Saturday, September 17, 2016

Dota dots

  I had some time in the studio today and finished this one off . I watched a you tube video where they put about 40 different layers in different colors and then started carving into the wax.....
   Well I only did  about 11 or 12 and then I started carving circles - leaving layers showing bigger or smaller , some into deeper layers than other and some with lopsided inner circles....
  The last picture is the finished project where I added some black dots and lines.....
  Started out rainy this am but cleared up for awhile - later in the afternoon now and it looks like its fixin to rain again.
  All for now - Take Care

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


  Well between the weekend and yesterday after work, I am starting to get a few of my projects from my encaustic class at the folk school framed and pictures taken - they will start to show up on the etsy shop soon and I will show you how they look framed up here too.
  I started this one as usual with a couple layers of plain wax, then I did a landscape scene in wax.
  Then I went back and added to the tree, leaves and foreground with pan pastels and covered that with 2 thin layers of plain wax.
  I colored the dragonfly with pan pastels and embedded him into the wax and then covered him with 2 layers of wax.
  I then did image transfers of the garden gate and covered with a layers of plain wax.
  Lastly I added some more pan pastels to enhance the tree a bit and did a light fuse - the pan pastels melt right into the wax, then added one last layer of plain wax .
All for today - I will be pre-posting all week as I leave REALLY early in the mornings for work all week.
   Have a great week!!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Vintage baby

  A Vintage style painting for you today - another one from the class I did with Kat Fitzpatrick at the John C. Campbell folk school.
  This is approximately 8 by 8 inches square and is layered first with several layers of plain wax followed by a pretty patterned napkin for the background(which can hardly be seen).
  Next I embedded the picture of the baby that I photocopied and added a touch of color to her cheeks with pastels.
  A couple more layers of plain wax and then a stencil for the blue wax.
  I first did a amber shellac burn and then decided it needed a more defined edge so edged it with black shellac and burned that too- now I am not so sure I like it..... will let it hang around awhile and see if I get some inspiration and change it up....
  All for today - working the early shifts this week so am pre-posting - leaving the house by 530 am is tough!!! :)
   Take Care

Sunday, September 11, 2016

City fog

   Another painting for you today from my class with Kat Fitzpatrick at the John C. Campbell folk school.
  I was really happy with the left side but not so much with the right side.
The right side went through a couple transitions before I called it quits....
   The colorful city started as a stencil and I painted it with colored wax. Then after a couple layers of plain was I added a transfer of the old building on the lower left corner.
  The right side started as an image transfer of a photo of mine from New Orleans - some ornate design on one of the buildings but it looked too dark so I added the white and then it wasn't defined enough for me so I did some work with india ink to add some black back in.....and that's where I stopped.
   Several people in the class liked it this way and I am kinda getting used to it.....
     All for today - trying to get some of my pieces framed up - have 2 shows coming up and need to get finished.
    Take Care

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Vinatge Bird

  Posting a bit early this am as I am going to a Nursing Conference for most of the day. It is a local one put on every year and very good with a great lunch provided to boot!! Always need more education hours!!!
  This painting is my favorite of the vintage style ones that I did in my class. The bird image was printed onto copy paper and I colored him with pastels and then fussy cut him out.
   I started with several layers of plain wax and then some light teal layers.
  I then did a couple image transfers into the background - with a couple layers of plain wax between.
  Next I embedded the bird and another couple layers of plain wax.
  I used a stencil for the pink and blue figures and then amber shellac with a burn to finish it off....
    All for today - gotta get a move on....
       Take Care

Friday, September 9, 2016

Vintage Woman

  Another nice and cool morning here in NW Florida - I am loving it. Went for the usual morning walk and now just puttering around on the computer.....did a bit of yard work yesterday so feeling a bit lazy today....
   Another of the vintage style paintings for you today. I started with a couple layers of plain wax onto board and then used a pretty paper napkin for the background.
  Added a piece of black and gold paper and then the image of the lady all embedded into 2/3 layers of wax and another couple layers on top also.
  Then I used a stencil with some country pink wax - not to bright so more of a vintage look....
  Lastly I covered the piece with amber shellac and did a quick burn.
  I really need to get myself busy and get all they paintings framed up.....
    Well better get a lunch packed and get ready for work.
       Have a great day - ITS FRIDAY!!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ginko Budda

  I am really lovin the cool mornings we have been having lately - although I didn't get out to do yard work yesterday am , I am headed there right after this!! My flower beds are totally weeded out - Monday I got a bunch done so I need to get more dirt in the ones I got done, and then weed the others.
   I kinda like this shift (11 am to 1930 pm) just so I can get things done in the am....
  Todays painting is called 'Ginko Budda' and it has many layers - I started with 2 layers of plain wax and then added a thin napkin with a pretty oriental  style pattern. Then more plain wax.
  At the bottom is 2 fish from a drawing by Kat then an embedded image of a budda and a piece of distressed oriental paper. Next I added a bunch of ginko leaves in a couple layers with plain wax. Lastly I added a bit of blue, white and yellow wax in spots to show off some of the images.
  Well time to get busy - Take Care

