Friday, October 31, 2008

Cruise projects and swaps

The first 3 pictures are of the projects we did for the cruise classes - there is a small pile on the left of one I have to finish yet....
We did several things that involved containers and matching cards which I love !!!!!! I only have a week until I have a craft fair - an only 2 days off to try and get some of these done aas I think they are sooo cute!!!!

This is what I got from the 3D swap - there were only 2 of us - I got the better end of the deal here - this is sooo cute (another project to try) This is a simple washer with white rub ons, how cool is that!!! Love it!!!

This is a scrapbook page for our 6X6 swap and there was only 2 of us for that too - love those fishes!!!

This is all the other swaps except the Christmas one - lots of great stuff here!!! And most of them using stuff from our 3 Hostesses.

Last but not least is a photo of the Christmas card swap - I will be using them this year - (I am way behind making mine). There were a couple people who did cards using the clear sheets and I may have to CASE them first - I think I will be CASEing alot of them!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stampin Bliss

I had planned on one really long post, but had all the photos uploaded and 90% written when it all went poof into cyberspace so I will redo but in a couple shorter posts.
The first picture is of all my beads - the girls (the hostesses with the mostest - Gina, Em & Nicky, and Nichole) gave us chain necklaces and starter beads & charms at the meet and greet the first night. We earned more beads along the way by answering questions, trying new things, and in general hootin, hollarin and squealin in delight (I think I have lived in the south too long...). We also were encouraged to make/bring charms to trade and I traded for a bunch too (see some of the precruise posts for pics of mine). At the 'Bead Extravaganza' on the last night I was in the top 5ish for most beads and most charms.

This s econd photo is one of all the stuff from our goodie bag, plus the extra 'surprises' we got along the way.
The girls gave me the scor mat to go with the scorpal for my Birthday!!!!
In addition to the scorpal we got 8 stamp sets from Gina, 5 from Nichole and a boatload from the Bella girls Nicki & Em. 50 yards of ribbon - 5yrds each of 10 colors/styles, 10 pallette ink cubes, peerless watercolors, koh i norr pencils, a spellbinder die, memory mists in gold and silver, a black ink pad, white embossing powder, an acrylic block, some OMS , a white metallic pen, a small swival craft knife, some paper and a whole bunch of baubles/bling from Bella.....I am sure there is some I have forgotten....
All the stamp sets are either new/not released yet or from a current release so we were the first to play with most of these!!!!

This picture is of Gina K and I - I am hardly ever in a picture that I don't blink.....

This is me with the Bella's - Nicky and Emily.

And this one is me with Nichole from Papertrey Ink - and I didn't blink!!!
This is one great group of women folks!!!! They went above and beyond when planning the projects for the classes - I came home with many ideas swimming in my brain (now if I can only find time to do them!!).
I tried peerless watercolor for the first time, and lots of folks tried the koh i noor pencils and blending with OMS for the first time, and the cuttlebug, and bleaching....
If you ever get a chance to Cruise with these gals or even just to take some classes with them - go for it, you won't regret it!!!!
Thanks guys for a great time!!!!
More stuff tomorrow - I work the next 3 days (12 hrs shifts) so DH is in charge of Halloween again this year - my kiddos and the neighbor girls are making a Haunted Maze at the neighbors across the street, they have been working on it for weeks, have signs up everywhere so I am sure it will be a busy night.
Tke Care

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mayan Ruins, Jamica

Another set of tourist photos for the fam - the first 4 are of a Mayan ruin/city near Cozemel (on the mainland of mexico).
It was very nice tour - although I would have liked more time to explore, and a little more time to look around the gift shops onsite.
The last photo is of my DH on site at Jimmy Buffetts place in Jamica.
All for tonight
Take Care

Monday, October 27, 2008

Labadee, Hati photos

We are back from our cruise!!! Nice to be home - today was marathon laundry day. I haven't even unpacked my craft stuff although I am dying too...but I figured I needed to get the rest of the unpacking done, laundry done and some house cleaning done first. Tomorrow I have a couple errands to run but then should be able to delve into all the projects and swaps and my goodie bag from the Stampin portion of the cruise.
It was a nice vacation for the DH and I - the first tijme alone without the kids in 12 years......
I think my DH was alittle bored while I was stamping but he loves the sun so his tan is looking mighty good after a week of regular poolside tanning sessions.
These photos were taken in Labadee, Hati - our first stop. We did some hiking around and then lounged on the beach the rest of the time we had on land.

