower store in my home town made from old doors hinged together and then they attached shelves which I really wanted to do but couldn't find any doors (not for a reasonable cost anyhow - meaning cheep :) So I decided to do the same idea with fencing.
  I bought 3 6 foot tall by 8 foot long sections of ready made fence and the DH helped me cut them into 3 foot wide sections and we put 2 of them back to back.
   Todays project was sanding them down a little (to prevent slivers :) and then staining them and putting on the brackets for the shelves - oh and also painting the pegboard I am going to have on the wall part of my section.
  By the way - if you ever have to paint pegboard use spray paint!!!!! The last time I painted pegboard I used spray paint because I already had some at the house - this time in an effort to save money I used regular paint with a brush and I will NEVER do that again - the paint globs up all the holes and then you have to poke the holes out and smooth out the paint - major pain!!!!
   Well I got everything done except put the hinges on yesterday and we decided to wait on that until we set them up at the craft market on Saturday....and boy am I sore today!!!!
  I didn't get any pics of the shelving but you will get to see it soon, as I plan to go and set it all up (shelving anyhow) tomorrow.
   All for today - the puppy and I need our walk and then I have a couple classes today!!!
      Take Care

Friday, January 17, 2014

Flower challenge - Sweet Pea Stampers

  Well how is everyone's new year going so far!! We are pretty much back to 'normal ' here - DD went back to college on the 10th, all the Christmas decs are down and put away for the year...still have a couple Christmas projects that I am determined to finish before stashing away all the Christmas cardstock, DP and doo dads until next year....and I am still working on finishing off projects for the card coloring class I am teaching starting next week with our local volunteer adult learning center.... 'normal' is relative :) and busy is good :)
  Time for another Sweet Pea Stampers challenge and this time it is for 'flowers - flower power :)'
  I know I used this image for the last challenge too but I colored her up a couple different ways when I pulled her out last month and I really love how this one turned out!!! This beautiful mermaid is from Elaine Cox and is called 'Kiara' - she is available as a rubber stamp and a digi.
  I colored her with Koh-I-Noor and prismacolor pencils. She is cut out with and layered to Spellbinders dies. I added some edging with a gold metallic pen, some gold mesh ribbon, some gold pearl drops with a Viva d├ęcor pen and some beautiful paper flowers.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Locker hook - sore fingers :)

   A bit of house cleaning and a walk and now I could use a nap but maybe a bit of blogging and surfin will do instead....
   I made record time doing this rug as I started it mid December. My DD saw the one I did for my self which is twice as long as decided she wanted one too - only not as long....
  I was trying to get this done in time to send back to college with my DD but I missed it by a couple days so will have to send it.
   The finished size on this rug is 34 inches by 28.
  When I started I decided to keep track of how many hours went into the rug - kept a tablet and marked off squares for the hours with a slash for every 15 minutes (I often sit for just a few minutes in between chores and after or before work just to relax/reward myself :) - so the grand total on this rug, which is a fairly simple pattern is 68.5 hours total!!!
  There were times during Christmas break, when the weather was so cold,  when the DD, DS and I were watching marathons - 24 - NCIS - zombies that I worked on the rug for about 3 hours straight so my hands got a bit sore at times.
  All for now - better get back to the house work....
        Take Care

Prayer journal

  Well I was going to save this project to show you another day but haven't got anything else to show you this am and don't feel much like moving outta my chair here in front of the computer just yet....soooo....I finally got all the Christmas decs down on sat am and the boys DS and second son Austin put them back up in the garage attic yesterday for me but I am fighting a major head cold, cough, sore throat the whole whiney shebang so I may not get much done today.....I even called in sick to work last night which is unusual for me (it has been over a year since I called in sick...)
   My house really needs cleaning, puppy wants a walk (too cold this am - maybe this afternoon), we could use a few groceries and there is a ton of stuff to do in my craft room.....ah well we will see how much energy I can muster in a bit...after all the house, craft room and puppy will still be here tomorrow.....
   I finished off this little project end of last week...I took a journal and altered it  - the base is a white core cardstock that I dry embossed and sanded off - I used this for both the front and back covers and edged the edges with metallic gold pen.
   The main image starts with 'anemones' from' Flourishes' - stamped once in black memento and twice - once to either side - with gray (London fog) memento inks and colored with Koh-I-Noor pencils onto cryogen white cardstock.
   I embossed the phrase from 'Prickly Pear' with black and then added the beaded frame and some gold corner stickers.
  The blue ribbon was a last minute thought - pretty and I left a long tail to use as a bookmark.
  All for this am - I am almost finished with another locker hook rug so I think I will work on that for a bit and let the cold medicine take a hold before I attempt some cleaning.....boy I am such a whimp when I am sick..... :)
   Have a great day!!!

