Thursday, May 8, 2014

Quilt style locker hook rug

   I finished off another locker hook rug the other night - I plan for this one to be a Christmas present for one of the Mom's - and I will be making another one with the same fabrics - probably the same pattern, although I thought about trying a 'log-cabin' type pattern - quilt style.
  This rug measures - 32 inches by 52.5 inches - or 2 foot 8 inches by 4 foot 4 inches.
  Just out of curiosity and a bit of Type A-ness, I kept track (for the most part) of how long I worked on this rug and how many yards of material are in it.
  There were times that I sat down and worked on the rug for 15/20 minutes and forgot to write it down but I think I didn't miss too many so the total on that is at least 112 hours of working on the rug - starting from cutting material and preparing the canvas.
  And there is about 25 yards of material in this rug. 100% cotton and mostly quilting fabrics because they are good durable fabrics. Most of the fabric I got on sale - even if only 30 or 40% off, so there is at least 130 dollars worth of material (give or take depending on sales - and I really didn't keep track) plus a bit for the canvas and the locking thread.
   Almost all of the time I worked on it was while watching TV with the family in the evenings - I always have something to do in the evenings - either the rugs or coloring, or some other crafty thing...
The rugs are easy to do and very relaxing too!!!
  My next rug is going to be for my son to take to college with him then I can get the second one of this style done :)
   All for today - Take Care

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Shirley said...

What an outstanding rug. I would keep it in a special place, maybe a wall. That is a treasure as much as a handmade quilt!