Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Dragon Box

  I have another box for you this afternoon . Just got back from a long walk with the pups so trying to col off a bit - our cool fall weather is gone again for awhile...bummer!!
  The first picture is the top of the box and the main image is from Rick St.Dennis - copied onto 'cryogen white ' from Paper Temptress and colored with polychrome pencils.
  Layered my dragon onto some Halloween paper and added some stickers and rhinestones and a pretty black ribbon - from Paper Temptress also.
  The mice and the crow are all a glittered black and the eyes of the mice I added small yellow rhinestones.
   The inside of the box is decorated with Halloween papers and some cool ghost stickers.
   All for today - need to try and get busy making dinner!!
    Take Care

Monday, October 17, 2016


  Well I managed to get much of nothing done yesterday - took a nap and then sat around watching 'Ancient Aliens" and working on a locker hook rug....and still went to bed at 9 pm and slept till 6 this am. I guess I had some catching up to do!!!
  Another Halloween card for you today - again using the 3D die from Accu Cut designed by my friend Vicki Chrisman.
  Some cute papers and stickers make for a very quick card!!!
  Working the late shift today (11 am to 730 pm) so am trying to get a few things done before then.
  Already went for a walk with the pups, next on the list is laundry....
  Have a great Monday!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2016


  A last feeling Sunday am for me today - got up late and did manage a long walk with the pups. But then I got pulled into that world inside my computer and have been there for almost 2 hrs now..... A quick post here and time to do something else!!!
  Another card made using the die designed by my friend Vicki Chrisman for Accu Cut.
  Still trying to use up all the extras from a class I taught a couple years ago...this one with a spider theme...
  I had an Open House yesterday evening at HH ARTS - I am Artist of the month. It was fun, had a few folks from work show up as well as several local artist friends!!!
  Well time for me to get a move on and DO something, ANYTHING!!!
   Take Care

Thursday, October 13, 2016


  Its a fine cool morning here in NW Florida and I am having a hard time getting in gear this am....
  Showing you a card I finished off over the weekend. It was made using a die  from ACCU CUT dies and designed by my friend Vicki Chrisman.
  I used mostly pretty paper, stickers and vintage images for this and 2 other I will show you over the next couple days.... but they turned out really cute!!!
  Enjoy and have a great day!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Owl box

   Wow, its been awhile again.....I have been working on a few encaustic projects and a locker hook rug at night in addition to work and walking the pups and house and yard work. We have had some really nice cooler weather and I am loving it!!!
  Todays project is a cute little Halloween box. I cant remember where the image is from although I suspect "Outlines". I used 'cryogen white and colored him with polychrome pencils. The 'cryogen white is my go to paper for coloring and I get it at Paper Temptress (along with a lot of other wonderful paper!!!)
   I added a small wood cut owl and a pumpkin sticker to keep him company and the box itself is covered with some fall paper from my stash.
   All for today - need to head off to work....
      Take Care

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Dota dots

  I had some time in the studio today and finished this one off . I watched a you tube video where they put about 40 different layers in different colors and then started carving into the wax.....
   Well I only did  about 11 or 12 and then I started carving circles - leaving layers showing bigger or smaller , some into deeper layers than other and some with lopsided inner circles....
  The last picture is the finished project where I added some black dots and lines.....
  Started out rainy this am but cleared up for awhile - later in the afternoon now and it looks like its fixin to rain again.
  All for now - Take Care

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


  Well between the weekend and yesterday after work, I am starting to get a few of my projects from my encaustic class at the folk school framed and pictures taken - they will start to show up on the etsy shop soon and I will show you how they look framed up here too.
  I started this one as usual with a couple layers of plain wax, then I did a landscape scene in wax.
  Then I went back and added to the tree, leaves and foreground with pan pastels and covered that with 2 thin layers of plain wax.
  I colored the dragonfly with pan pastels and embedded him into the wax and then covered him with 2 layers of wax.
  I then did image transfers of the garden gate and covered with a layers of plain wax.
  Lastly I added some more pan pastels to enhance the tree a bit and did a light fuse - the pan pastels melt right into the wax, then added one last layer of plain wax .
All for today - I will be pre-posting all week as I leave REALLY early in the mornings for work all week.
   Have a great week!!!