Sunday, August 27, 2017

Coral Sea Nebula

   Showing you my other nebula painting from yesterdays studio time....not sure what I am doing the rest of the day (already been out for a walk and did some yard work ...).
  Time for me to get away from the computer....
   Take Care

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Windows to the Universe

   Another Saturday playing in my studio...I started 2 pieces in cold wax, the first layers, and while they were drying a bit I did up 2 space nebula scenes.
   I love doing these as they all turn out so different. I am calling this one "Windows to the Universe" and it is 18 by 24 inches and painted onto a cradled board - 1 inch thick.
   The sides were burned with a torch before I started and look like a dark stained wood.
   Lots of blues and turquoise in this one and a pop of red. I did a shellac burn over the top which always makes it look sooo COOL!!!!
    Not too much going on here - lucky for us Harvey went west of us into Texas (not so lucky for Texas but hopefully everyone is safe and out of harms way!!)
   Cloudy and murky here today but no rain so far....
  All for today - Take Care

Friday, August 18, 2017

Filmstrip steampunk

   And its Friday once again - looking forward to some time in the studio tomorrow!!! Might takes the kayak out again Sunday am - if its not raining....
  Showing you today the last of my recent birdcage projects, another one with a mannequin form. I sprayed this one with silver and then added some rust paint to grunge it up. The pendant actually comes from an old pair of sandals I had with the pretty stone-like do dads.  She has a pretty feather and a filmstrip at her waist in front and one her back is clock hands, larger film strips and a silver clay medallion piece.
  The tray under the birdcage is wood with pretty silver engraving decoration around the edge. It had the same decoration in the middle of the tray too and I was able to peel it off and glue it to the inside bottom of the birdcage.
   The base is an old candle holder with the flat plate for the candle removed and I spray painted it and the birdcage in black.
   This piece is currently at Artel gallery in Pensacola for their - "Digital Smigital" show.
  This piece and the one with the birds and the painting I did with the picture of the rusty cage and spring mannequin are all sat Artel this month.
   Well I had better get myself off to work.
    Take Care

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Strike a pose

  Well I managed to get some house cleaning done yesterday after work - I really would rather do about anything than house work, even pull weeds(only not putting myself into heatstroke to do I would have yesterday or really about any afternoon lately....)
   My hubby brought home this interesting chunk of metal intending to take it to the metal recycling center but I saw it and wanted to do something with it and this is what I came up with.
  The mannequin is a chipboard form from Michaels that I sprayed with a gold glimmer spray and then added 2 shades of rust paint onto it.
  The 'belt' used to be an old bracelet (found it at a thrift shop), the pendant is from a mold and is clay in a pretty cameo.
  I sprayed the chunk of metal - which by the way is a dough mixer from a restaurant sized  bread mixer - with black spray paint and added a bit of gold rub on.....
  There is a clay piece in gold from a mold on her back and matching ones in black on the base .
   All for today - Take Care

Monday, August 14, 2017

Spring awaits

  My favorite piece from this week in the one I posted yesterday - I took a bunch of pics and then decided to alter one of them in photoshop - I got several cool variations and made 2 of them into paintings. This is the first one. I really love this look!!!
   I cut and then burned the edges of the photo and the edges of the cradled panel too. and then applied the photo image to the board with encaustic paint, several layers and then added a few helicopter leaves from Moms garden.
   This one is 8 by 10 inches on a 1 inch cradled board.
  Well off to work - Have a great day!!!'

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Winters hold weakens

   Another of this weeks finished projects for you....
This is the tallest of the candle holders that I altered. I painted it with 2 shades of rust paint, as I did the birdcage and the tray under the birdcage and then sprayed them all with acrylic sealer.
  The mannequin form was painted with cold wax and oils. Once dry I added some clay pieces from a mold I made of 'helicopter seed' - sycamore I believe. I collected a whole pile the last time I was home at my Mom's. The ones we have here in Florida have really tiny seeds and Mom's tree up north has huge ones!!!
  I used one clay piece as a necklace and a bunch on her back for wings, and then several scattered on the tray also.
   My hubby, son and I tried out new kayaks yesterday morning which was fun - I can feel my arms a bit this am but not too bad. We have had the kayaks about 3 weeks but with all the rain we hadn't gotten them out yet.
   We put in at a little strip of beach on the bay only about 5 minutes from our house, we were out about 40 minutes as it was a bit windy and we didn't want to over do was a lot of fun!!!
     All for this am - need to get a move on.....
         Take Care

Saturday, August 12, 2017


    Well I have been working on a few projects here at home and was waiting to get some better pics by taking them to the studio and yesterday I decided to just take pics here at home therefore the picture quality isn't all the greatest....
   Recently one of our neighbors moved and left 3 large candle holders for me - the parts that hold the candles were all rusted and falling apart but the rest of the stand were in pretty good shape.
The hubby cut off the flat candle plates and I proceeded to refinish and decorate them.
  This one is the smallest of the 3 - only about 2.5 feet tall- once decorated it is now about 3.5 feet tall and oh so cool.
   I spray painted the candle holder, and the birdcage and a wooden tray with black and then a layer of glitter and then some acrylic sealer.
  I attached the wood tray with hard as nails and a short strip of wood on either side of the candle holder to hold the wood tray more level and sturdier.
  I glued the birdcage on with E6000.
  The birds are chipboard forms from Michaels that I sprayed with some gold and silver glimmer spray and then used 2 colors of rust paint from Tim Holtz to grunge them up. I then decorated the birds with pretty feathers gears, clock hands and film strip(from Tim Holtz also) and on the silver one a small pendant for a necklace.
  I used some clay molds and  gold clay for the decorations on the birdcage and sides of the wood platform.
  I love the way this one turned out!!!
    All for today - more to come!!!
                                            Take Care

Sunday, August 6, 2017

There is no why?? No reason that we will ever know in this life...

 And no words to describe out loss of both of these wonderful people!!!!