Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Fall leaves

   A couple pics from my encaustic class again.
   The first picture is before a shellac burn and the second is after. I first layered 3/4 layers of regular medium to the board and then 2 layers of the yellows, oranges and brown. While the pretty fall colors were still warm I used several leaves and impressed them into the wax so the veins would show. Next I painted over the edges of the leaves and the rest of the board with blue and a bit of purple and while the wax was still a bit warm I pulled up the leaves - leaving the shape and the veins of the leaves showing nicely. Last step was to paint with amber shellac and burn.
  I couldn't resist doing several of these - the last photo is another one with the amber shellac and tomorrow I will show you 2 that were done with shellac mixed with black india ink.
    All for today - getting close to the long weekend.....
        Take Care

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Encaustic class - John C. Campbell

   On our last day of encaustic class at the folk school we each put out all our paintings from the week and we had our own mini art show. I took pics of every table and closer ups of some of my favorites - not all but a few...
  The first pic is my table - from the side. And then everyone else's  - it never ceases to amaze me how we all have a different view and end up with such different art.
  We had a very talented group here !!!
   All for today,
     Take Care

Monday, August 29, 2016

Black and white...

   Back to the real world today - and back to work.
The first day in my encaustic class last week we started with just black and white as an exercise to get us moving into the wax and this was my first project. I haven't played with just black and white in a long time so it was a fun exercise.
  I took this class at the John C. Campbell folk school in North Carolina with Kat Fitzpatrick.
  Kat is really a wonderful instructor - fun and encouraging and of course knowledgeable - lots of great demonstrations, music and a bit of dancing now and then :)
  All for now - Take Care

Sunday, August 28, 2016

John C. Campbell folk school

   I got back late yesterday afternoon from a week at the John C. Campbell folk school where I took an encaustic wax class.
  Not only was it heavenly to get to play with wax for 5 days in a row but learning new ways to create with the wax, alongside a great group of like minded artistic/creative people and a fantastic Instructor was absolutely wonderful!!!!
  Here are a few pictures that I took around the campus - usually foggy in the mornings. They have a morning walk every morning and I went every day except Friday - we were a small group but we had fun. The gentleman in one of the pics toward the end is Riley - one of my walking buddies who in addition to me carried his camera every morning. Riley is also one of the instructors for woodworking.
    Second to last is a pic of 2 very beautiful pups who stopped by one afternoon with their humans to see the school - very sweet (pups and humans both :)
  And the last pic is of my room in the dorm - 6 single beds but only 4 of us - I had to warn the other gals that I toss and turn a lot and if they heard a thud  I may have fallen out of bed - but I managed not to :).
  All for today - Take Care

Friday, August 12, 2016


    It is Friday ya'll!!!! I dragged myself outta bed for a walk with the pups this morning bright and early ( 630) they had fun - we have had so much rain that all the neighbor hood containment ponds were full so I let them get in the water and play for a bit at each one. My big boy was so happy - and even my princess got in and swam. Burned off some of their extra energy they have been saving - its been raining for days and they haven't had their usual walks, got a couple little ones but rain, rain, rain.....
  Todays project is one of my first playing with the cold wax and oils. The image is a digital from Selina Fenech and I enlarged her to fit the 8 by 10  inch paper and then painted her.
  I really like how she turned out!!! She took me a long time.
   All for today - was sposed to do some cleaning today before work but just donot feel like it.....
  Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Fairy gold

  A quick post before I head off to work - busy day yesterday, doctors appointment in the am and then work. This am I went early to have lab work done and then had to do some paper work for work - cant believe that I have worked at this 'new' job for almost a year now. It has been a great transition for me - still loving having every weekend off and all the government holidays too!!! And am learning a lot of new things that I haven't done before - lots of types of surgeries that usually doesn't see the ICU.
  Todays card is a sweet little fairy stamp from Stamps Happen that I colored with watercolors.
 Edged the main panel with gold metallic pen and layered her to some pretty, sparkly gold paper from Paper Temptress.
  I added some purple rhinestones for accents and all done :)
  Well better get myself off to work - make sure the swimfins are in good working order with all this heavy rain - going on the 3rd day in a row now....
      Take Care

