Friday, September 26, 2014

Tear it up - new Sweet Pea Stampers challenge

  Welcome to another Sweet Pea Stampers challenge. Our challenge this time is 'tear it to pieces/tear it up'
  I used a Sweet Pea image called 'Purple Gaze' by Helena Reis and colored her with copics. I cut her out with a Spellbinders die and edged it with a silver metallic pen.
  I tore the edges of the base cardstock and then tore pieces of the DP in the background and layered them with some pretty gray lace. I inked the edges of the papers with teal and gray memento inks.
  I went a bit wild then with the viva décor pens, adding to her dress and wings and background too.
  All for today - Take Care and have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Redneck bottle tree

   Well my DH made up this bottle tree for me to finish off and try in my booth in Panama City at RTA Designs. I finished off the last coat of spray pain yesterday evening and put it together this am and then made a trip over to put it in my booth - along with a couple other small things.
   I thought it turned out pretty cool and so did the folks over at RTA - so we will see if it sells :)
   I got home just in time to take my Kyna puppy for her yearly check up/shots at the vet - she loved the car ride but wasn't too happy about the rest but she was pretty good.
   I had planned on heading to the craft room after posting by alas I have been too slow getting my posts up so its time to get some super rollin and maybe do some coloring on the couch tonight :)
   Have a great night!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dress and tuxedo boxes - Cll class #2

   Well I survived my long 4 day stretch - 4 12 hour shifts in a row - and I can say with some certainty that I am defiantly not going to do that again any time soon!!!!!
  I didn't make it to the morning class that I took,  opting for a couple hours sleep :)  but these pics are from my afternoon class - the one I am 'teaching'.
   This is a 3D box and card class that I am teaching for our local CLL - which stands for Center for Lifelong Learning. Everyone from the instructors to the office folk and organizers are all volunteer and the fee to take classes are minimal - 50 dollars for 4 classes. A few classes do charge a fee just for materials such as my class and the beading class ect.
   Our CLL offers classes in everything from history, genealogy, politics, religious and philosophy, to arts and crafts such as beading, knitting weaving and cardmaking and even skeet shooting so there is a wide variety!!!!
   The dies I used for this class are from Accucut ( ) and are a dress box and a tuxedo box. I have seen these done in many ways for weddings, and I also pulled out other pretty papers for some non-wedding ones. So these pictures are ones the gals did in class - I remembered to take pictures this week (photos from last weeks projects will be coming eventually - I asked the gals to either email pics to me or bring them back next time for me to take pictures of - )
   The variety of boxes between the 4 of us was really cool and they came up with some really good ideas too!!!!

 This third photo are the ones I did in class - first to demonstrate but then just made a few more :) These 2 dies are so easy to put together that they take no time at all and then you can have lots of fun decorating them :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tangled vase

   A quick post as I am headed in for #4 of 4 12 hour  night shifts in a row - yawn.....
   I found this vase at a thrifty type shop in Pensacola and it had a nice smooth white finish that just spoke to me of Zentangle - that it needed to be decorated in tanlges. So I played around and got it decorated and finally got around to taking pictures of it :)
   I sealed each side with workable fixative as I got each side done - something about the finish on the vase was making it smudge just ever so slightly. Once I had it all tangled I used a gold metallic pen on the side edges and the top rim for a bit of glitz :)
  I plan to take this to my booth at the crafty type store in Panama City on Thursday :)
   Take Care

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Zentangle addiction

    Well I have been busy and crafty through this summer and early fall but my blog has been a bit neglected - but I spent the summer hangin with my kiddos and getting them (and me) ready for them to go off to college, then I cleaned and reorganized my house a bit (although I am sure the DH would say huh, what, when?? :) then since I knew it was going to be a busy fall for me I got to working ahead on Design Team commitments and am caught up till the end of October. Next on the list was planning and  preparing for the class I am teaching this fall - which started today. It is a 3D box and card class with our local 'Center for lifelong learning'  - all the instructors, folks in the office and organizers are volunteer and folks can take up to 4 classes for just 50 dollars - which goes to rent space to have the classes in and other expenses like advertising and the newsletter. Some classes - like mine have a small fee for supplies like beads and such for the beading classes.
  So now I have my classes planned out and the next 2 partially ready to go so its time to get my blog back on the active duty list - along with keeping up with my class and craft booth over in Panama City, getting a few more projects made for a craft fair the end of October and getting my Christmas cards and projects done.
   I have been working on another locker hook rug than needs to be done in time to mail for Christmas - about 1/3 done -  and I have in the 10 minutes here and there finished off my small zentangle cheat books with pattern samples in small enough booklets to carry in my purse or a small bag......
The 3 I am showing you today I did up in the last week or so and am really happy with them - I plan to put them up on my Etsy shop later today or tomorrow if anyone is interested.
   My girlfriend Pat and I went to Atlanta over last weekend for a stamp convention and had a lot of fun - neither of us had been to one in several years and it was great to hang out and take some classes and play with other fellow rubber junkies :) I took 2 basic copic classes which were a lot of fun but makes me want MORE - I really would like to take the certification classes....and speaking of which I would really love to become Zentangle certified too - maybe those can be 2 goals for the next couple years....
   All for today - really need to do some house cleaning as I am going to be gone on a run to Panama City to check on and add some crafty items to my booth there - RTA DESIGNS - check out the place on Facebook - its a really cool place with a ton of cool handmade stuff of all sorts - including mine of course :), then Friday I am taking a couple classes with CLL myself so not too much time left over for crafting - and the house really does need a good cleaning,
   All for today - Take Care

Friday, September 12, 2014

Creatures - Sweet Pea Stampers Challenge

   Welcome to our first challenge for September which is for 'Creatures'
   Sweet Pea Stamps has some really wonderful creatures and this one is one of my favorite - I love dragons, and Unicorns and well.......lotsa stuff :)
   This Sweet Pea stamp is by Teresa Sherman and is called 'Endless Love'.
  I colored the image with prismacolor pencils and then cut it out with a Spellbinders die. Then I started trying to find paper to match and decide what to do with my image....I came across my pile of encaustic wax pieces that I have been saving to do 'something' with and there was this blue and silver one that fit perfect so I decided to do a little wall art piece. I glued them to a black matt board and added silver beads and silver pearl drops with a viva décor pen - I added a bunch of tiny silver dots in her silver hair, along her wings and well lots of other places :)
  Lastly I added a green ribbon that matched her dress to hang the piece with.
   All for today - Have a great weekend!!!!