Thursday, November 24, 2016

Quick and simple Christmas Cards

  Happy to be lounging around today smelling the turkey bake, watching the Thanksgiving Day parade....
  Showing you some Christmas cards I did last weekend - a few quick and simple ones that still looks great!!!
  The first one is just a couple stickers onto a really pretty shimmery cardstock from Paper Temptress. The shimmery paper really makes the card!!!
  The second one is on one of Paper Temptresss' columned paper with a bit of their ribbon also as well as a few stickers and the little clothespins.
  I have been playing in my art studio a bit too and will have some pictures soon of what I am working on there - doing a few bigger pieces. And I have a new site for my art also - - under Tera Fujan - I currently have 4 pieces up for sale with a few more awaiting approval - they are a juried site which means better for me because there wont be a ton of the same stuff to sift through, and currently they don't have a lot of Encaustic works so will see if I can sell a piece or two (then I can replenish my dwindling wax supply...)
   All for today - Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

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