Saturday, September 17, 2016

Dota dots

  I had some time in the studio today and finished this one off . I watched a you tube video where they put about 40 different layers in different colors and then started carving into the wax.....
   Well I only did  about 11 or 12 and then I started carving circles - leaving layers showing bigger or smaller , some into deeper layers than other and some with lopsided inner circles....
  The last picture is the finished project where I added some black dots and lines.....
  Started out rainy this am but cleared up for awhile - later in the afternoon now and it looks like its fixin to rain again.
  All for now - Take Care

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


  Well between the weekend and yesterday after work, I am starting to get a few of my projects from my encaustic class at the folk school framed and pictures taken - they will start to show up on the etsy shop soon and I will show you how they look framed up here too.
  I started this one as usual with a couple layers of plain wax, then I did a landscape scene in wax.
  Then I went back and added to the tree, leaves and foreground with pan pastels and covered that with 2 thin layers of plain wax.
  I colored the dragonfly with pan pastels and embedded him into the wax and then covered him with 2 layers of wax.
  I then did image transfers of the garden gate and covered with a layers of plain wax.
  Lastly I added some more pan pastels to enhance the tree a bit and did a light fuse - the pan pastels melt right into the wax, then added one last layer of plain wax .
All for today - I will be pre-posting all week as I leave REALLY early in the mornings for work all week.
   Have a great week!!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Vintage baby

  A Vintage style painting for you today - another one from the class I did with Kat Fitzpatrick at the John C. Campbell folk school.
  This is approximately 8 by 8 inches square and is layered first with several layers of plain wax followed by a pretty patterned napkin for the background(which can hardly be seen).
  Next I embedded the picture of the baby that I photocopied and added a touch of color to her cheeks with pastels.
  A couple more layers of plain wax and then a stencil for the blue wax.
  I first did a amber shellac burn and then decided it needed a more defined edge so edged it with black shellac and burned that too- now I am not so sure I like it..... will let it hang around awhile and see if I get some inspiration and change it up....
  All for today - working the early shifts this week so am pre-posting - leaving the house by 530 am is tough!!! :)
   Take Care

Sunday, September 11, 2016

City fog

   Another painting for you today from my class with Kat Fitzpatrick at the John C. Campbell folk school.
  I was really happy with the left side but not so much with the right side.
The right side went through a couple transitions before I called it quits....
   The colorful city started as a stencil and I painted it with colored wax. Then after a couple layers of plain was I added a transfer of the old building on the lower left corner.
  The right side started as an image transfer of a photo of mine from New Orleans - some ornate design on one of the buildings but it looked too dark so I added the white and then it wasn't defined enough for me so I did some work with india ink to add some black back in.....and that's where I stopped.
   Several people in the class liked it this way and I am kinda getting used to it.....
     All for today - trying to get some of my pieces framed up - have 2 shows coming up and need to get finished.
    Take Care

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Vinatge Bird

  Posting a bit early this am as I am going to a Nursing Conference for most of the day. It is a local one put on every year and very good with a great lunch provided to boot!! Always need more education hours!!!
  This painting is my favorite of the vintage style ones that I did in my class. The bird image was printed onto copy paper and I colored him with pastels and then fussy cut him out.
   I started with several layers of plain wax and then some light teal layers.
  I then did a couple image transfers into the background - with a couple layers of plain wax between.
  Next I embedded the bird and another couple layers of plain wax.
  I used a stencil for the pink and blue figures and then amber shellac with a burn to finish it off....
    All for today - gotta get a move on....
       Take Care

Friday, September 9, 2016

Vintage Woman

  Another nice and cool morning here in NW Florida - I am loving it. Went for the usual morning walk and now just puttering around on the computer.....did a bit of yard work yesterday so feeling a bit lazy today....
   Another of the vintage style paintings for you today. I started with a couple layers of plain wax onto board and then used a pretty paper napkin for the background.
  Added a piece of black and gold paper and then the image of the lady all embedded into 2/3 layers of wax and another couple layers on top also.
  Then I used a stencil with some country pink wax - not to bright so more of a vintage look....
  Lastly I covered the piece with amber shellac and did a quick burn.
  I really need to get myself busy and get all they paintings framed up.....
    Well better get a lunch packed and get ready for work.
       Have a great day - ITS FRIDAY!!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ginko Budda

  I am really lovin the cool mornings we have been having lately - although I didn't get out to do yard work yesterday am , I am headed there right after this!! My flower beds are totally weeded out - Monday I got a bunch done so I need to get more dirt in the ones I got done, and then weed the others.
   I kinda like this shift (11 am to 1930 pm) just so I can get things done in the am....
  Todays painting is called 'Ginko Budda' and it has many layers - I started with 2 layers of plain wax and then added a thin napkin with a pretty oriental  style pattern. Then more plain wax.
  At the bottom is 2 fish from a drawing by Kat then an embedded image of a budda and a piece of distressed oriental paper. Next I added a bunch of ginko leaves in a couple layers with plain wax. Lastly I added a bit of blue, white and yellow wax in spots to show off some of the images.
  Well time to get busy - Take Care