Monday, December 31, 2012

Foxxy girl

  Just a lazy morning here on New Years Eve - the puppy has had her long walk, the teens are still asleep and I have a warm purring cat on my lap and a sweet fuzzy pup at my feet as I type :) ahhhhh yesss
  Well I haven't posted much lately as I am determined to finish up one of the Christmas projects that didn't get totally done because my eyes/ambition outstriped my time.
  Last year I bought a bunch of ornaments after Christmas on sale intending to make ornaments with them this year.....well,  come this year I forgot I had them and bought a bunch more to make ornaments with - and I did get a bunch done, but when I was breaking things out for one of my craft fairs I came across these ornaments from last year....well combining lasts years and the ones left from this year came to about 4 dozen - YES 4 DOZEN!!!!
  Well I determined to finish them off before storing them away for the year....then I made a trip to the thrift shop (looking for something else entirely and determined not to even LOOK at ornaments....) and came home with another 2 dozen......(nope not addicted, not at all.....)
  So as of this am I have finished 3 dozen, with 2 dozen regular ones to go and then another 2 dozen that I want to do with colored rhinestones instead of clear - a dozen or so in pink with pink ribbon charms to hang off the tips. I have had a hard time finding pink rhinestones in the 4mm size - I had looked at at least 6 different sites with no luch until yesterday I had a brain storm - EBAY (as I slapped my head for not thinking of it some days.... :)
   Well leaving you today with some pictures of my sweet little Kyna - she is a bit over 7 months old now, sweet, smart and energetic - she only wears her halter when I am in the house with her and awake otherwise she chews it off (been through 4 halters in the last 2 months - with many duck tape repairs inbetween).....the first 2 are in the living room - yes I interrupted her nap - and the last is on squirrel patrol in the back yard.
  I am scheduled to work tonight but am kinda hoping we don't have many patients and I can be on call - now that I said it ....won't happen....but already am one day short on the paycheck due to being on call so all for the best either way.....
   Have a wonderful New Years everyone!!!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Teal and purple, with camelias....

  A rainy Christmas Eve morning here in NW Florida - waiting for a break in the rain so I can take Missy Puppy for a walk (she is bored, has chewed through her halter this am....the third one so far - she won't leave a collar on .....).
  Showing you one last Christmas card and a couple more pics of the camelias by my front door.
  The stamp is from Flourishes and colored with copics. I used the teal, purple and pink colors from a color challenge over at Flourishes during their last release week.
  Well I had better get a move on here - I work 12 hour shifts both tonight and tomorrow night (sadly people don't just get sick during business hours so I guess someone has to work....) My coworker tonight is bringing chile so I am going to make us some bread (in the bread maker).
  I will be back later in the week....

Have a very Merry and Blessed CHristmas Everyone!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Doves

  A bright and chilly saturday morning here in NW Florida - brrrr - my puppy insisted on going for a walk anyway!!! And then she ran around the back yard like a crazy pup for another 20 minutes after our walk - she has a new toy that she really loves called a cyberbone (hard but still chewy rubber with rows of knobbys for her to chew on, and being rubber it bounces nicely when you throw it too :)
  The fam and I went out to dinner and then saw the Hobbit - I have always loved the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings - read then for the first time about say 35 years ago or more (WOW that dates me a bit don't it.....) They did a brilliant job on the movie and I can't wait for the next 2 parts of the story!!!
  Showing you some last Christmas cards - pretty simpe ones as I ws running out of time (as usual....) The dove and holly image is a stamp from Flourishes - colored with prismacolor pencils.
   I then ran the panel through a texture folder and sponged on some ink to highlight the texture. I used light purples, blues and teals to color the doves so on the first one I highlighted with purple and layered to purple cardstock. The next 2 I highlighted with teal and layered to navy  and teal cardstock for the last 2 pics.
  Well I had better get a move on - I NEED to clean house this am and am determined to have some crafting time too!!!
  Have a great weekend!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Sparkle, and more sparkle

  Another night of work behind me, and 3 nights off ahead of me!!! :)
A quick walk with my puppy,  a note here and a nap will be the plan for the morning and early afternoon. My teens are off school starting today - one is in house with one of his buddies staying over to play xbox and DD is over at a friends till this afternoon. Then I am going to torture them into some house cleaning and maybe some yard work :) (although it is pretty chilly here this am...)
  I have for you today another of the rhinestone ornaments - the base of which is a rubber stamp from Outlines, embellished with rhinestones.  
    I stamped and embossed in silver on a white shimmery paper and glued 2 back to back.
    I then glued rhinestones to both sides with chrystal laquer. I added a vintage earring to the center of one side and a larger rhinestone to the other.
  I then used a beaded piece as a hanger.
  It sparkles very nice in the sun or the lights of the tree!!!
   All for this morning....sleepy.....
     Take Care

