Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A rug for off to college

  I haven't actually gotten in my craft room much lately - with my DD in there and this rug to finish before the kids go off  to college, and the packed bags and boxes sitting everywhere.....
  I started this rug for my son to take to college with his - started it in May I believe and mostly worked on it in the evenings - a couple hours at  time until this last month where I have worked on it more in the daytime too.
  It measures 33 inches by 57 inches - so almost a yard wide by little over a yard and 1/2 long.
  Its make from a fabric called 'interlock or interlocken' and feels like a thinner soft knit. Someone I meet at the fabric store one day had a bunch of leftovers of this material from her creative endeavors and didn't know what to do with it all - the fabric is a bit more on the expensive side but her scraps weren't big enough for any of her projects. She ended up giving me all her scraps - mostly red and black but a bunch of white too - I have enough after this rug to make at least another the same size and probably a smaller one too....... First I have to finish off a rug for a Christmas present and then I may go back and make another like this one....the interlock is very easy to work with for the rugs and should be pretty durable too.....guess we will find out after my DS tests it out in his dorm room for awhile :)
   All for now - I need to try and get some more sleep before work tonight - haven't been sleeping well lately.......
   Take Care

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