Thursday, May 3, 2018

Deep sea treasures

   This altered cigar box is a joint project between my craft room and my studio art space.
  This cigar box had an indention on the lid that I wanted to do some type of painting in so I first painted the box black and then the top I coated with white gesso(except the edges which I did black).
  Next I used alcohol inks and made a seascape in blue, turquoise and purple. Then I started gluing on seashells into the corner.
  I used resin and covered the  alcohol ink and part way up the shells - and used a brush to seal the tops of the seashells with resin also.
  On the inside of the box lid I glued a digital image from Selina Fenech that I had colored with polychrome pencils. and then lined the bottom and the edges of the image with different shades of blue/blue green and turquoise rhinestones.
   I really like how it turned out.
   I have a couple more wooden boxes that I got at A.C. Moore that I am going to do something similar with also - but I am thinking encaustic instead of alcohol inks for the next one.
   All for today - Take Care

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Copper Pearl

  Another card for you today, using the same image from yesterdays by Julia Burgess. I often end up doing 2 of each image because when I print I like to use the whole sheet and usually print 2.
   Again I used cryogen white cardstock and polychrome pencils to color her with.
  She is layered to some pretty cardstock and the base cardstock is from Paper temptress's metallic line - a pretty, shimmery copper.
  I also used a gold metallic pen to edge the image panel and some pearl drops with viva d├ęcor pens for the corners.
   All for today - Take Care

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Pink Pearl

   A short post this afternoon as I need to get outta this chair and do my knee exercises.....
   I finished off  2 cars today and this is the first one. She is a digital image from Julia Burgess called 'Pearl' and I colored her with polychrome pencils.
  I printed her onto 'cryogen white' cardstock from Paper Temptress. The cryogen white is my favorite cardstock for coloring - either pencil or copics - because it is so smooth and both blend very well on this cardstock.
   I layered her onto 'Lagoon' cardstock also from Paper Temptress's metallic line. It is a lovely turquoise color and wonderful sparkle.
    All for today - I have another one for you tomorrow. Take Care.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sand and sea

  Well it has been a long time since I posted so here's a quick update.....29 march I had knee replacement surgery on my right knee and am doing well, will be going back to work in 2 weeks, have been doing my exercises twice a day and also back to walking. My pups are disappointed that I don't take them with me just yet, need to get a bit more oomph into the legs before I take those 2 rowdies with me :)
  I hadn't been in the studio much until the last week and this one is one I just finished. Encaustic and oil stick, it is 12 by 12 inches and 1 inch thick and will be going to a friend of mine.
  Not a whole lot else going on - trying to get all my old photo albums transferred to digital and still working on wedding projects.
  The weather has been so nice and cool, been loving it - except the pool isn't warm enough to get into yet. I am looking forward to doing my pool exercises and working on getting dtronger and maybe loosing some weight.
    All for today - Take Care

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Wedding bouquets

    Stopping by for a quick post today - wonderfully sunny and cool out today - sat out on the deck in the back yard to soak up some sun - contented sigh......
    Finishing off the Bride and Bridesmaids bouquets this week. The first 2 pictures are the brides bouquet and the third picture is the one for the bridesmaids for my DD's wedding in July.
   My first time making wedding bouquets, so it was a learning process and such fun.  My DD's colors are teal/turquoise and copper. But for her bouquet she wanted mostly the ivory colored flowers and just a bit of color, and the bridesmaids to be mostly the turquoise and copper flowers.
   Believe it or not the copper flowers were done using white roses and copper spray paint. They take the spray paint very well if 1- you use the better quality silks and 2 - light applications, drying between each layer until you have the color you want.
   I wired the stems together and then covered them with burlap and then wrapped them in lace to make them easy to carry.
   All for today - Take Care

Monday, March 19, 2018

Silver emergent

   Yup I've been busy - making wedding invitations, table decorations, bouquets....
   Latest painting finished off last weekend in the studio. It is called 'Silver emergent' as it has some silver leaf embedded into it . Done with encaustic wax, oil stick, silver leaf and shellac.....
   The red on the left side is darker and more maroon and lighter more cherry red on the right side.
   All for today - Take Care

Monday, January 29, 2018

Small sea life

  The start of another Monday....I never used to think about Monday as the beginning of a long work week, most of my Nursing Career I have worked 12 hr shifts and every other weekend, and either 3 shifts a week or 3 one week and 4 the next so I was often off on Mondays. The last 2 years
    or so I have work 8 hr shifts weekdays and every weekend off, which is nice but lately I am
     beginning to not like Mondays very much :)
          I have another pair of small pieces for you today, and again a bit cluttered but going to leave it
     alone. I may end up framing these in so I may add that pic in later....
         Well I guess its time to get off to work...
        Have a great week!!!