Monday, November 10, 2014

Mardi Gras in pink

  Well it has been a busy morning here already - took my puppies out to the woods for a good long run - it was Dukes' (the new puppy) first time. Kyna loves the woods - she goes off chasing rabbits and deer and turkey and checks back in with me every few minutes (she never gets too far away and I can almost always see her through the trees). Duke wasn't too sure about getting too far into the trees and brush but followed Kyna right in  - if she went a bit too far he just came back to hang out with me. ( I am sure he will get braver next time). The 2 of them ran pretty hard and had a grand ol time - the tall grass was night and dew covered and so they came back wet and with sand covering them up to their tummies :) (I had a blanket down in the van that caught most of it :).
  Todays card  is using an image from Sweet Pea Stamps called 'Fancy Boceto' by Enys Guerrero and I colored her with prismacolor pencils.
  I really had meant to do her in purple but somehow she ended up pink :) I added some pink ribbons, a couple rhinestones and some gold corner stickers too.
  All for me this am - gotta get some cleaning done around my house today :)
   Take Care

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