Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dress and tuxedo boxes - Cll class #2

   Well I survived my long 4 day stretch - 4 12 hour shifts in a row - and I can say with some certainty that I am defiantly not going to do that again any time soon!!!!!
  I didn't make it to the morning class that I took,  opting for a couple hours sleep :)  but these pics are from my afternoon class - the one I am 'teaching'.
   This is a 3D box and card class that I am teaching for our local CLL - which stands for Center for Lifelong Learning. Everyone from the instructors to the office folk and organizers are all volunteer and the fee to take classes are minimal - 50 dollars for 4 classes. A few classes do charge a fee just for materials such as my class and the beading class ect.
   Our CLL offers classes in everything from history, genealogy, politics, religious and philosophy, to arts and crafts such as beading, knitting weaving and cardmaking and even skeet shooting so there is a wide variety!!!!
   The dies I used for this class are from Accucut ( ) and are a dress box and a tuxedo box. I have seen these done in many ways for weddings, and I also pulled out other pretty papers for some non-wedding ones. So these pictures are ones the gals did in class - I remembered to take pictures this week (photos from last weeks projects will be coming eventually - I asked the gals to either email pics to me or bring them back next time for me to take pictures of - )
   The variety of boxes between the 4 of us was really cool and they came up with some really good ideas too!!!!

 This third photo are the ones I did in class - first to demonstrate but then just made a few more :) These 2 dies are so easy to put together that they take no time at all and then you can have lots of fun decorating them :)

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