Sunday, January 31, 2016

Incandescent Valentine

         Just a short note today - didn't get much crafty stuff done this weekend but I did do some housecleaning,  walked the pups both days long walks and yesterday I had 3 gentlemen for my 'Tangled Warrior' class. I didn't get any pictures this week though but they were a good group.@ of the gentlemen are visiting from out of town for a couple months - one from Maine who served in Vietnam and I am sure other places - he is an Army vet. The other older gentleman was a Marine and served a few places too - Vietnam and Phillipines I believe.
   The third gentleman is also retired - Air Force I believe and he works over on Eglin Air Base.
   Todays card is a cute little Valentine with some yummy papers from Paper Temptress. I colored the cute little image with polychrome pencils and layered to papers from the 'Incandescent' line. The base is 'Russo' and the heart is 'Candido'.
   I used a heart texture folder on the russo and some swirls on the heart but could not get the swirls to show up in a picture..
       All for today - Take Care

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Fiery Sunset

   Showing you today a small wax painting with a big punch of sunset colors.
   This little beauty measures 6 1/4 inch square and I started with a base of encaustic wax with sky colors and a few wisps of white clouds. Then I decided to play with a new toy I got myself for Christmas - cold wax.
  Cold was is still wax but is a thick paste that is cloudy clear and really picks  up the color from oil paints big time - learned that pretty fast.
  Then you can 'paint ' it on with a palette knife or brushes - this one was done mostly with palette knife type tools and a little brush work.
  I did several up the same day but plan on adding to the other - I decided to leave this one just as it was.
   I will definitely be playing with the cold wax a lot more!!!
  All for today - off to work and then water aerobics after work.....
   Take Care

Monday, January 25, 2016

A bit of fun......

    Showing you a painting I did last week when I took a fun class with my friend and very talented Artist Linda Kernick.
   We used a stencil and acrylic paints.
   As you can see I was in a bright colorful mode - as it was raining cats and dogs and blowing like crazy outside :)
  Everyone in the class had such great work and even those of us that chose the same stencil had such different result - I wish I had taken some pictures of what everyone else did too!!!
   I hadn't painted anything with acrylics in many years so it was just some fun play time for me.
   I plan to donate this painting to an upcoming auction at the Arts and Design Societys next art show - coming up next week.
   All for today - sunny today but still pretty chilly here!!
    Take Care

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Tangled Warrior - First class

     Sharing a quick picture from yesterday afternoons 'Tangled Warrior' class.
     This is a Zentangle class that I am giving for free for 'Wounded Warrior'/Active Duty and Retired Military folk. Zentangle is an art form that is fun and easy to learn and has been shown not only to aid relaxation but also to increase focus and concentration.
     These 4 ladies are all Active Duty from Eglin and Hurlbert Air bases here in town. We had a fun time and I hope to see them again next week.!!!
   Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Oriental gift box

   Wow, what do u know, 2 days in a row here on my poor little neglected blog :)
   I made up this little gift box over the weekend using lots of yummy paper from Paper Temptress - the red is from the 'Pop tones' line and the gold is from the 'mica/metallic' line.
  I embossed the red with a Spellbinders oriental folder and edged it with gold metallic pen.
  I used the gold for the pretty die cut at the edge of the main image and the die is also a Spellbinders die.
  The main image is a digital image from Rick St. Dennis and is printed onto my favorite 'cryogen white' also from Paper Temptress. I colored her with prismacolor and polychrome pencils and edged that panel with metallic gold pen also.
  I added a gold filigree heart and a darker gold rose with a rhinestone center for accents.
  The inside bottom and outside bottom of the box is lined with red felt - you can see the inside of the box peaking out from behind in the background.
  Have a great week - if I can stay organized I should have another post later in the week so off I go to work.
   Take Care

Monday, January 18, 2016

Cold wax play

   Enjoying my Holiday Monday off - nice to work for da government :)
   I had some time to play in my studio yesterday and broke out the cold wax I bought myself for Christmas.
  The first picture is a small 8 by 8 inch cradled board that I first did with traditional encaustic (hot) wax with sky and clouds theme in mind....
  The second picture is after I played a bit with the cold wax and some sunset colors. Not sure if it is completely 'done' yet but will sit and look at it a bit before I decide.
  The third picture I also started with a blue sky/cloud theme with encaustic wax but I neglected to get a 'before' pic, so this is after I played with the sunset. This one is a 12 by 12 inch cradled board, and I am pretty sure I will be adding to this one even if it is only a thin line of trees and a low horizon line.....
   Even though my blog is still being fairly neglected I assure you I am  a busy person - in addition to work and getting the pups a daily walk (mostly anyhow - sometimes the hubby gets them out in the am for me) I have started going to water aerobics 2 evenings a week - knees and hips just hurt too much for most land base stuff right now - even the elliptical or the bike and I really need to see if I can correct that - get stronger, more flexible and maybe less painful.....
  I am also teaching a class with out local "CLL - Center for LifeLong Learning" - an all volunteer group that teaches a wide variety of classes - my boss at work was nice enough to arrange the same day off for me every week(working 10 hour shifts so only work 4 a week) so I could teach this time!!!
   I also have offered up 2 classes at the Art Gallery where my studio is - both Zentangle but the Saturday afternoon one is a free class for 'Wounded Warrior/Active Duty and Retired Military - sadly with little response to either. My ''Tangled Warrior" class starts this next Saturday so maybe I will gather a few folks interested before the week is up.
   Oh and certainly not least is doing a few projects for the Paper Temptress Design Team too - you will be seeing some of them soon....tomorrow in fact :)....
   All for today - Have a great evening!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Little boy blue

  Happy New Year!!!
  I had hopes to have more posts by now but I am getting a slow start on the new year. I have a pile of images colored up ready to get made into Christmas cards (might as well start for next year since I didn't get enough made for this year in time...)  I have started another locker hook rug and tonight I am going to a water aerobics class at the new aquatic center.
   My work schedule worked out perfectly for the evening class on Tuesdays and Thursdays for this month (who knows about next month but the good thing is I  can join month by month...)  I have been walking virtually every day and need to do something more exercise wise, but my joints wont tolerate much right now, so the water seems a perfect thing - I have done water aerobics before and in the summer in my own pool in the backyard so am looking forward to it.
  My card today uses several sweet products from Paper Temptress. The navy blue base cardstock is from the Ruche line - very pretty texture and a nice weight for the base of a card or layering too. The overlay is from the Hambly studio line and is see-through and nicely shimmery and shiny. I also used a pretty blue ribbon.
   The main image is from Art House  Designs (formally carried by Sweet Pea Stamps) and colored with prismacolor and polychrome pencils.
   Now I have my first Christmas card finished for 2016 :)
   Well better get a move on and head off to work this am - Have a great day!!!