Saturday, June 28, 2014

Christmas in - almost - July.....

   Well it was really hot and humid today so I didn't feel like doing yard work, house work will have to wait till Monday because with an extra dog in the house (babysitting for friends) it just wasn't worth the extra effort so after the morning walk with the dogs, I stayed inside all day - mostly in the craft room!!!
    I have been planning these for awhile now - RTA Designs in Panama City (where I have my booth - its an all handmade store - crafts and art and ect., but all handmade or refinished) we will be having a Christmas in July event the last 2 weeks of July so I wanted to get a bunch of these made up.
   I did 7 today and have about a dozen set up ready to decorate and 5 more candle sticks just waiting on assembly .....gosh knows I have plenty of ribbon and trims.
   My favorite 2 are the vintage looking ones with the old lace and trims - and just a touch of sparkle :)
   All for tonight - off o work again....sigh, no nap today, got caught up in ribbon and trim in my craft room :)
   Take Care

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Shirley said...

Your trees are wonderful!! You are so creative and I know they won't last long when you are going to sell them. I hear you on the heat.