Friday, June 16, 2017

Blue sky elephants

  Another painting today - one that I did a couple months ago but had forgotten to get a picture of it framed  until this last weekend....
   Another elephant themed painting. This one started with an elephant stencil and wood putty and after it dried I used the torch to burn the wood putty a bit. Next I colored the background and elephant with alcohol inks, dry, a coat of amber shellac a bit of drying time and then a burn.
  I then taped off about an inch and a half near the top and added a couple layers of plain wax. The I added a narrow row of microbeads in blue and embedded them into the wax.
   I added resin to the part I had taped off section near the top. And lastly some small elephants that I did with gold colored clay from a mold.
  All for today - need to get my but off to work....
    Take Care


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