Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Double knit in pink

   Well I have been busy - have about 5 paintings in the works at the studio. One is encaustic that I am carving into and is taking me a long time, and the other 4 are cold wax and oils that I am gradually building up layers and sort of experimenting with, oh and another encaustic that with be a still life painted from photos of my orchids.....
   Meanwhile on the couch in the evenings I have been working on this locker hook rug. It is made with double knit fabric that I got when an Aunt of mine was helping her Mom destash - most of these fabric patterns are vintage but I don't know just how old they are. I have enough of the pinks for at least on more rug - they are about 2 feet by 3 feet. Then I have a bunch of blues to make about 2 rugs and enough browns and oranges for probably just one...….Keeps my hands busy when sitting on the couch in the evenings after dinner, well that and coloring.....
   All for today -hopefully I will have some paintings to show you soon.
    Take Care