Saturday, November 26, 2016

A bit chilly...

  Well we are a bit chilly this am here in NW Florida - the breeze is just a bit nippy. The pups love the cool weather and so do I and makes the morning walk a bit quieter as few people are 1 - out as early as the pups make us go and 2 - few go out when its this chilly. So all I have to watch for is squirrels and cats so my big boy doesn't yank my arm off....
  I have 2 more simple cards for you today - the pretty cardstock is from Paper Temptress and is so shimmery!! Then I just used some stickers and a little shaker box (and forgot the shaky stuff - I need to go back to AC Moore and see if they have more of the shaker stickers so I can do some with some glitter snow in them...)
    I spent most of the day yesterday in my studio playing with a couple encaustic paintings I am working on - have to put on about 2 more layers of color for the 2 big ones and then I can start carving them. The carving is done on the smaller on so will start on the texturizing
   I picked up some leaves on my morning walk that I will include in the  next painting I have planned. I really liked the small painting I did at J.C. Campbell with the ginkgo leaves - so I found some on Etsy and now have a bunch to play with - The background will be 3 shades of teal/turquoise and then I will add the ginkgo leaves and probably one or 2 of the pretty red ones that I found this am - not sure if I will do a shellac burn on this one or not....
     All for today - take care!!!

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