Saturday, May 3, 2014

Thunder beach bike rally

   A quick note and set of pics before I head to work tonight (thank goodness for 5 hour energy - might be a 2 shot night :)
   My DH and I headed over to Panama City today with a couple friends to take in the atmosphere of 'Thunder Beach' bike rally.
   The first picture shows a motorcycle equipped with a perch for the beautiful McCaw that you can see stretching his legs - complete with a vest for the bird and a leash to the perch - so cool!!!
   The next couple pics are of a few old bikes that were really cool.
   Its an hour and a half ride each way - coming home was more like 2 hours due to all the traffic but it was a lot of fun (although I can really feel my hips and rear tonight - not used to riding much....)
Wish we could have stayed awhile longer but I have to work tonight so we left early and I got a very short nap and off to work now.....
   Have a great weekend....P.S. the last pic is a view from the porch at the place we ate lunch (there were a lot more bikini's on the road/bikes than the beach :)
    Take Care

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Shirley said...

You are the only person I know who 'rides'. LOLOL Whoopie! You are braver than I am.