Friday, January 25, 2013

Coloring class - 2

  Well I am fixin to head off to class so I thought I would get this posted.
  The first picture is the demo board for my class today. I used stamps from Impression Obsession - and Flourishes -

  The first stamp is the scene from IO and it is really alot easier to color than it looks - alot of the shading is already on the image. The first picture shows my first layer of the lightest colors. You can see how the stamp show shadows under the watering can and the shadow of the cans spout but if you look closer it has the shadows along the fence grid and the left side of the watering can too.
  The third photo shows how I added the next darker colors - darker gray to the can and fence, a bit of brown to the center of the flowers and petals and a darker shade of green to the leaves.
  In the fourth picture I added a rusty brown color to the can and a darker brown to the flower center/petals and the darkest green to the leaves.
  For the magnolia stamp I started with a layer of white over the flowers then 2 light yellows - using the lightest on the flower and a slightly brighter one for the leaves - now magnolias are often a creamy white or ivory colored is why I used pale yellows (you could also use tans or light brown)
  On the second layer of the magnolia I did use a light brown to shade some of the curves of the flower petals and a darker green for the leaves and blended back with the lighter colors.
  I colored the backround with blue and added a bit of dark green and blue as the darkest layers on the leaves - blending back with the lighter colors.
  All for today - looking forward to my weekend off!!!
    Take Care

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