Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wax and Whine

   Wax first then you can leave if you don't want any whine :)
  More pieces of encaustic wax from my class yesterday....I did a few in black and gray onto white paper and then teal, purple and silver onto white paper (which are my favorite, no surprise....).
  Hard to get good pictures - too much glare outside, not enough light without flash inside....
  Up on the Etsy shop later tonight....

Ok - now the whine - day started out good, puppy took me for an hour walk with my neighbor and her little girl and the dogs (she is dog sitting this week so had 2 instead of her normal 1)
   Then I ate breakfast and got cleaned up and tried to head for the door - planning to get to Wal-Mart at 9 when the vision center opened (I didn't sleep well last night so got up to write down the to-do list that was running through my head, in hopes of sleeping after I wrote the list down and broke my glasses in the process....and didn't sleep anyhow because my hip and legs started cramping.....sigh)
   So instead of getting off to Wally world my stomach decided to act up  and I spent 2 hours "reading a magazine" - between throwing up anyhow (IBS is such a lovely thing sometimes)
   So once things settled down and I had enough energy to walk I headed once more for the door only to back into someone backing out of my driveway.....I haven't had a fender bender in over 10 years.....grrrrr.......so by the time I got to Wal-Mart it was almost 11 and mobbed - not only got my glasses fixed but ordered a second pair (which I need because I cant even read without them but we didn't need the cost right now - thank-you to our wonderful government for yet another shut-down and who knows if we will get DH's next retirement check or next paycheck for that matter.....) - got some groceries at Wal-Mart because the commissary on base was not a happy place today.....
   Came home and tried to get into the craft room and get a few things done but kept getting sleepy so I put together these frames instead.....
  Some computer time and downloaded Skype to my phone and computer finally - in hopes that DD has time tonight for a quick chat with her ma....
   Ok - I am done whining - tomorrow I am GOING to get some stuff done in the craft room!!!!
  Have a great day!!!!

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