Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Funky Chairs

Short post tonight - didn't get any craft time due to more laundry, more unpacking, yard work and just a touch of house work.....
These cool chairs are from the restaurant where we went to eat for the rehearsal dinner over the weekend. It was a mexican place and they had the coolest chairs and the table tops were decorated too, but I REALLY liked the chairs!!!
I won't be able to post the rest of the week, nothing finished to show ya and I work 4 out of the next 5 days......I plan to see ya'll next monday.
Take Care

Monday, May 25, 2009

Family post - Wedding Pics

Well we are back in the land of HOT and Humid!!!! (Florida that is). This is completly a family post from the Wedding and mostly out of order - too tired to redo it all :)
First photo is Mike, Jill and Nicholas doing the Macharanna (probably spelled wrong...)
Next we have my DH Tom being introdeced to baby Bo - niece Beth's little one.

DH Tom doing a polka with Jill. and next is "The Girls" - Teresa, DD Paula, Nicole, Beth and Christa.
And the next one down is Dan and T getting the garter off ....
Then is DS Jack dancing the dollar dance with the Bride - Teresa.

T getting ready to throw the flowers.
Next is Fujan grandkids - (the ones present at the wedding anyhow) - DD Paula, Nicole, Teresa, Nicholas, Beth, Kelby (in back) and DS Jack.

Ahhh yes - Fujan clan - Mom in the Middle with daughter Joyce and hubby Mike, sons Randy and Mike to her left, T and Dan, daughter Jill and son Tom (my DH) to her right.
All for today - got multiple loads of laundry going and need to think about starting dinner.....
See ya tomorrow

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

NTI - New Orleans

Lots of pics today - not too many of NTI itself, mostly of New Orleans.
Just in case you aren't a Critical Care Nurse - NTI stands for National Teaching Institute and it is one of the greatest learning/networking/motivating education programs I have ever been to. This year marks my 6th NTI over the course of my career and it never fails to teach me something new and bring back the enthusiasm and energy I need to continue in this challenging (and very rewarding) career of mine.

I have met some wonderful colleges from around the country and around the world and learned so much its a wonder my head even still fits trough the door.
There are around 6 to 7 THOUSAND Critical Care Nurses attending this conferance this week.
The first picture is from my hotel room window - I love the structure of this old building among the skyscrapers of downtown.
The second 2 photos are right across the street from each other - I took these pics for 2 reasons, one - the reflection of the light from the red building to the one across the street really caught my eye and 2 it really serves to show the contrast of New Orleans - the buildings on one side are fixed up and in good repair and the whole block on the other side is empty, boarded up and with broken windows. This is accually partly the way New Orleans is normally - I remember the same contrasts from when I came hear as a Travel Nurse back in 89 - but on the other hand there is soooo much more empty buildings and you can really tell how hard Katrina has hit this city .

I took alot of pics of the part of the French Quarter that immediatly surrounds Jackson Square and only one on Bourbon street (which is to be totally honest pretty trashy...)
The pic with the lady with the pink umbrella is Jackson Square and she (and several others ) were telling fortunes.
I hope you enjoy the pics - I have 2 more days of class and drive home thursday after my last class to do laundry and repack for a 6am flight out friday am to my DH's Nieces wedding back home in Nebraska.
I may be able to pop in again but to be real you may not see me again until next week.
Take Care
God Bless

Monday, May 18, 2009

Black and Gold

Short note to show ya a few pics....
More wedding cards....
The first thing I noticed when I edited these photos is that I really should have edged the black and white layer with gold krylon pen as it would have helped it show up a little nicer....oh well too late now that everything is glued down....
The base cardstock is cuttlebugged with the textile folder and then swiped with my embossing pad and embossed with glitter gold .

Both the layers are done with nesties - the gold layer I left a little 'out of the box' for the dress.
Added some pearl trimmed ribbon and black faux crystals.
This first card is a stamp from Another Stamp Company and the second one is a stamp from Northwoods stamp company both embossed with white on gold DP - the back of the black and white layer...
All for today - Take Care

Friday, May 15, 2009

Dad's old car

Starting to try my hand at some guys cards working up to Father's Day. My stash of guy cards is very low....
The car stamp is from Cornish Heritage Farms and you can find it here - www.cornishheritagefarms.com
and it is colored with my prismacolor markers.
It is layered onto a houndstooth cuttlebugged folder with walnut stain ink swiped over it. Then layered onto several shades of brown cardstock, added some brown ribbon and buttons from my stash.
I thought it looked just a bit bare so did some faux stitching along the tops half.
All for now - Take Care

