Friday, February 24, 2017

Meditation Pool

   I had planned on posting this earlier this week but our internet has been out - time to get rid of our current provider, one too many times....
  I finished this painting on Wednesday after teaching my Zentangle class with the CLL group.
  I finished off the sides with wood stain this time and like how it looks (with this one at least)
   I started with several layers of regular wax to prime the board and then added layers of 3 shades of teal/turquoise blues - with the darker tones at the edges.
  Next I added 3 layers of fall leaves in a ripple  pattern with layers of clear wax between .I  also added blue wax swirls at one point a few layers from the top.
  The center piece is a piece of clay that I molded from a desk top reproduction of the Labyrinth at the Cathedral in Chartress France - the original being used by the monks for hundreds of years for meditation. Labyrinths also symbolize a journey and can help with life changes a journey of the spirit.
  The clay piece is white with blue colored shellac applied and burned on, and I added some blue shellac ripples to the pond also and did a light burn....
  I really like this painting a lot - for now it is for sale on my Vango Art site - (user name Tera Fujan) and you can also find it on RedBubble - (user name  - TeraFujan - no space) - the Red Bubble site gives you the option of a print, or different things made with the pattern of the painting - like leggings, shirts, pillows ect.....
   All for me today - got to gather a few things to take with me to the studio tomorrow.
      Take Care

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Beaux Arts show

Helen and Tuny - I guess I caught them by surprise.

Marcy Eady

Painting by Linda Kernick

One of Rick's entries....

I admit I love watching people when they look at one of my paintings....

Beaux Arts exhibit - part of anyhow - including my other painting - left with the leaves....

People's choice Award  painting  by John Groah
Rick with his winner....

Best in show by Heather Clements

Group photo of the Winners

Fairy Valentine

  Well I have managed to clean house, run some errands, edit some pictures and take a nap today..... Oh I so wanted to sleep longer , but I guess if I did I would not have slept tonight.....
  This card was meant for my Hubby for Valentines day but I didn't get it done in time.....
  The image is by Selina  Fenech from her grayscale coloring book and I colored it with polychrome pencils.
  The cardstock is all from Paper Temptress - cryogen white of course for the image and then red columns for the base cardstock. The 2 corner pieces are made from clay and then a matching pretty gray ribbon with some faux pearls.
  All for now but another post in a few minutes....
    Take Care

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sea Storm

   A sunny good morning to everyone today, even if my post is a bit 'stormy'.
  Worked for awhile in my studio yesterday and finished off this stormy ocean painting. I almost finished off another but couldn't get one to work just right so will need to work on that one next week....
  Encaustic with clear shellac (clear tinted with blue india ink) and a bit of carving for the lightning . I used silver for the first try and it really didn't show very well so I did some more with a pearly white and that is better. Kinda cool in that the silver lightning looks like its far in the distance....

  I spent a lot of time yesterday retaking pictures of my art, editing and uploading to a new site that I am trying.
RedBubble is a site that uses images and prints them onto everything from t-shirts and hoodies to scarves, phone covers, lap top skins, bags, pillows and leggings.
  If you would like , pop over and check it out.
  site =
  user name = Tera Fujan
    All for now - Have a great day!!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Tangled Valentine

  A quick little post today - I have been doing a bit of Zentangle again as I am teaching a Zentangle class with our local all volunteer 'Center for Life Long Learning"
  I used a heart medallion from the Medallion  Tangle Easy book by Ben Kwok.
  Once I had it tangled, I colored it in and then just glued the 2 together with a thin piece of cardboard and a ribbon for a sweet Valentines decoration.
  Not too much new for me - started an account on 'Red bubble' to sell things with my art printed on them....slowly getting stuff up on that site....pop over sometime if you like "" My user name is 'Tera Fujan"
     All for now - Have a great week!!!