Saturday, June 28, 2014

Christmas in - almost - July.....

   Well it was really hot and humid today so I didn't feel like doing yard work, house work will have to wait till Monday because with an extra dog in the house (babysitting for friends) it just wasn't worth the extra effort so after the morning walk with the dogs, I stayed inside all day - mostly in the craft room!!!
    I have been planning these for awhile now - RTA Designs in Panama City (where I have my booth - its an all handmade store - crafts and art and ect., but all handmade or refinished) we will be having a Christmas in July event the last 2 weeks of July so I wanted to get a bunch of these made up.
   I did 7 today and have about a dozen set up ready to decorate and 5 more candle sticks just waiting on assembly .....gosh knows I have plenty of ribbon and trims.
   My favorite 2 are the vintage looking ones with the old lace and trims - and just a touch of sparkle :)
   All for tonight - off o work again....sigh, no nap today, got caught up in ribbon and trim in my craft room :)
   Take Care

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Yule Ornament

   We are seeing a bit of sunshine this afternoon after raining most of the morning (which is really night for us night shift worker/day sleepers sometimes :) so I got a picture of the card I finished yesterday to show you.
  I made a Christmas card using Norma J Burnell's  'The Gift' from Sweet Pea Stamps. She is available both as a digi and a rubber stamp. Check her out here -
  I colored her with copics and cut her out with a Spellbinders die.
  I edged the layers with gold metallic pen, added a couple ribbons and some pearl drops in gold with a viva décor pen.
  She is so much fun to color - so many possiblys!!!
   All for today - back to work tonight!!!
      Take Care


Monday, June 23, 2014

Still busy

   Well I had a lazy kinda weekend - not much done in the craft room or the house or the yard.....a few errands run, slept late every day.....I did work a bit on my DS's rug for college, which is the first 2 pictures and the rest is the beginings of another project - can you guess what I am making!!!
   I did get a card done today too but  - 1 it is still drying and 2 its raining and cloudy and I take almost all my pictures outside... so will get that one for you tomorrow or Thursday :)
  All for now - time to try for a pre-work nap.....
   Take Care

Friday, June 20, 2014

Sweet Pea Stampers - shaped card

  Its another Sweet Pea Stampers challenge Friday - this time the challenge is for a SHAPED card or project.
  I used this sweet mermaid by Elaine Cox called 'Mermaid #2' from Sweet Pea Stamps -
  I colored her with prismacolor pencils and then cut her and the other layers out with Spellbinders dies. I added a couple tiny flowers and some light pink pearl drops  (viva décor) that match the flowers and edged all the layers with a gold metallic pen too.
  I hope you join us and play along with our challenge - it would be a great way to win some free images from Sweet Pea Stamps and a fun way to spend some crafty time to boot :)
  All for now - Have  a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Twilight Halloween

  Well I have been very ambitious this am so far - the puppy took me for my walk and then I did about an hour and a half worth of yard work before I was tapped out from the heat - now a bit of a blog break and will jump in the pool for a bit of water aerobics (I can really tell that I haven't done water exercise for awhile - I am feeling a whole bunch of muscles that are waking up again....)
  Todays project is a bit of decoration for Halloween - I really love Halloween and even if the kids wont be here this year, I still plan on decorating (the hubby will roll his eyes I am sure :)
  I used 'Twilight Halloween' by Elaine Cox from Sweet Pea Stamps - she is available as a rubber stamp and a digi.
  I colored her with my copic markers and used a couple Spellbinders dies to cut her out and as a background too. Added a couple sticker pumpkins and a tiny purple brad shaped like a spider and that was it. I really love the frame too - it just seemed perfect for this image. I had everything but the pumpkins done before I went looking for a frame in my stash so was tickled pink to find just the one she needed!!!
   All for today - some pool time and then after lunch I will head for the craft room :)
      Take Care

Monday, June 16, 2014

Red, White, and Blue

   Well just getting up for the day after working the last 2 nights - boy was it hard for me to get back in the swing of 12 hour night shifts after having a couple weeks off!!!!
   First if you love your Sweet Pea Stamps like I do then you need the coupon codes here and need to go shopping :)
(then come back and visit me :)
   I altered another journal for todays project - this one is a sketch journal and is 9 inches wide by 11 inches tall.
  I used the Sweet Pea image called 'Cybele & Kaida (little dragon) by Norma J Burnell and colored her with my copics.
   I used a couple Spellbinders dies and edged the main one with a gold metallic pen. Added some red beaded trim and some paper flowers that I spritzed with some blue glimmer mist (ocean or turquoise, not sure) and then added some pearl drops with a teal viva décor pen.
   I also added some metal corners from Tim Holtz to make them more durable.
   All for me today - should try and get a few things done here today :)
   Take Care

Saturday, June 14, 2014


  Just a quick Saturday morning post as I finish up some breakfast and a cup of tea - didn't get the yard work in that I wanted to yesterday due to a really nice thunderstorm (did get some house cleaning done though) so I am headed to the yard before it gets any hotter....
   Another Sweet Pea creation for you today - she is called 'Midnight Raven and I colored her with prismacolor pencils and cut her and the next layer with Spellbinders dies. I love Halloween and she is my first card for Halloween this year :)
  All for now - Have a great weekend!!!

