Tuesday, August 21, 2018

   Well the Hubby, pups and I had our morning walk, very humid and hot as usual, did my stretches and had a nice soak in the tub while it decided to rain...so nice.
  I have a few moments before I have to head off to work so will show you the other wreath I finished off this weekend. This one I am keeping for myself but I will probably make a couple more for the Etsy shop.
  These are leftover silks from making all the stuff for my daughters wedding.
  All for now - work is waiting for me....
     Take Care

Monday, August 20, 2018

Wreath from boutonnieres

   Well I got back into the craft room this weekend - course most of my time was spent cleaning/organizing and it still looks a mess.....
   All the boutonnieres and corsages - well almost all - came back to me in boxes to store for my Daughter and new son-in-law and she didn't really care if I saved them or not. I hated to throw them away and I had left over burlap from making the table bottle decorations and a couple foam wreath forms so I set about making a wreath from the boutonnieres an corsages.
  I wrapped the foam with the burlap and then arranged the flowers along one side, gluing them and securing a bit more with long corsage pins. I added a couple of the starfish shells ( from the table decorations at the wedding) and that was it. Really didn't take long but she seemed to like it, from the pics I sent anyhow.
   Not too much going on here, trying to keep up on house work and such, and trying to walk and exercise in the pool more too (between the appendix surgery and the wedding I have put on almost 10 pounds and my knees really don't need that so I really have to behave and get back to loosing some weight...)
   Trying to get into the studio and craft room more too - I have some paintings in a new gallery out in Destin at a good location in a popular mall, as well as my space at HH ARTS, and a few pieces at Stone Soup. And next week will have 2 paintings in a year long show at the county buildings here in town. Even with all that I still have paintings in storage...I need to get pictures taken and put more stuff back in my Etsy shop.....VANGO art site is no longer in business, which is sad as it was a great site, but I never sold anything off it so I guess for me it really doesn't matter.
   All for now - gotta get off to work....
       Take Care

Friday, August 10, 2018

Birthday Bouquet

   Trying to get back into crafty mode, this summer has kept me busy and I have taken the weeks since my daughters wedding to..... well,  not do much of anything except go to work and a few other essentials - not much crafting or studio time.....
   Between getting a knee replacement the end of march, having an appendectomy mid june, wedding mid july and the week after the wedding the hubby having a knee replacement the crafting mojo has been a bit lacking…..hopefully that is turning around now.
  I made this card this week for my Mom for her Birthday.
  The image is from 'Power Poppies' and I colored it with polychrome pencils onto cryogen white cardstock. The gold die cut was done with a Spellbinders die and used a gold sparkly paper. The base cardstock is a sparkly turquoise paper(left over from the wedding invitations) - all the cardstock is from Paper Temptress.
  All for today - going to pop my head back outside and see if its cool enough to take the pups for a walk....
    Take Care

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Wedding photo post - finally....

Ah man, why didn't I steal Moms phone/camera....
  A few wedding photos  from my daughters wedding mid july, all from either my phone or grabbed off Facebook - we don't have the professional pics yet.
And believe me these are only a few of the bazillion I took and 'borrowed'

You, Mom is still taking pics...

Dad and daughter