Thursday, May 14, 2009

SFYTT Chalk Cottage

Another version of yesterdays card - again I used all stamps from Cornish Heritage Farrms and you can find then here - http://www.cornishheritagefarms.com/
I again used this weeks sketch from Jen - SFYTT - and you can find it here - http://www.iheart2stamp.com/
The main image is a Thomas Kinkade stamp called 'Friendship Cottage' and the backrounders are 'victorian leaves and houndstooth.
I used distress ink - peeled paint and tea dye on the leaves backrounder, walnut stain on the houndstooth. On the TK I used SU's close to coaco.
I lightly colored the TK image with chalks and edged it with walnut stain ink.
Again some ribbon and an old button from my garage sale stash.
Hopefully I am getting a little stamping done today so I can line up some stuff for you to look at while I am off getting smarter in New Orleans.... I plan to bring my camera and my computer so I may have time to get some pics of the river sity to show you. I don't plan on doing much for after hours 'touring' (I did that waaayyy back in 89 when I had a 3 month travel assignment there as a single chick - hardly saw New Orleans in the daylight at all back then...).

I am bringing some stamped images and my markers and pencils to do some coloring in the evenings, along with my 'photoshop for dummys' to play with and a good book.....we'll see how much I get done.....
Sorry for this last photo being a little blurry - took about 5 pics close up but they were all blurry.
Take Care

P.S. Check out the latest issue of Stampers' Sampler - The kiddos thought I was crazy as I was Happy Dancing in the kitchen - I am the 'Masterboard' section this time - Like ALL of it!!!! THREE WHOLE PAGES!!!!!! So much fun!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

SFYTT Friendship Cottage

Its wednesday!!! And my last day to work!!!!!
Friday I am heading to New Orleans for a week-long Nursing Education Conferance. Something about over 10,000 Critical Care Nurses in one spot at one time is sooooo 'Totally Awsome'!!!! Not to mention all the new stuff to learn about caring for my patients!!!
On to todays card - All the stamps are from Cornish Heritage Farms and you can find them here - www.cornishheritagefarms.com
I used a new Thomas Kinkade stamp called 'Friendship Cottage' and 2 backrounders - houndstooth and the tree backrounder.
I used distress ink on the tree backrounder - peeled paint and tea dye, used walnut stain for the houndstooth and SU close to coaco for the TK.
I used this weeks SFYTT from Jen which you can find here - www.iheart2stamp.com
I used some old ribbon and an old button from my garage sale stash.......

All for today - Tomorrow is laundry, pack and maybe a couple hours hanging out with my local stampin Peeps :) and then some pool time with the kiddos after school....
Take Care

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

WSC 80 - Movies

Another card today using the weekend sketch - WSC #80 - you can find it here - www.cambriaturnbow.blogspot.com
I again used some stamps from Stamps Happen. You can find these 2 stamps and a bpoatload of other great stamps here - www.janlynn.com
I stamped the ticket as a backround and then stamped and colored 3 of them and layered them on top. I colored the tickets and the popcorn/popcorn box with prismacolor markers.
At work again today - #2 of 3 and then a bit of a vacation for me!!!! Yay Me!!!
All for now - Take Care

Monday, May 11, 2009

WSC 80 Blue Fairy

I hope all Mom's out there had a great Mother's Day weekend. I had lunch with the fam at Outback yesterday followed by taking in the new Star Trek movie at the theater - which was awsome!!!! Being a Trekkie from old I was very pleased with the movie!!!! Loved it!!!!!
Well on to the card for today - I used this weekends WSC #80 which you can find here - www.cambriaturnbow.blogspot.com
This image is part of a stamp from Stamps Happen which you can find here - www.janlynn.com I inked her up by herself and colored her in with prismacolor pencils. I was happy with the coloring until the yellow part on her right side which didn't blend so well.....
All for today - I work today and the next 2 ....
Take Care

Friday, May 8, 2009

Wedding or Prom

So another version in green and pink for you today - but this first one could easily be for a prom or a wedding (that is one of the reasons I got this stamp as it would work for both).
The backround is a stamp from 'Flourishes" and is stamped with peeled paint distress ink.
The stamp is from North Woods stamp company and is embossed with white onto vellum.
All the layers are cut with nesties in my cuttlebug with the vellum layer left a little 'out of the box' for the rest of the dress.
I edged the main layers with gold krylon. The flower was sprayed with pink glimmer mist.
I did 'cheat' a little with the pink layers - 2 different ones but after cutting them in the cuttlebug I cut them in half and glued them behind the circles so the layer would be just a bit bigger....
All for today - Take Care