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


  Well I had big ambitions for this am - nice cool morning to get some yard work done...but I had a really hard time dragging my butt outta bed and then the pups we in the mood for a longer walk so that is about all I will get done this am.
  I did sleep good the last couple nights so that is good - feel like I am always playing catch up though....
  Todays painting was a real challenge for me in my wax class - it went through 4/5 transformations before I liked it enough to keep.
  I had never really tried to do a lot of texture before so this was a good time to experiment. The bottom right side is pretty much original it was the other side that got changed up several times.
  The texture is built up using a fairly dry/cool brush with wax and not fusing it but lightly so as to leave the bumps in.
  I smoothed out the other side eventually and used a labyrinth stamp to imprint into the wax.
  I used black colored shellac on the top left half and amber on the bottom right.
  All for this am - time to get cleaned up and my lunch made for work.
    Take Care

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Vintage Man

  Getting my week started early this am - walked the pups and now need to try and do some housecleaning before I am off to work...
   Another vintage style encaustic from my class with Kat at the folk school.
   The top picture is the railroad stop at Raymond Nebraska and the bottom one is just a random old photo but the man bears a really good resemblance to my Uncle Eddie.
  The first layer is a napkin with a vintage looking design and then I embedded the photo copies, several layers of plain wax and then a stencil using blue wax. Lastly I covered it with amber shellac and did a burn.
   The amber colored shellac really adds to the vintage effect.
   All for today - I better get a move on.
      Take Care

Monday, September 5, 2016


         Day 4 of my 4 day weekend, feeling a bit slow this am....pups took us for our walk and its a bit cooler than usual this am which is nice. Cloudy and looking like rain.
        We had an friend in town yesterday and had a great time sitting around and talking, went to breakfast this am and then she had to head for the airport. And I headed to the studio. I cleaned up the edges on all the paintings I did in Kat's class at the Folk school and did a couple other little things, like putting away some of the goodies I ordered since the class for new tools and such...
     We were out of  power for about and hour and 1/2 right as I was getting home from the studio so I took the pups for a short walk - light rain but at least it made it cooler.
    Not sure what I am doing today - should start working on getting things framed for 2 shows coming up - 3 pieces for the ADSO - Autumn themed show and then 5 pieces for the Fair show....
   Todays painting has a lot of stuff on it - several washi papers embedded into the wax, then a leaf cut out sprayed with gold metallic spray, then some paper napkin poppies, then a photo from my flower garden a couple years ago with another napkin butterfly overlapping that.....a couple layers of plain wax and then some gold leaf to brighten things up...
     Well that's about all for today - I work 11 am to 1930 pm the rest of the week so should be able to get a bit of house cleaning done - wont have much time next weekend. Saturday next weekend I have an all day Nursing conference - its a local conference and good hours for very little.
  Hope you have a great day!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Ginco leaves

  Stopping in here quick as the pups are itching for their morning walk....and we have a friend in town so I won't be on the computer much today.
  This is one of my favorites from my class with Kat Fitzpatrick at the John C. Campbell folk school. It was a long narrow board - 5 inches wide and 18 inches tall.
   I started with the usual 2/3 coats of plain medium and then added 3 shades of teal - the very lightest at top. Then I took a handful of ginko leaves and arranged them into the wax while it was still a bit warm and then coated it with a couple more layers of plain wax.
   Lastly I coated the whole thing with amber shellac and did a quick burn. I really enjoyed how this one came out!!!
   I even found a frame at a thrift shop on Friday that I think will look just perfect - hope to get time to get a few things framed tomorrow. I found about 8 pretty and old fashioned frames at the thrift shop on Friday for only 4/5 dollars each so I have a nice stash to work with - in addition to the pile of new ones from A.C. Moore that I got on sale awhile ago.....
  Off and running - Have a great Holiday weekend!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Fire nebula

  When we started learning how to do a shellac burn I really wanted to try and see what  the nebula would look like after a burn but didn't want to use the one from yesterday as I liked it just the way it was , so I made another nebula and this time I did a shellac burn with amber shellac  - and I really LOVE how it turned out.
  The first picture is the before picture and the second is after (you can click on these to enlarge them).
  Short post this am - busy weekend so Take Care

Friday, September 2, 2016

Campbell Nebula

  Well I have today off but it will be a busy one running errands, and we have a friend coming into town for the weekend and tonight is the reception/awards night for the current art show at ADSO - our local Arts and Design society.
  Todays encaustic painting is called 'Campbell Nebula'  and is 16.5 by 12 inches.
  I really had fun with this one! I started with a black background and did lots of colors and white and lots of over melting with the heat gun and then went back in and added a few white and yellow 'stars'
   The only problem with getting so many paintings done in one week is getting them ready to display - some I will just hang (one I get the edges cleaned up) and some will need frames....
     Well I had better get a move on - Have a great weekend (I will be preposting for the rest of the weekend :)

P.S. Hurricane  Hurmonie didn't have much impact on our area of Florida - high surf and some low roads near the beach with water, but very little rain and virtually no son is in Tallahassee and they had a bit of storm and have been out of power since last night - trees and branches down but ok.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

  Another set of leaves for you this am - same method as with yesterdays blue background ones, only I used shellac with black india ink in it.
  I am not sure which I like better but the black is rather dramatic.
     Short one for today - Take Care