Saturday, November 26, 2016

A bit chilly...

  Well we are a bit chilly this am here in NW Florida - the breeze is just a bit nippy. The pups love the cool weather and so do I and makes the morning walk a bit quieter as few people are 1 - out as early as the pups make us go and 2 - few go out when its this chilly. So all I have to watch for is squirrels and cats so my big boy doesn't yank my arm off....
  I have 2 more simple cards for you today - the pretty cardstock is from Paper Temptress and is so shimmery!! Then I just used some stickers and a little shaker box (and forgot the shaky stuff - I need to go back to AC Moore and see if they have more of the shaker stickers so I can do some with some glitter snow in them...)
    I spent most of the day yesterday in my studio playing with a couple encaustic paintings I am working on - have to put on about 2 more layers of color for the 2 big ones and then I can start carving them. The carving is done on the smaller on so will start on the texturizing
   I picked up some leaves on my morning walk that I will include in the  next painting I have planned. I really liked the small painting I did at J.C. Campbell with the ginkgo leaves - so I found some on Etsy and now have a bunch to play with - The background will be 3 shades of teal/turquoise and then I will add the ginkgo leaves and probably one or 2 of the pretty red ones that I found this am - not sure if I will do a shellac burn on this one or not....
     All for today - take care!!!

Friday, November 25, 2016

More simple Christmas cards.....

  Well the pups made us go for an early walk - walking of some of that turkey and pie.... and I am headed for the studio for a good part of the day. No shopping for me - believe it or not I am pretty much done with shopping for Christmas - maybe one or two little things....and if I can think of something good for the hubby....
  A couple more simple Christmas card for you today - found the cute jar shaker at AC Moore  - and then forgot to add shaking things....sigh....
  But they still are cute!!! Pretty shimmery cardstock from Paper Temptress and some cute stickers.
  All for now - gotta get in gear....
    Take Care

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Quick and simple Christmas Cards

  Happy to be lounging around today smelling the turkey bake, watching the Thanksgiving Day parade....
  Showing you some Christmas cards I did last weekend - a few quick and simple ones that still looks great!!!
  The first one is just a couple stickers onto a really pretty shimmery cardstock from Paper Temptress. The shimmery paper really makes the card!!!
  The second one is on one of Paper Temptresss' columned paper with a bit of their ribbon also as well as a few stickers and the little clothespins.
  I have been playing in my art studio a bit too and will have some pictures soon of what I am working on there - doing a few bigger pieces. And I have a new site for my art also - - under Tera Fujan - I currently have 4 pieces up for sale with a few more awaiting approval - they are a juried site which means better for me because there wont be a ton of the same stuff to sift through, and currently they don't have a lot of Encaustic works so will see if I can sell a piece or two (then I can replenish my dwindling wax supply...)
   All for today - Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


   Well I have been busy as usual just keeping up with work and house and pups....but I have gotten a few things done.
  I had this idea in my head for a long time and finally got it done. At Hobby Lobby they have a whole row full of crosses of different sizes, shapes and colors and one time when I went in there they had them all on sale for 50% off - naturally I bought a bunch.
  I had this frame for a couple years  and decided to use it for the crosses. I had a piece of 1/4 inch thick wood cut to fit the frame and then did a crackle finish on it - with the base coat of turquoise showing through to match some of the crosses I chose.
  Next I glued on all the crosses and done. Easy project and very pretty - too bad I don't have anywhere to hang it in my house!!!
   So currently it is for sale at the ADSO Christmas market along with a couple of my rugs and smaller art pieces. HH Arts is also having a Christmas sale and I have a couple rugs and some more smaller pieces over there too. Lets hope some of my treasure find new homes because I am out of storage room.
  All for today - have 2 pumpkin pies in the oven ( after making 2 trips out at 7 am for the dehydrated milk I needed - first trip I came home with sweetened condensed milk.....ones of those things....).
  Took the pups for a walk while the pies were cooking, now to do my stretches and get ready for work.....
   Have a Great Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Silver and blue....

  Just stopping in quick as I am headed for a class in the next few minutes. I haven't been making much for cards lately - been putting some extra time in at my studio and painting.
   I am really having fun with the wax and have a couple bigger projects in the works.
  I also retook photos of a bunch of my paintings and have started a shop on 'Vangoart' - So far have 3 paintings up and need to redo some photos for about 4 others.
   Todays card is made with papers and cardstock from Paper Temptress and colored with polychrome pencils, a bit of rhinestones and glitter and another card for my Christmas stash - which BTW is still rather small....
   All for tonight - Take Care