P.S. This journal is up in the Etsy shop......

Saturday, January 11, 2014

A prayer of Thanks

  Another shaped project for you today for the current challenge over at Flourishes. I decided to make a little hanging plaque today and took a couple pieces of chipboard and cut them and paper to cover them, and the other layers all with Spellbinders dies.
   Check out the challenge here -
  I first stamped the 'anemones' from Flourishes once in black memento ink and once to either side with memento London fog(gray) and then colored them with koh-i-noor pencils and then stamped and embossed the phrase from Prickley Pear over the top.
  I edged the middle blue panel with gold metallic paint and edged the other 2 panels with blue ink and added a matching blue ribbon.
  Well we had the good luck of my DD being with us one more night - first her plane yesterday was delayed, then rescheduled and finally rescheduled from the airport in Pensacola - an hour away - and no connecting flight into Omaha last night so she opted to take a flight out today instead....the fog was pretty thick here yesterday but seems lighter this am so hopefully it all burns off by noon - good thing she doesn't really need to be back till sunday ( classes start again Monday...)
   All for this morning - I really do need to do some house work today - I still haven't taken my Christmas decorations down.....nasty head cold kicked into full force yesterday afternoon so we will see how much I can get done.....
   And then I work tonight....
        Have a great weekend!!!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Bright and sunny

  Well the weather is defiantly warmer  here in NW Florida, but in the winter that often means rain - in the case of the last several days fog and drizzle so I am sharing a bright and sunshiny type card today :)
  Took my DD to the airport this am to send her back to Nebraska for college - there was some speculation as to the flight getting out due to delayed incoming flight and the fog but looks like she will get out a bit late but still in time to make the connecting flight....
  I am headed over to the local college for the 'Center for lifelong Learning' registration day here in a bit - this is a local, all volunteer group that holds 2 sessions of adult learning classes. I am teaching a 'Coloring for card makers class' again this winter - so I have been doing a lot of coloring lately for my class samples (and not surprisingly a large portion of the images I use to demo are from Flourishes.....not only are they beautiful and fun to color but they are a local company to boot being in Pensacola ...)
     Todays card is a Flourishes image of course and colored with koh-I-noor pencils. I did another shaped card for the current Tuesday/Release challenge.
   Check out the challenge here -
     All for today - Take Care

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rustic Christmas

  Well once I got up yesterday afternoon (after working night shift :) I had some time to play in the craft room and did up a few cards. I had spent a lot of time over the weekend coloring so it was just a matter of putting them all together.
  Todays first card is a modified  CASE from  Christine on this post -

  The stamp is from Flourishes and I colored it with koh-I-noor pencils.
I stamped it onto Neehnah Desert Storm - kraft colored cardstock and then backed it with some kraft core coredinations paper.
   I made a shaped card for the current Tuesday/releas challenge over at Flourishes this week - Check it out here -
  All for today - once again braving the frigid cold to take my spoiled princess of a puppy for her walk :)
   Stay warm!!!

