Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Zentangle addiction

    Well I have been busy and crafty through this summer and early fall but my blog has been a bit neglected - but I spent the summer hangin with my kiddos and getting them (and me) ready for them to go off to college, then I cleaned and reorganized my house a bit (although I am sure the DH would say huh, what, when?? :) then since I knew it was going to be a busy fall for me I got to working ahead on Design Team commitments and am caught up till the end of October. Next on the list was planning and  preparing for the class I am teaching this fall - which started today. It is a 3D box and card class with our local 'Center for lifelong learning'  - all the instructors, folks in the office and organizers are volunteer and folks can take up to 4 classes for just 50 dollars - which goes to rent space to have the classes in and other expenses like advertising and the newsletter. Some classes - like mine have a small fee for supplies like beads and such for the beading classes.
  So now I have my classes planned out and the next 2 partially ready to go so its time to get my blog back on the active duty list - along with keeping up with my class and craft booth over in Panama City, getting a few more projects made for a craft fair the end of October and getting my Christmas cards and projects done.
   I have been working on another locker hook rug than needs to be done in time to mail for Christmas - about 1/3 done -  and I have in the 10 minutes here and there finished off my small zentangle cheat books with pattern samples in small enough booklets to carry in my purse or a small bag......
The 3 I am showing you today I did up in the last week or so and am really happy with them - I plan to put them up on my Etsy shop later today or tomorrow if anyone is interested.
   My girlfriend Pat and I went to Atlanta over last weekend for a stamp convention and had a lot of fun - neither of us had been to one in several years and it was great to hang out and take some classes and play with other fellow rubber junkies :) I took 2 basic copic classes which were a lot of fun but makes me want MORE - I really would like to take the certification classes....and speaking of which I would really love to become Zentangle certified too - maybe those can be 2 goals for the next couple years....
   All for today - really need to do some house cleaning as I am going to be gone on a run to Panama City to check on and add some crafty items to my booth there - RTA DESIGNS - check out the place on Facebook - its a really cool place with a ton of cool handmade stuff of all sorts - including mine of course :), then Friday I am taking a couple classes with CLL myself so not too much time left over for crafting - and the house really does need a good cleaning,
   All for today - Take Care

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