All for today - more tourist photos tomorrow and then I will move onto the craft stuff.
Take Care

Friday, October 17, 2008

Many charms

Four more sets of charms to show you today - These are more that I am taking on my cruise to trade :)
They were done with shrink paper cut in my cuttlebug with an oval nestabilitie and colored with prismacolor and koh i noor pencils.
After shrinking I sealed them with krylon acrylic spray sealer.
I won't be posting while I am gone but should have lotsa of good stuff to show you when I come back!!!
I should be back on the 27th.
See ya then - Take Care

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bella shrink charms

Another batch of shrink paper charms made to swap on my cruise - 2 daysto go !!!!!!!
I cut the shrink paper with my cuttlebug and nestabilities and then colored them with prismacolor and koh i noor pencils, shrunk them and then sealed them with several layers of krylon acrylic spray.
Short post, got some house cleaning to do and start packing and a couple batches of shrink charms to finish.....
Take Care

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Soccer pics

Short note for the family tonight - I don't get too many pics of the kids lately as they don't seem to want me to take their picsture anymore :( But I did get these of my DS at soccer practice while waiting for team pics....he was thrilled to pose for me canya tell... :)
He is almost as tall as me these days.....
All for today
Take Care

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gina K charms

More charms for ya today while I am at work - only one more working day till vacation and 4 and a wake up till CRUISE!!!!! CRAFT CRUISE with GINA K, PAPERTREY INK, and BELLA!!!!!!!
These were done with stamps from Gina's 'Botanical Dreams' set - cut with nestabilities in my cuttlebug and colored with prismacolor pencils.
All for tonight - Take Care

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Florabraskan Charms

Some more charms - the Gina K, Papertrey Ink, and Bella girls suggested we bring or make some charms to represent where we are from to the cruise. Since we are origionally from Nebraska and now live in NW Florida - I decided to combine the 2 . The Husker N is the sun for a beautiful Florida sunset.
I have only made about 25 of these but have been a shrink are queen the last couple days (over the weekend).
I work today - so after today only 2 days left !!!!
Gotta go
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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blurry charms

Sorry for the blurry pictures!!! I tokk and retook these pictures today 3 times and these were the best I could get. These are some charms are made with shrink paper - the first set are black ink on white shrink paper.
The owl is from Inkadinkado - the right hand one I used some mettalic rub on after shrinking. These are about 1.5 inches when shrunk.

This second set is only about an inch big. Left to right - The first one uses flower stamps from 'Papertrey Ink' and a phrase from 'Gina K'. The second one uses a flourish from Cornish heritage Farms - beautiful set, and another word from 'Gina K'
The third one - I made about 6 of these to uses as markers for my tools on the cruise - is done with another flourish from CHF - Beautiful set and then I signed my initials as I do with my cards.

I can't believe it is less than a week until our Cruise!!!! And only 3 working days!!!!
I am so pumped for this cruise!!
All for today
Take Care

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Red with white geometric

Last card in this series, another small change or 2.
Pretty much the same card as the last 2 days but with 2 chnages. First on the backround I stamped with distress tea dye ink instead of the lighter ones used on the backround. And second I used white stazon on the acetate on this one .
The white accually shows up a little bette here in the pic than real life unless you catch it in the light...
All for today - Take Care

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Subtle change geometric

Super short - same card as yesterday but instead of black rhinestones I used red ones. Its a very subtle change but I think I like the black better?
What do you think?
Take Care

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