P.S. the second card is a more direct CASE of Christine's card and the one I did first - then I had to try one with sunset colors :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New house

  Just a quick little post today and a quick and easy card too. I needed a house warming card for a friend and this sweet house stamp from Impression Obsession - 'House' G1742 made the perfect image.
  This also fit for the current challenge over at IO for 'blue' - check it out here -

  I stamped the house in blue onto Neenah Desert Storm paper - (wonderful kraft colored but smooth and great for coloring on) from Paper Temptress. Then I used a texture folder on the kraft card base and the piece of blue kraft core coredinations paper. On the base cardstock I swiped the texture with the same blue ink as the house and used it on the edges of the panels too.
  The coredinations paper with the kraft core in 'da bomb' - LOVE the kraft core!!!!
  Last but not least some pearls - colored blue with a copic marker - as embellishments.
  The phrase is a rub-on from a packet I have had for years now - slowing getting it used up....
  All for today - puppy wants a walk and as it is a bit warmer today than it has been its time for a longer walk :) and its sposed to start raining tomorrow too....
        Take Care

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mountain Deer

  A quick card for you this evening as I am headed off to work - I did a lot of coloring over the weekend making samples for the coloring class I am doing starting this month.
  I am teaching a class - 'Coloring for cardmakers' at our local Center for Lifelong Learning - which is an all volunteer group associated with the local college. We have all kinds of classes at 2 different sessions every year with everything from computer, religion, cooking, beading, knitting, genealogy, exercise, to skeet shooting classes - its a lot of fun!!!
  I made up a few cards yesterday morning and this one just happens to fit the current Tuesday challenge over at Flourishes. It is also the release challenge for this months release week too :) The challenge is to make a 'shaped' card.
Check it out here -
  This is of course a stamp from Flourishes and I colored it with koh-I-noor pencils.
   All for today
                                                                                                 Stay warm!!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Silver and gold

   BBBBRRRRRRbbbbrrrrr - It is COLD here this am and fixin to be colder. I have lived in NW Florida for over 15 years now and never has it gotten this cold or stayed cold for as long as it is sposed to.
  Puppy still wants her walk though so I guess I will bundle up and go - soon as I work up the nerve :)
  Todays card is for the current challenge over at the House Mouse blog -
  The challenge this time is for 'silver and gold' This card looks better IRL - I did the star and ornaments on the tree with silver and gold metallic pen and they show up way better off camera. Otherwise it is colored with koh-I-noor pencils, layers die cut with Spellbinders and I added some ribbons and a few silver and gold sequins too.
  All for this morning - better get this walk thing over with and back for a hot cup of tea!!
    Stay warm!!!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

IO Blue

 with a pop of red....
      A very mellow weekend at the Fujan clan household - went to brunch at one of our favorite bayside places as it will be the last semi warm day for a bit as the deep freeze is sposed to hit tomorrow.
   Spent the rest of the day lounging between the couch and the craft room working on samples for the coloring class I am doing starting in a couple weeks and working on another locker hook rug.
  I did this card for the current challenge over at Impression Obsession which is for 'Blue'. Check it out here -
  I used F1929 Cardinals by Window and colored it with koh-I-noor pencils - I couldn't resist the pop of red here - for the birds and the base cardstock. The image was done on the kraft colored 'desert storm' from Paper Temptress and I used kraft core coredinations paper for the middle layer.
   All for today
       Stay Warm!!!!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Sweet Pea Stampers - Anything goes

  Welcome to the first Sweet Pea Stampers challenge for the new year!!! It is a pretty easy challenge this time as 'Anything Goes' Play along with us on the Sweet Pea Stampers blog here -
You could win some Sweet Pea images just for playing along - if you use a Sweet Pea image you get double the chance to win!!!
  Make sure to check out the rest of the Design Teams projects as there is a lot of creative ladies and great inspiration to feast your eyes on :)
  For my card today I used an image from Elaine Cox called 'Kiara' and colored her with Koh-I-Noor and prismacolor pencils.
  I cut her out with a Spellbinders labels die and the next layer is Spellbinders also, some matching DP, silver metallic pen, silver pearl drops with a tulip fabric paint pen and a silver ribbon and all done :)
  This Sweet Pea image is available both as a rubber stamp and a digi BTW.

  I am back to work after a couple days off for the New Years Holiday (its rare that I didn't have to work!!) just 2 days and then the weekend off...then I guess the old normal routine will start. I do have my DD home with us from collage for another week which is really nice!!
  I have lots of things lined up for 2014 - crafts and art and classes and DS's graduation and then off to college....its going to be a busy year and I like that!!!
   Have a great weekend everyone!!!