Saturday, March 30, 2013

Locker Hook addict....

   Welcome to saturday morning - the DH and I took puppy for her walk, had a bit of breakfast and now I am sitting at the computer trying to decide what to do next.....can you guess what the most likely next activity will be ?:)
   Puppy got really long walks the last 2 days and I did yard work the last couple days too...its a beautiful morning so might head out to the yard again for a bit (once summer hits Florida the yard work is not nearly as much fun - waaayyy to HOT!!)
  I really should clean house but its the end of spring break week here and I have a feeling that if I clean today, I will have to do it all over again on I have decided to leave it until Monday....even though both the kids are working today.....any excuse to avoid house work :)
  I work tonight and tomorrow night so really am feeling a bit lazy today .....
  Showing you some pictures of my latest locker hook project - I spent about 2 hours cutting fabric strip for the yellows yesterday....each of the flower petals will be a different but repeating shade/pattern - this first flower in more goldish yellows. I am planning for each flower to be a slightly different shade and then the background that is left will be in teals and turquoises....
  This is another big one - 30 by 36 with 5 squares per inch so my strips are 3/4 inch wide... I am planning for this one as a wall hanging....
   I already have an idea for another one with a similar theme......since I seem to have plenty of fabric....wasn't sure how much I would need....
  I am planning for some fun additions to this one too - like some fun furr yarn poofing from the centers of the flowers and maybe some white funfurr clouds....could be fun :) And I am thinking I may have some fringe around the edges - maybe in yellow.....
   Well all for now - going to head outside for a bit.....
   Have a great weekend  and Easter Blessings to all!!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March Gina K CSS hop - sparkles

  Welcome to this months Gina K CSS Alumni blog hop - our theme this time is 'Simplicity Sparkles' to make a clean and simple card and use only embellishments that sparkle.
  Make sure to leave some comments along the way because we will be drawing one random commenter to win a grab bag of Gina K design products!!!!
   If you are following along the hop then you came to me from the very sweet and talented Miesje  and I am sure she had some great eye candy!!
Also part of the challenge for this time we are using sets from releases from September 2012 through Februrary 2013.
I chose the 'Beyond Baskets' set combined with the older 'Holiday Baskets' set. I did a small bit of masking and then colored with copics. I cut the image out with a Spellbinders die and used an out-of-the-box technique and then edged it with a gold mettalic pen.
  I colored over the top of the flowers with yellow glitter pen and then added more glitter with some clear stickles.
  In 2 of the corners I added some gold pearl drops with a touch of stickles over the top after they dried for some sparkle.
  Next I send you on to the very talented Vicki where I am sure she has some great sparkle for you too!!!
   I am at work again tonight and then have 3 days off!!!! Yippee!!!
        Take Care

Monday, March 25, 2013

IO, all about the dies....

   Just a quick note because it is almost nap time for me - work the next couple nights.....
   Took puppy for a long walk in the woods this am - the breeze was a bit cold for me but she LOVES it, very hyper this am!!!
   I did this card up for the current challenge over at the  Impression Obsession blog -
   The challenge this time is to use dies - I only have 2 IO dies but they both fit well for this card :).
  I had this image colored up since last fall so it made a quick and easy card for me today :) This stamp is 'Witchy Kitty' #F2339 and I used the IO shaker die and the IO fence die too.
  I used prismacolor pencils onto kraft cardstock for the image and accented with some bronze Viva Decor pens.
   All for today - nap time :)
         Take Care

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring flowers

   Well its a beautiful warm sunny day here in NW Florida - too bad its going to be cold (for us anyhow - lows in the 40's) and windy tomorrow.
   I had a couple cards to make for challenges this week and only managed to get this one done - and only because I had the image already colored :)
   We got up later than normal and went for a long walk, then lunch at one of our favorite places right by the water...then when I came home I ran over to JoAnn's because I had a coupon for 25% off even sale items - found some fabric and a pad of paper on sale which with the coupon were really good deals - I should have plenty of fabric to keep me busy hooking (locker hook - that is) for awhile.
   After I finished off this card - I took my new locker hook project out to the patio and worked on it for awhile.
   I did this card for the current tuesday challenge over at Flourishes - the challenge this time is for 'Spring' The stamp is from Flourishes of course and colored with prismacolor pencils. Check out the challenge here -
    All for tonight - I am all for some more couch time with my locker hook :)
    Take Care

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Finished rug and puppy

   Well I finished off my first big locker hook project - I think I will use this one as a rug in my new craft room (when I get into it sometime around the end of the summer :)
   I didn't follow a pattern - I just layed it out on the floor and drew out a design with a sharpie.
   The canvas started out as 30 by 36 but the finished rug is a bit smaller than that.
  My sweet puppy Kyna was 'helping' me get pictures of the rug so I grabbed a few of her too - she doesn't like getting her picture taken mostly so I don't often get her to sit still.....
   I already have another project started - it will be the same size but I think this one will be more for a wall hanging - browns, yellows and turquoise blues - yellow flowers,  and with the flower centers and edges  of the rug in the browns, with turquoise blue sky.....
   All for today - back to hooking :) - I got the pup out for an hour walk and did about an hour yard work before the rain came today, even got a quick trip to JoAnn's (checked out the on sale fabric because I had a coupon for 25 % off even sale items which works great with stuff already on sale :)
   Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Orchids