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Glitzy Sparkles

  Just a short post and off to bed for me - sposed to rain today so that will make some nice sleeping weather :)
  I have a couple more ornaments to show you today that I finished off in the last couple days.
  I again used the jewel ornament topper from Outlines stamps. I glued 2 back to back and then fully rhinestoned them and then added some vinatage sparkleys to the centers. Both of them used to be old earrings.
  On the second one I used an length of faux pearls and beads as part of the hanging device.
  All for today - one more night to work then the weekend off!!
   Take Care

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Glitz and Sparkle

     Well I have had a busy morning so far and when I am done posting my decision will be if to stay busy or not.....I am feeling like a nap would be REALLY sweet - and I do have to work tonight so need a nap sometime - but on the other hand the house could use a bit of cleaning (more than a bit....sigh)
     I was out the door early with Kyna puppy/personal trainer and we went for a long walk in the woods(bout an hours worth) which she just LOVES (she gave me such a look when we got back to the car, like "why are we stopping now?).
     Then I took pictures of a few ornaments I made - including this one - and boxed 2 of them up with the last of my Christmas packages to mail and made a quick trip to the post office, then the grocery store and then the BX (military mall type store/s)
  I finished off Christmas for DH and the kiddos - need to wrap those yet though...
  Well I guess I will at least wrap the Christmas gifts I got today before a nap.
  On to todays project - I have had this idea in my head ever since I saw this post by Karla  at Karla's Cottage which was back in november but you might want to take some time to look around as she has eye candy like you would not believe!!! Matter of fact - I may have to try some stocking for my kiddos from one of her recent posts!!!!
  I have a dozen or so doilys around here somewhere but when I went diggin in my stash, all I found was 2 so I guess I make have to make a safari later this week to find the rest.
  This doily is about 4 inch round and I used one of the ornaments topper stamps (from Outlines) that I have been decorating bulbs with lately and glued it to the doily along with some strands from old necklaces that were broken (gagrage sale finds) and in the center I put a clasp from an old necklace that had some rhinestones on it.
  The ornament toppers was stamped and embossed in silver onto a sparkly white paper and then cut out. This would normally be the second layer of the topper as I cut off the edges  and then glued on all the rhinestones (the stamp has spots on it just made for that).
  I mailed this one off this am to a friend of mine - It was my favorite of the 2 I did (show you that one in a couple days)
  The current challenge over at Flourishes is to make a 3D ornament and this works perfectly . I have an idea for one done with a Flourishes stamp that I hope to finish on friday but will enter this one just in case I don't get it done :) (kids are out of school so who knows....)
  CHeck out the challenge here -

   For some reason my internet connection is being haywire this am so I had better get this posted and let it settle itself down a bit :)
   Take Care

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


  Its an early morning for me - but waiting for a bit more daylight before taking the puppy for our walk.
  I took these pics yesterday afternoon and am surprised they turned out so well - it was cloudy and murky outside. This is from the camelia bush by my front door - she finally decided to bloom, only 2 blooms so far but in a day or so will be covered in blooms :)
  I just love the curvey petals on these, especially in the center. And they are such a bright pinkish red color too!!!
  I think I need to get a few more of these bushes - I wonder if I can find one in a dark purple?? :)
  All for this am - may be back with crafty stuff later depending on the errands list and how quickly I can cross things off.....
   Take Care

Monday, December 17, 2012

CSS Alumni Hop GinaK

Welcome to another Gina K CSS Alumni hop!!! Our challenge this time was Christmas with non-traditional colors with no red or green
If you are following the hop then you came to me from the very talented Sharri -
Make sure you leave some love and comments along the way, because we will be giving away a huge grab bag of Gina K stamps to one lucky commenter!!!
I used the Heirloom Ornaments set and made up a few Christmas ornaments. I stamped and embossed the ornament twice in each color and glued them together with a ribbon for hanging inbetween the layers. Then I added rhinestones to the blue and purple ones and Viva decor pen in bronze to the vintage distress one. I may have to do a few more of these as they were really quick and cute!!!
Now I will send you on the way to Vicki's blog   -

Have a great week!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A few more Christmas cards....


Just a quick one before I get dressed to go to work tonight. It was a pretty day that I slept through....warm if a bit cloudy. Maybe I will get lucky and it will be warm AND sunny tomorrow!!!

Another one of the simpler cards that I did this week to finish off my Christmas cards - I did aout 8 of these, the coloring goes quick and I didn't use alot of layers.
The stamps are from Flourishes and colored with prismacolor pencils.

I then ran it through a texture folder and used gold mettalic rub on the texture and a gold mettalic pen on the edges - on one I used red ink for the edges.