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tangled vase

  Well its fixin to be a rainy couple days here in NW Florida but it held off long enough for me to get the pups out for a walk....what is it with dogs and cats anyhow, I have 2 cats in my house that neither of them mess with but when we come across one on our walk they both go bonkers - wrestling match for the first one this am and the second one they about ripped my wrist off trying to chase....grrrrr.....
   Ah well....
   My project for the am is another zentangled glass jar - this one is about 6 inches high by 6 inches round.
  I spray painted it a turquoise blue and used a dark blue sharpie to do the tangles. All in all it took me about 8/9 hours to complete.
  I took a few hours this weekend and cut up strips for another locker hook rug - this one made from old jeans and denim. First batch of strip cutting was about 2.5 hours worth. I started that rug last night on the couch while watching the Olympics. The jean material is defiantly a lot stiffer to work with (as expected) so I have a feeling this one is going to take me a looonngg time to do.
  All for today - gotta get ready and get to my dentist appointment before heading to work today....such fun!!!
  Have a great day!!!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Urban waters

  A good Monday morning to you all - just about to head out the door to work. Working a different sort of shift this week - 11 am to 730 pm. I kinda like the late start - managed to get in a walk, cleaned house  a bit (bathrooms, dishes, kitty litter and take out the trash...) and still a bit of time on the computer to edit some pics and stop in here.
  This piece is a mixed media type thing that I am doing for an upcoming '3D' show at our local Arts and Design society - not 100% sure if its 'done' or not but I had sat and looked at it for a couple weeks and then added a few touches this weekend...
  Most of the pieces I found after the trailer park down the block cleaned out and it was an empty lot for awhile and every time it rained it seemed to uncover little trinkets....I added blue this weekend for water.....
  It is a big piece - 18 by 24. I started with gluing a city map to the board and then adding several of the bigger pieces of 'finds' so I could secure them better, then added a couple layers of wax and added the smaller pieces and another layer or 2 of wax. Added a bit of brown colored wax for dirt and then added a layer of blue with pigment stick and more wax.... I am thinking I may have to dilute the blue a bit more..... ah well...will see...
  Time for me to get a move on - Take Care

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Steampunk rose

  Another hot but sunny and pretty Sunday am here in NW Florida. The pups took us for a long walk and are now asleep stretched out on the living room floor.
  I spent yesterday in my studio at the gallery and finished off a mermaid I was doing with cold wax and oils - going to try and get her framed today.
  I finished off this card last weekend. The main image is from Rick St.Dennis and I colored her with prismacolor and polychrome pencils.
  The base cardstock is from Paper Temptress and is called 'rosso' - it has fine texture lines and a really nice sparkle!!
  I edged the main panel with gold metallic pen and added a few red rhinestones to a couple corners. Lastly I added the pretty gray ribbon.
  All for now - Have  a great weekend!!!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Shepard boy - red

  Last Christmas card for the week.
Another card using the 'Little Shepard' from Aurora Wings. He is colored as almost always onto cryogen white paper from Paper Temptress with prismacolor pencils.
  The base cardstock is also from Paper Temptress from the 'incandescent' line called 'Rooso. This is a great red for Christmas cards - a fine texture and a wonderfugl sparkle!!!
   All for now - have an Art reception at the gallery tonight, should be an interesting show - shades of blue only - no teal or turquoise or ect....
    Take Care

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Shepard boy - gold

   I am back with another Christmas card for you today - if I can keep it up I may get most of them done ahead of time for once!!!
   Although I do need to do a few Halloween cards this year as I pretty much skipped it altogether last year.
   This image is from Aurora Wings - I got it from Sweet Pea Stamps before they closed shop.
He is colored with prismacolor pencils onto 'cryogen white' of course - from Paper Temptress of course :)
  The base cardstock is from Paper Temptress's - mica metallic line and just called 'gold'. Its a very pretty bright gold and very sparkly.
   I added a sticker for the Happy Holidays and some bronze pearl dots too.
   I am glad to say that my knees are feeling a lot better this morning and yesterday - and I got a decent nights sleep last night (for me anyhow). I hope it lasts awhile - I have a bunch of yard work that needs to get done!!!
   All for me today - working again, the weekend is getting closer though.
   Take Care