Sunday, July 31, 2016


   Well yesterday at the studio it was a cloudy off and on rainy kinda day and ever so often I would pop out front and look at the clouds - I love clouds :)
   I took a whole bunch of cloud pictures but these were my favorites - the last 2 at the end show a rainbow trying to form. The last picture is a bit brighter than the one before but that was the best the rainbow got - that I could see anyhow.
  I was a busy bee cleaning house today - it really needed it , and then I made up about 5 cards from my stash of colored images. And a couple smaller errands done around the house - the hubby and I are going to sit and watch 'Sharknado - the 4th awakens' tonight - totally cheesey but funny.
  Have a great week!!'

Saturday, July 30, 2016

...heartache on heartache...second time around...

   Well I was at the studio again today and decided my little blue piece here needed something more - felt like there was a big hole in the middle so I added a bit of a horizon line with dark and lighter blue oil sticks and now it feels a bit more complete.
  It is entered in the current ADSO art show - theme is 'shades of blue' - no turquoise, teal ect , only blue.
  Not a busy weekend here - played a bit in the pool last night, got a short walk in this am - HOT as usual....
  Take Care

Sunday, July 24, 2016

....heartache on heartache....(blue on blue...)

  I spent a large chunk of time at the studio yesterday working on this and a couple other pieces and then another couple hours today to finish this one off.
  This encaustic wax piece was done for our next local art show, the theme of which is 'Shades of blue" - no turquoise, teal, bluegreen, blue violet ect....
  I started with many layers of light blue and dark blue and then for the flowers I carved into the wax . For the clouds I carved in and then melted with the heat gun to get the swirly clouds.
   I rally should have cleaned house this weekend but didn't feel like it , got a good amount done in the studio though :)
  Time to think about making dinner, and the pups want outside again :)
  Have a great week!!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Ocean Blue

  Well it hasn't really been a busy week - I just wasn't very organized and have several projects in the works so not too much to show you all....
  I did finish up this vase a couple days ago. I took a plain glass vase and spray painted it a medium blue. I then put on a couple layers of workable fixative and then went to work with a couple sharpie fine point markers.
  I used a dark blue and a light blue sharpie and first drew the outlines of the waves and the sunset and then I filled in the spaces with tangles.
  After I was done with the tangles I put on several more layers of the workable fixative and then 2 layers of acrylic sealer.
  This vase is very usable but not dishwasher safe - soft damp clothe clean only.
  I have a ton of jars, vases and bottles in my stash these days and you will be seeing a few more as time goes on....
  All for the day - I am headed out here in a bit to the studio to play for awhile.
  Have a great weekend!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Leaves in ice - 2

  A very good morning to you all - stopping in to show you another leaves in ice.
  The painting is 6 by 6 inches framed to 10 by 10 inches.
  Layers of  uncolored wax with leaves painted in at different layers. The top layer I then did some etching and used an oil stick to define the lines.
  Already been out for a walk so gotta hang out some laundry and water plants outside and then I will be in the house or studio most of the rest of the day - waaayyy too hot for much else. I see some pool time later this afternoon too :)
  Take Care

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Leaves in ice.

  A short good morning here as I need to get myself on to work this am....
  Showing you the first of 2 leaf paintings with encaustic - I did some playing with a big leaf 'stencil' that I cut out of cardboard and then did some etching and added some more definition with a paint the end I thought it looked like layers of leaves encased in ice....
  Still hot as all get out here in NW Florida but got the pups a short walk last night and managed about half hour pulling weeds before giving in.
  The hubby is home today - we are getting a new AC today so hopefully our electric bill will drop a bit....our old one was on very borrowed time and I am just glad it didn't die before we got it arranged to get the new one in.....
   All for now - Take Care

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Splatters and dots

  I have another encaustic wax piece to show you today but may have to change the frame - not really happy with it but don't know what I want to do with them yet so as is for now....
   Each of the 4 small pieces are about 3 by 3 inches and they were painted as one square and then I cut them apart and smoothed the edges.
  Just a bit of splatter play with my wax....
   Got a few errands done today - including getting a perm in my hair - I cut it short a couple weeks ago and it is the shortest it has been in over 20 years but it had no body whatsoever (course the humidity here in NW Florida doesn't help) so on the spur of the moment amongst errands today I stopped by a salon and asked if anyone had time to do a perm,.....
   Well I need to do something with the laundry I started and think about getting something done for super so all for tonight - Take Care

Monday, July 4, 2016

Timeless poppies - 4

  I am lovin have the  government Holidays off with my current job!!! And I even have tomorrow off too thanks to a Base Family day!!! I will take a 4 day weekend anytime!!!
  Here is Timeless Poppies #4 - same set up and techniques only different size images and different arrangement.
  These would be a great grouping of 4 on a wall.....
  I need more wall space :)
   Short and sweet - time to relax and plan what we will be doing today...
   Take Care

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Timeless Poppies - 3

  Well summer is in full swing here in Florida ...which means early morning walks and stay inside except if in the pool - way too hot for my northern blood (you would think after more than 15 years that I would be used to it by now....)
  Showing you another in the Timeless poppies series - #3 this time. #1 is going into a show this week and 2-4 are now up on the Etsy shop.
  Many layers of wax with papers and digital images embedded into the wax at different levels. One of the things I love about the wax is that you can create so much depth this way.
  It was hard to get a good picture of this one because of the one dark watch and the lighter stuff - created a shine spot in the middle when there really isn't one, so naturally this one looks better in real life...
  All for today - Take Care

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Christmas Doves

  Stopping in here for a couple minutes before getting a move on for the rest of the day - took the pups for a walk around 730 and already wayyy too HOT!!!!! Ate breakfast and brush both the pups - Duke my big boy is pretty much done shedding by my little Princess Kyna has started now - and boy is there a lot of hair !!!
  Anyhow  - to start off Christmas in July I am showing you a Christmas card with one of my old favorites from Flourishes - colored with prismacolor pencils onto cryogen white paper.
 The base cardstock is 'red pepper columns' from Paper Temptress - as is the cryogen white.
  I edged the main panel with gold metallic pen and also used a few gold corner stickers.
  Then I topped it all off with some Christmas style stickers I got last year on sale after Christmas,
   For anyone local we are having a Christmas in July sale over at the gallery = HH Arts - 10 % of everything!!!
   I will also be posting on FB a coupon for my Etsy shop soon for A july sale also - so keep watch!!!
  All for now - Take Care