Friday, September 6, 2019

Turquoise moods

   Another couple from my red and turquoise phase. These 2 were done onto arches oil paper with cold wax and oil. They are backed with archival foam board and matted - the first one is in a frame and the second one in a plastic sleeve ready to put in a frame.
  I have started a new adventure with my art - I have some of my art listed now on a site called 'Saachiart' . You can see my page here -
   I would love it if you stopped over to my Saatchiart page and check it out!!!!
   The first one here I have framed and is up on the Saachiart page. I will be adding alot more art as soon as work and life allows!!!
   Have a great day!!!

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Turquoise vibrations

  Stopping in to show you a 3some  I did in my recent red and turquoise phase. I really love red and turquoise together - they just seem to vibrate and move.
  These were done with cold wax and oils onto cradled board. They measure 16 by 20 and the sides are finished in black.
   The middle one of the group is - as of today - hanging in the county building in Shalimar Fl. for their annual show(they hang there for a year - unless someone buys them and then the artist replaces it with another painting)
   All for today
      Take Care

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Ocean series - 12 by 12

   Last one in this series, this one measures 12 by 12 inches. This one started with 3 layers of plain encaustic and 2 or 3 of white encaustic wax. Next I added a layer of oil sticks.
  Follows are several layers of shellac with mica powders, pan pastels, a bit of oil stick, fusing after each layer and adding another layer of clear wax every now and then.
  I almost quit at the second picture as I really liked the way it was looking but decided to do just a bit more and am still happy with it.
  Unlike the others in this series I didn't add any ink to this one. The sides are finished off with black encaustic.
   All for now - a busy week here with work and errands and turn ins for 2 art shows.....oh and watching the hurricanes develop and which way they decide to go....
   Take Care

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Ocean encaustics - 2

   2 more paintings in my latest series. Both of these are 11 inches wide by 14 inches tall.
They start with a base of 4 layers of encaustic and then a layer of oil sticks. After that are multiple layers of shellac with mica powders (burned in) and pan pastels with an occasional layer of clear encaustic.
  I added some black ink at one point and wasn't really happy with it so they both got another layer of shellac and pan pastels and a final layer of clear encaustic. Some of the ink still shows but it adds another layer of interest....
  The top 3 pics are the right hand painting in progression - the 4th pic are the 2 together - and the last 3 pics shows the left hand painting in progression.
  I finished off the sides in black encaustic.
All for today - Take Care

Monday, September 2, 2019

Ocean encaustics

  Popping in today to show you a big painting I just finished off. This one is 24 inches wide by 36 inches tall.
  There are a lot of layers on this one - starting with a base of about 4 layers of encaustic wax and then a layer of oil sticks which is the first picture here.
  I then added some bronze mica powders to shellac and did a shellac burn. Added pan pastels and fused, more pastels, fused, a layer of wax.....
  All total there is about 3 layers of shellac, pastels and then clear wax, then I added some ink and one more layer of pan pastels, shellac and a final layer of clear wax...…
    The side are finished in black encaustic.
   All for today but a couple more post coming up as I did several in this series and colors - working them all at once (cooling times inbetween make working several at once easier)
   Take Care