Monday, December 28, 2015

Deer Tangle

  A quick post before I am out the door for work this  cloudy, muggy morning. The Pups made sure I got a walk since I didn't have to go in till a bit later this am - leave at 730 instead of 630....
  Another tangle to show you - this one with a deer. I really like the way his antlers turned out but am not too sure about the rest - may have to try him again.....
   Short work week again this week but first 4- 10 hour shifts so I will pop back in here the end of the week.
  Asking the kids to clean house for me today - so  that will be nice....
  Well gotta run - see if I can beat the rain in to work :)
   Take Care

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Iguana Tangle

  just chillin after our muggy morning walk, even the pups were glad to get back to the house this am....
  More Zentangle for you this am. I started with an outline of an Iguana from the 'Tangle Easy - Wildlife" book that I found on Amazon - which is the first picture.
  The second picture is a black and white tangled version and the last picture is done with colored sharpies.
  The colored sharpies aren't as fine as the micron pen but I liked how the colors looked.
        We probably wont do much today but hang around the house - I really am not into all the crowds when shopping and plenty of crafty stuff to do around the house :)
   Have a great Holiday weekend!!!

Friday, December 25, 2015

More Turtle

  A Merry Christmas to everyone!!! We opened gifts last night and slept late this am. A foggy, muggy, 75 degrees here this am for a walk with our pups. I have a long piece of leather with jingle bells on it and the other day my DS put them around my big boys neck and he seemed to like it and the bells sounded so Christmassy that I had him wear it for our walk this am - so jingling all the way :)
  One more turtle to show you today - This one I made a copy of the second tangle I did with this turtle and then colored him with colored pencils.
   The base drawing for this turtle is from a book I got off Amazon called "Tangle Easy - Wildlife Designs" and I filled him with tangles.
In my previous post I showed you 2 different ways I tangled him and then I decided to try and color him in. I like how he turned out.
  All for today - Christmas movies on TV and hanging with my kiddos!!!!
    Merry Christmas!!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Zentangle Turtle

  A good Sunday morning to you - a chilly 35 degrees but sunny here in NW Florida. The pups took us for our walk and now for a bit of computer time :)
  I am doing up some samples for my upcoming Zentangle classes in January.
  The turtle outline is from a book I found on Amazon called "Tangle Easy - Animals" They have the outline of a bunch of animals and some samples so you can see how others have tangled them.
   The second picture is my first version and the last few pics are of my second version which I like better. With the first version I just randomly tangled  but with the second version I tried to use the lighter ones on the top of the turtles shell and darker ones around the edge and others areas that would normally be shaded. I think if I do another one that I wont try to fill in all the small blocks on his legs with different tangles - to me it looks a bit cluttered - maybe pick a tangle that has a darker and lighter version and use that for the whole legs.....
  In other news... I really liked the new Star Wars movie! My DH thought it was more like a "rerun" and in some ways he is right but that didn't take away from me enjoying it immensely!!!! (well except for my very favorite character Han Solo getting killed anyhow - that broke my heart a bit, its hard to imagine  Star Wars without him!!!)
  All for today - will probably be doing some shopping with my DD later today....
     Take Care

Saturday, December 19, 2015


  Well a busy Saturday here for me - even though we slept late(well for us anyhow - 7 am and the pups actually let us :) I have managed to get a bit done long walk with the Hubby and pups, cleaned my bathroom, did dishes, doing  laundry, baked some treats for an open house tonight, watered my plants and then got cleaned up.
  I am still hoping to get some presents wrapped and a couple other things done but am taking a quick break for lunch and a short stop here at my lately neglected blog....
  Showing you another encaustic piece today - I first transferred some images onto paper and then colored them with pencils. Then I glued it to a 6 by 6 inch board and when it was dry I coated it with about 5/6 layers of clear wax. Last I used  stencil to make the blue flourish with wax. I used gold metallic pen on the edges - wasn't sure if it would work on the wax but so far so good:) I then framed her in a 10 by 10 inch frame with a dark blue mattboard backing.
   Lots of busy going on here - I am starting to teach some 'Zentangle' classes at HH Arts in January and also for our local CLL starting in later January. I have also set up to teach some free Zentangle classes for 'Wounded Warrior' also starting later in January. I am hopeful for a good turn out for them all so wish me luck!!! So far I have all my lessons planned out for all 3 classes and am doing up a few samples to show. I need to get back in studio and craft room soon - haven't played with my wax in awhile!!!.
  Last but certainly not least - the family and I are going to see the new STAR WARS tonight - so excited!!! I saw the very first Star Wars at the drive in with my family as a kid, everyone but my Dad and I fell asleep and my Dad kept imitating Chewbacca..... I have always loved sci fi and was a Trekkie from a very young age of 5 or 6 and love Star Wars as much or more!!!
   Well better get a move on here - Take Care

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Lady in wax

  Well my blog has been a bit neglected lately - lots of - was just getting myself organized for 8 hour shifts and now we have switched to 10 hour shifts so I need to reorganize again....2 I am almost done getting a couple classes together. I am going to be teaching a few Zentangle classes coming in January - one on Thursdays for our local CLL - adult learning, one at the gallery where my studio is as a paying class on Saturday mornings and one on Saturday afternoons that I am doing for free for 'Wounded Warriors ' and other military folk.
  Fortunately I can use basically the same lesson plans but for 'Wounded Warrior' I made up pamphlets' to hand out on base and that took me a while to get done ......and the last excuse is that the kiddos are home for Christmas break so I will be spending some time hanging out with them.
  Should have a few things to show you in the next couple weeks and then after the first of the year I hope to be back to more regular postings.
  Todays project is a 6 by 6 inch encaustic wax piece in a 10 by 10 inch frame. I did some photo transfers onto paper, and glued it to the base board and then added about 5 layers of wax. I then used a stencil for the blue wax. The blue blurred just a touch but I really like the depth of this piece it almost feels like I can look 'around' the images. It was fun to do!!!
   Well I need to get off to work now - Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Winter Whites

  I am joining in on the new challenge for the month on the Paper Temptress Facebook page.
  The theme is 'Winter Whites' and we are sponsored this month by ADFD (A Day for Daisies) -
    I colored this sweet image from ADFD called 'Lucky Wishes" with prismacolor and polychrome pencils.
   The background paper I used is called 'Silver Luster' from Paper Temptress and it is really pretty and shimmery. I also used cryogen white to color my image - also from Paper Temptress - and it is my favorite paper to color with - both with pencils and markers!!! I also glittered up some cryogen white for the letters.
   Check out these and more yummy papers here -
  I added a bunch of pretties from my stash - some white beaded ribbon, a white pearly circle and some white and off white flowers too.
   Now hope on over to Facebook and join in on our challenge this month!!!! Just go to the Paper Temptress page, like, make and have fun!!!!
   Take Care