Saturday, November 1, 2014

  Just a short little note before I head off to work tonight - after a bit over 2 weeks off it is really hard to have to go back to work!!!!!
  I had a busy 2 weeks - had a craft fair and a 3 day Nursing Conference, and a couple pieces of mandatory education for work and spent the last few days cleaning house, yard and trying to reorganize my craft room and such (since I pretty much tore it all apart getting stuff out for the craft fair)  - ran to Panama City to change out stuff in my craft booth over there and now am trying to get pics of stuff back on my Etsy shop.....oh yes and lots of walks with the puppies, a doctors appointment, vet appointment for the new pup....
  Just a couple zentangles to show you today - about all I have had time to do this week except a bit of coloring :) I really like how the flower ones turned out!!! I made copies of them and will try coloring them up sooner or later :).
  Well better get my butt out the door.....
     Have a great weekend!!!!!

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