Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cactus flowers

   Well I am still trying to wake up and get a move on today - the last 2 nights at work were busy and I didn't sleep much yesterday so I guess I have worklag (like jet lag only from work :)
   I took these pics real quick the other day when I was taking some pictures of cards - I may have to take some more in the morning and take a bit more time, but these turned out pretty well.
  This pretty little cactus is at my front door - it is planted in a 'dry spot'  - a spot where the sprinklers don't seem to hit - instead of having the DH fix the sprinklers many years ago I decided to make it a small cactus garden and they have the prettiest flowers!!!
  Now off to get ready - the kids have JrROTC awards night tonight!!! Look for pictures tomorrow!!!
   Take Care

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