    Just a short note with some pictures of 2 of the orchids on my porch right now - they are so pretty with pink petals and a dark purple/maroon center.  I have a couple more that look to be putting up bloom shoots, so I am looking forward to those!!
   I haven't gotten much time in the craft room the last couple days but the puppy has gotten long walks and I have gotten some yard work done. I have to work tonight and tomorrow night and then its sposed to rain the weekend - so I figured I better at least get a little yard work done or it would really get overgrown....
   I am hoping to head off to the craft room for a bit now.....
   Take Care

Monday, March 18, 2013

Fairhope Arts and Crafts fair

  Welcome to Monday afternoon - worked last night and slept for a few hours after taking Sweet Kyna for a walk - its still trying to decide if it is going to rain today or not. Very humid and warm today - feels good!!
   Friday a couple of my girlfriends and I went over to Fairhope, Alabama to their annual Arts and Craft fair. Pat and I have been going every year for who knows  how long now. Ocassionally Fran joins us like this year. It makes for a great day - friday is the first day and it is usually the least crowded. We make sure to get there as everything opens and make sure to not miss anything, eat lunch early before the crowds and then look some more. I seem to be the one that usually spends the most - this year I was the ONLY one who bought anything....
  I love looking at all the eye candy and would love to buy all kinds of stuff but alas the budget doesnt let me do that.....I try to take pictures of things I would like to buy so if/when the budget allows I can go back and get them but not many folk will allow pictures (and face it without pictures I forget what caught my eye - not to mention, not everyone has a web site and often what caught my eye is not on the web site anyhow....)
     So for the few folks who allowed me to get pictures - I will do my best to link them up here for you all too and it will help me remember to boot :)
    These first 2 pictures are of some really cool beaded strands - you know the ones made to hang down and cover a doorway - they are not really 'beads' - although there are some beads included it looks like. Most of the pieces are wooden shapes of many types and all of them are covered with designs and color. Most of the designs are rubberstamped which of course is right up my alley - I even have some of the stamps she used so that was really cool - I could not stop looking at them!!! I really want some for my new craft room when I get into it this fall (or late summer) and I am thinking that my DD might want one or 2 for her dorm room in college (although I haven't had a chance to show her yet - I worked night shift, 12 hours, the last 2 nights, so haven't seen the family much...)
   So in addition to the beaded strands Patricia and her hubby Jon - who I spoke with  - they have great boxes too - he does the woodworking and makes the boxes and she is the stamper :) You can find them on Etsy at TattooDreams ( ) or their web site - or their blog


Now I have to admit - I have lost the contact info for the next 2 pictures - I remember she didnot have a web site but was on Facebook....I am hoping to find the info in my stash so will update when I find it.....
  These next 2 pictures are very cool chalkboards and of course I love the horse ones best - another cool thing I would love in my up and coming craft room - (if I keep this up I may not have room for my crafts...)

These 2 pictures are from a booth that was like the second booth we looked at when we arrived and where I spent my first and biggest amount of mulla - but I now have the DH's Fathers Day gifts from me and the kids :) - I won't show you those since he might just stop in - but I can't resist showing you one of the small BBQ grills - made from mini loaf pans, a Harley spark plug and other odds and ends of metal things, and then the bigger BBQ grill is made from one of those old metal lunch boxes (my Dad used to carry one to work every day :)
Here is his web site -
   He has boats, snowmobiles (may need to get one for my brother...)  a camper made from a toaster - all kinds of stuff!!! And the pics on his web site are much better than mine so you need to stop in!!!

This next picture made me think of our friends  in Virginia - not sure if Mike really likes pigs like I think, or its just a running joke over the last, oh 20, years but anything pigs tempts me to buy it for them :) This is a big pig made from assorted pieces - looks like a metal drum and an old basin or planter. I thought he was really cute :) The gal - Amanda -  at 'Garage Studio' was nice enought to let me take a picture - you can find them on Facebook -!/thegaragestudio - they have lots of cool stuff on the FB site too - love the oyster shell candle holders which I didn't remember seeing at Fairhope...

   The next picture is a dress form that I really loved from '55 Gallon Studio' but I didn't see it on her web site -  But the drum deer she has on the web site she also had a Fairhope and he is really very cool too - would love to have him in my front yard!!!!!
   The last 3 pictures are of the other purchases I made at the craft fair - the first is a small bottle tree for my backyard just off my patio. It didn't come with the bottles but the DH has been saving bottles for me because of the big bottle tree in my front yard so I had enough to fill this one up right away.