I haven't said much about the tragedy at Sandy Hook - what is there to say - horrible that it happened and deplorable the way it was reported...making a celebrity out of the poor deranged soul (??soul??) that carried out this vividly horrible massacure. I quit listening to the news very quickly as the reporters seem to have forgotten that they comit themselves to the truth and facts - at one point there was several different stories - he shot both his parents first, no just Mom, also shot a guy in Florida before his parents, that his Mom was a teacher at the school.....

All I can do is PRAY and find a way to get to know my neighbors and my community and do what I can where I can....and HUG my family often!!!
Take Care and God Bless

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pointsetta Christmas

Hallo, Not sure how this is going to work this am, blogger is doing some strange stuff.... Just a quick note this am as I am determined to get the rest of my Christmas cards in the main today - already made a last trip to the post office to mail the last couple packages. The stamps are from Flourishes and are colored with prismacolor pencils - I did 5 of each type -5 on white and 5 on craft. I really don't like doing batches but these were so easy to color and then I ran them through a texture folder and layered it to the base cardstock - very simple. Well back to the couch to stuff envalopes, sign and address :) Have a great weekend!!! Tera

Friday, December 14, 2012

Purple Candles

  Well you might be wondering what I am up to lately since I haven't been blogging much - well first I have been trying to finish off Christmas ornaments (the ones with the rhinestone toppers), and trying to get my Christmas cards finished - I missed last weeks Tuesday challenge over at Flourishes and then I missed the last challenge over at Impression Obsession - bummer....
  But I am determined to finish off the bulbs I have before I store them away for the year - because last year I stored them, forgot I had them, and then ought more this year to do - at least this way if I forget then when I find them they will be already done :)
   Then I thought of this great idea to use the topper with old crocheted doilies to make an ornament and went in search of my doily stash - at the same time looking for the 3 cardboard dress forms I have - somewhere - because I had a great steampunk idea for one of those.....but only found 2 doilies- I KNOW I have more but can't get to the boxes at the back of my craft room very easy soooo while I was out and about yesterday, going to Stamp group (since I didn't have to work on our stamp day for once...) I stopped at several of the local thrift stores trying to find some doilies to do up ( 5 total and no doilies - but I found 2 batches of small handkerchiefs that might work - and incidentally a box of vintage white glass ornaments - the older white ones are prettier than the new ones.....and a box of green and white ones, big box, real cheep, couldn't resist.....sigh - I am now up to about 5 dozen ornaments to finish off......sigh....)
   But before I can finish off the ornaments I need to finish my Christmas cards....I was determined not to miss out on the release challenge over at Flourishes also so I did a 2 fer - challenge card = Christmas card....
   The challenge this time was a hop and we picked up our clues on what to include on the card along the way... well that was fun but then I started to put my card together.....I used the colors from the inspiration photo - check - rounded corner/curvy edge and a die cut or punch - check and check - not an A2 sized card - check, its a 5X7 - distressing/sponging - check - floral something aakkk - ok there's a tiny flower on the ribbon - check and ribbon check - tag - AAKKK - tried this and that, and some more this and that and no mojo with the tag thing no no tag for me today - still going to enter anyhow - after all its the spirit of the challenge that counts right :) - besides it is now 2 pm and it has to be loaded by 4 pm, I have a couple presents to wrap and a couple packages to get ready to mail tomorrow and I have only gotten 1 Christmas card done today - whew - I had better get busy!!!!
  Is anyone else as disorganized as I am lately??
  Check out the new sets and the release challenge over at Flourishes here -
  Have a great weekend - I work so I may not be back here until monday....
   Take Care

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Foggy morning in my yard

   A few pictures from my backyard for you this am...
   When the puppy took me out to the yard at 6 am this spiderweb was freshly done - the lines were straight and tight whereas now you can see that they sag a bit with the dew - this photo was taken about 830 so just a couple hours later. Did you know that about spider webs??? I love looking at webs out in nature so I discovered that a long time ago....
  The other pics are from one of my clementis that likes to rebloom in the late fall - he;s a bit late this year :) The bloom is as big as my hand and a very pretty one. He has a green/white center with purple to white bigger petals around the outside. He doesn't produce as many blooms as my other clementi do but makes up for it in size and prettyness :)
  All for today - need to shower and head to the craft room (am going to stamp up some images to color while da hubster watches football - we are going to a friends house and the guys watch football and us gals 'watch' also while we have something crafty to do and talk :)
  Take Care

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Big Sale at Sweet Pea Stamps

  Just another short post tonight - I haven't had time for much blog surfin lately and popped into the Sweet Pea blog only to find that they are haven't a huge SALE!!!! Check it out here -
  They have the greatest fairys and mermaids and dragons and cutie pies!!!!
  Ok, all for me - back to blog surfin....