Friday, February 1, 2013

Coloring class - 3

   Well we are into week 3 of my coloring class with our local 'Adult Learning classes' called "The Center for Lifelong Learning" All the instructors and organizers are volunteers and student pay a minimal fee  - 4 classes for 40 dollars with some classes charging for materials used in class. It is a great opportunity to try and learn new things or reconnect with old hobbies.
  I am taking 3 classes this time - a beading class, a locker hook class (kinda a combo of latch hook rug but using material - best thing is it is a great way to use up scraps of material from sewing and /or quilting projects.) and a Zumba class (which has served to remind me #1 that yes I am still a klutz and #2 I am very weak with lateral and side to side movements - so I guess it will be even better for me than I knew for!!)
   The class I am teaching is 'Coloring for cardmakers' - using rubber stamped images, blendable pencils (in this case Koh-i-noor) and watercolors (also koh-i-noor)
   Both images for this class are from Flourishes - I love their flowers, so much fun to color!!!
For every class I have made a sample board for each student showing the progression of how I color. I usually start with light colors and move towards the darker shades. I demonstrate in class and then we spend time coloring. I have also given them tips on paper and ink, resources for more coloring info and also the blogs and web sites of the stamps I have used in class.
  I have a really fun group and I hope they are haveing fun and learning a bit too - mostly the learning for them is to just have fun, experiment and practice!!
  All for today - off to class
      Take Care

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