Friday, June 13, 2014


   Well the pooch made sure I got my morning walk - a bit stiff this am after yesterday evening water aerobics session (first time for the summer)....didn't get much sleep last night as our DD is on her way over to Montenegro (eastern Europe) and she texted us when she arrived at each leg of the journey - Paris at 1115 pm and Switzerland at 4 am...should be arriving at her final destination soon - not sure how far from the airport they are staying so.....
  This mornings card features a sweet image from Sweet Pea Stamps called Molly - What a catch by Heather Valentin.
  I colored her with copics and layered her to some fun bright paper that went with her top and hair bows....
  Added an orange ribbon and a little metal fish charm - Isn't she cute!!!
  All for now - need to try and get some yard work done before the rain gets here....and then back to the craft room for the afternoon :)
   Take Care

Thursday, June 12, 2014


    Well I have spent the major part of the day in the craft room - finally - I have been playing catch up since Monday from graduation week. We had lots of family in town and had a great time but almost everything else got put on hold - so in the last 3 days - there was lots of laundry, groceries to get, a doctors appointment, a car loan to fill out paperwork for, a car to but for my DS to take to college this fall with him, among the many errands - so I didn't get too much craft room time, although spent a couple of those evenings coloring while watching the TV.....
  Today I am using a Sweet Pea digi image - also available as a rubber stamp - by Ching Chou Kuik called 'Dark Lilies'
  I colored her with prismacolor pencils - was trying to make her hair look wet but didn't turn out like I had thought....
  Used lots of pink on this one - not my usual color :)
Even made her eyes that color just for fun.
  Sprayed the paper flowers with pinkish glimmer mist and used a pretty pink and black flowered ribbon and some gold pearl drops with a Viva Décor pen.
   All for today - am off to try out the water in our pool, should be nice and warm :)
      Take Care

Monday, June 9, 2014

Another locker hook project

    Well I have survived Graduation poor Mom's flight was cancelled this am and they rescheduled her to get in at home at 11 pm..... she lives another hour from the airport so that was not a good thing....managed to get it changed so she gets in at 930 which is a bit better.....her flight got messed up on the way down here too....
  So today was a bit of cleaning up and running errands that didn't get done last week - tomorrow I will have a few more errands but should get some craft room time too and then the rest of the week should be all craft room :)!!!!
  Even though I didn't get  much done in the craft room this last week but did get a bit done on the new rug I started a couple weeks ago. This will be for my son to take to college with him.
He is also going to be going to University of Nebraska, Lincoln and will be in ROTC and a Biology major - with emphasis on Human biology and anatomy and physiology.....
The colors are perfect for my son and will be kinda funky and geometric.....
   Have a great day!!!!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Woodland Fairy - Sweet Pea Stampers challenge

    Its a new challenge Friday over at Sweet Pea Stampers - and we are using the above photo for inspiration  - which I found a bit difficult  :)
  I ended up thinking what the woods would be like as I walked down the path in the photo and then into the woods. Along the way were toadstools and birds and fairies :)
  So naturally I used 'Toadstool Fascination " by Ching Chou Kuik from Sweet Pea Stamps  -
  I colored her with prismacolor pencils and used a Spellbinders die to cut her out. Edged the main image with a gold metallic pen and then added a scrap of old lace, some paper flowers that I spritzed with a blue glimmer mist and a plain one and then lastly added some teal blue pearls with a viva décor pen.
   I really like this image - such a sweet face and the mushrooms too - when I was living in Alaska I was amazed at how many different types of mushrooms there were - still have a lot of the photos I took :)

   Well its graduation week here - my son graduated from HS yesterday and we have lots of family in town to celebrate and hang out!!! It has been a lot of fun so far and the weekend yet to come :)
   Take Care and Have a great weekend too!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fall Posey

  Just a quick post this am and I am off  for my morning walk and then the rest of the week is filled with family and fun - I do have a post for you preposted for Friday  with the new challenge from Sweet Pea Stampers so be sure to check it out!!!
  Todays card uses 'Posey" again from Sweet Pea Stamps and I used my copics again and used fall colors - reds and oranges and some browns.
  I used some glimmer mist sprays on the flowers again and a couple small doillies  and ribbon.
  All for today - check in on Friday for the new challenge and then I will see you next week sometime :)
   Have a great week!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sweet Posey

  Well I managed to get my house cleaned yesterday with some minimal assistance from the teens....and a small bit of yard work....and then after lunch another couple errands that makes for less errands for me to accomplish today :)
  Hopefully the rain will hold off a bit here and I can do a bit of yard work after Miss Princess Puppy takes me for a long walk :)
  Todays project is using one of my newest images from Sweet Pea Stamps called 'Posey' and I colored her with my copics. I love how she turned out too!!! I haven't used my copics for a couple months now just because they aren't quite as portable as my pencils but I really love them.
   I colored her in typical posey flower colors - actually I colored 2 of her and will show you the other one tomorrow. You know me and purples anyway  so it was a fun image to color!!!
  I blinged her up a bit with some paper flowers that I colored to match with glimmer mist in teals and purple, added some gold sticker pearls, ribbons and teal pearl drops with a viva décor pen.
   Well better get a move on here - DH's Mom arrives tonight and the rest of the crew tomorrow in several batches...
   Have a great week!!!