Thursday, September 25, 2014

Redneck bottle tree

   Well my DH made up this bottle tree for me to finish off and try in my booth in Panama City at RTA Designs. I finished off the last coat of spray pain yesterday evening and put it together this am and then made a trip over to put it in my booth - along with a couple other small things.
   I thought it turned out pretty cool and so did the folks over at RTA - so we will see if it sells :)
   I got home just in time to take my Kyna puppy for her yearly check up/shots at the vet - she loved the car ride but wasn't too happy about the rest but she was pretty good.
   I had planned on heading to the craft room after posting by alas I have been too slow getting my posts up so its time to get some super rollin and maybe do some coloring on the couch tonight :)
   Have a great night!!!

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