   The last 2 pics are of metal flowers with small blue bottles for centers - the bottles did come with these - they probably won't stay in this spot, but good for now - looks like these are going to rust out which will be cool for the flowers anyhow (don't really want the trees rusting out but for the flowers - they looked good) . The vender of the flowers didn't have a card that I could find and were very busy so I didn't get a chance to ask....and the bottle tree vender I am still trying to find that card - I know I had it (they have been at Fairhope fair for at least several years running now and have alot of cool metal animals and a big huge bottle tree trellis that I was really drooling over but REALLY not only could not afford but have nowhere to put it, but it was really cool!!!!)
   Alright - enough for today - I really should pick up around the house a bit and try to do something first day off I really drag, not enough sleep, but if I sleep all day them I am up all night keeping the family awake...and there are certain errands that really can't be done at night, (my neighbors might be alarmed if I decided to get out and weed the flower beds at 3 am).....
   Take Care

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Paula's first 10 K run

    It was a beautiful sunny day here in NW Florida!!! Slightly cool but only a little breeze.
    Paula ran her first 10 K run today (6.5 miles) and placed second in her age group which I think is Awesome for the first time running in a competative race!!!
  The first 2 pictures are from the start of the race and I couldn't see Paula at all in the crowd - she was somewhere near the back of the pack.
   She took her phone and gave me a quick call as she got within a few blocks - just long enough to let it ring and then hung up. The street coming up to the finish line  didn't have much of a view so it was nice to know she was coming to get my camera ready.
  The last picture is one of Paula and Kyna.
  I brought Kyna with us to the race today and for a first time in a crowd of people (and some dogs) she did very well. A bit excited but she settled down pretty well. Although when we were waiting in the crowd at the finish line with everyone yelling and screaming she was not to happy with that, and then I had to move about half a block up because they had some guys playing the bagpipes and that totally freaked her out....
    After Paula finished we hung out for awhile and then my DH picked me up and we went out on the Harley for a poker run - I only did part of it and he ran me back home and went on to do the rest on his own. With me having to work tonight I needed to get a good nap in - especially since I was up early to watch Paula run :)
   All for today - gotta finish getting ready for work.....
       Take Care

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A touch of green

  Well another busy day for me - starting with over an hour long walk in the woods with my rowdy little girl - my puppy that is....she runs ahead of me, then runs behind and back ahead again, she covers about twice as much ground as I do - maybe she won't wake us up at 3 am barking at spooky shadows tonight :)
  Then after a shower and starting some laundry I popped in on my stamp group for a bit.
  I then cleaned out my car and loaded the back with my stuff for out local art walk evening tomorrow night, as I wont have time but to get set up tomorrow.
  Tomorrow as couple friends and I are going to Fairhope Alabama to their big Arts and crafts show - we go every year and usually on friday because it is usually the least crowded. I usually get a ton of ideas and spend too much - hopefully I can curb the second this year :)
   Today's card is for the current Tuesday challenge over at Flourishes - the challenge was to use green. Check it out here -

The main image is from Flourishes and I water colored it onto cryogen white and then finished it off with pencils. I cut it out using a Spellbinders die and an out-of-the-box technique and added some paper flowers, more baubles from Stampin Bella and another double bow from a die cut designed by my friend Vicki for Accucut.
Oh yes I also used some pink rhinestones :)
So after a bit of time in the craft room I was able to get some cleaning done - much needed as Missy Kyna - puppy - tore up my lap desk cushion yesterday and it let loose all the tiny little foam beads and they were everywhere (we cleaned up most of it last night but its amazing how much that little cushion held...)

All for tonight - going to sit on the couch for a bit and work on my locker hook rug :)
   Take Care

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A bright blue chair

  A bust day with little sleep for me but did manage to get another card done for the current release challenge over at Flourishes - check it out here -
  The challenge was to use bright blues and yellow and I really had fun with it - as I said this is my second card using the blues and yellows. I think I am in the mood for spring!!!
  This image is of course from Flourishes and I colored it with prismacolor pencils. I found some pretty yellow and blue DP's and a blue card base.
  I used 2 small bows from my friend Vicki - - she designed the die for Accucut and also sells pre-cut packages of the bows and some of her other dies too. I layered 2 of the bows together (just trimmed the text base just a bit :)
  I also added some little baubles I got from Stampin Bella a long time ago :)
   All for today - off to an evening of softball games :)
    Take Care

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Stamp TV CSS Spring Inspiration Hop

   Welcome to another Stamp TV/Gina K CSS Alumni Blog hop.
We had a sweet photo to take inspiration from this time and it was all pastels and spring - so thats where I went.
   If you are following along the hop then you came to me from the very talented Vicki -
    I did 2 cards for todays hop - this first one uses 'Stately Flowers 1' colored with copics. While rummaging on my desk for the DP I wanted to use I found a packet of rub-ons that I forgot I had so the words, butterflys and the bird are all from that packet.
   For my second card I went very clean and simple and used the mini set 'Believe in yourself'' with pink ink for the butterfly and teal for the phrase
   Next I will send you off to the lovely Miesje -   I am sure she has some great stuff to show you!!!
    All for me today - Have a great week!!!!