Monday, August 18, 2014

Morning walk

    Just a quick post before I am off to work for the night - I took these pictures this morning on my walk with Miss Kyna (my puppy).
   Believe it or not they were taken with my phone - I was tempted once I got home to go back with my 'good' camera but  I was hot and didn't feel like it (very HOT and muggy, very early this am) and it turns out I really didn't need to for these 3 pics anyhow.....
   If the clouds are good again though I will have to go back and  shoot more - love how these turned out!!!!
   Didn't get much done in the craft room the last couple days except clean but just wait till my next day off and I am going to create up a storm.... :)
  All for today
        Take Care

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