Monday, March 19, 2018

Silver emergent

   Yup I've been busy - making wedding invitations, table decorations, bouquets....
   Latest painting finished off last weekend in the studio. It is called 'Silver emergent' as it has some silver leaf embedded into it . Done with encaustic wax, oil stick, silver leaf and shellac.....
   The red on the left side is darker and more maroon and lighter more cherry red on the right side.
   All for today - Take Care

Monday, January 29, 2018

Small sea life

  The start of another Monday....I never used to think about Monday as the beginning of a long work week, most of my Nursing Career I have worked 12 hr shifts and every other weekend, and either 3 shifts a week or 3 one week and 4 the next so I was often off on Mondays. The last 2 years
    or so I have work 8 hr shifts weekdays and every weekend off, which is nice but lately I am
     beginning to not like Mondays very much :)
          I have another pair of small pieces for you today, and again a bit cluttered but going to leave it
     alone. I may end up framing these in so I may add that pic in later....
         Well I guess its time to get off to work...
        Have a great week!!!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Small ocean

   I have a couple small encaustic wax pieces for you today - 8 by 8 inches. I did them using the same style as the bigger one that I posted last.
   Working small is just as hard sometimes as working BIG...I think these 2 are just a bit cluttered but it would be hard to cut something out at this point without just starting over, so I am going to leave it be.
   There is a small themed show coming up at Artel in Pensacola and these might be the ones I enter....will have to see if I can get anything else done before then.
   All for this rainy morning - time to putter in the craft room a bit and then decide whether to keep puttering or go to the studio and play with wax.
   Take Care

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Wedding samples - third set...

  Well here is the last batch of samples I made for my daughter to chose from for her wedding invitations - this is the style she ended up choosing but I wont show you hers until the invitations have been sent.
   Her colors are teal and copper and I used  some yummy papers from Paper Temptress.
   The light teal (lagoon), copper and the white (pearl?or crystal) are all from PT Mica mettalics line and are beautifully sparkly/shimmery. The darker teal is from the basics line.
  I used 2 Spellbinders dies and embossing powder in copper and 2 shades of teal.
  All for this morning - I have 2 pups to brush, a house to clean, bottles to spray paint and wedding invitations to make.....
   Take Care

Friday, January 26, 2018

Set 2 - wedding Invitation samples

  Just a quick post this evening with another batch of wedding card samples. I cant remember who made the stamp but I have used it a lot over the years.
   I used some really wonderful papers from Paper Temptress. The copper, pearl and lagoon(light teal) are from the 'mica mettalics' line and are a nice heavy base cardstock with a wonderful sparkle to them - BONUS this line is even on sale right now, so if you NEED some I have a link to Paper Temptress is my sidebar. I also used a darker teal from the basics line which is a really rich teal - love it.
  I used a Spellbinders die and embossing powders in copper and 2 shades of teal (the darker teal embossing powder just by luck perfectly matches the teal paper!!! - ah the simple joys in life :)
   All for now - need to get some dinner on the stove I guess.
    Take Care

Invitations - wedding set 1

  Short post on my way out the door for work today. My daughter is getting married and I volunteered to do the wedding invitations (and the tables d├ęcor, and the bouquets, and...)
  So I did several batches of samples and this one is the first.
  The paper is all from 'Paper Temptress' and is so yummy!!! Coper and pearl from the mica metallics line and teal from the basics line.
  The stamps is from Flourishes, and the die cuts are Spellbinders.
   Off I go
   Take Care

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Sea Dreams

  Lots of pictures today - this is an encaustic wax painting, 36 inches w X 24 inches tall.
 The first picture shows the first 3/4 layers - several of plain wax to prime the board and then splatters in different colors  and the start of covering the board with a bit of oil stick rubbed all over the board.

The second picture shows several more layers of plain wax to start creating some texture.
The third picture I rubbed more oils stick mostly just on top of the texture with dark and turquoise blues
    The next few pics show work with an eye dropper to create the white coral, green seaweed and the some coral colored coral.
    The next to last pictures shows the addition of the bubbles - blues, turquoise, and gold - but as I looked at it a bit I think I overdid it with those so I ended up toning them down a bit and adding some white coral back in....and I am calling it done.
   All for today - Take Care