Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Catching up....

  Just a short post today to catch up.....I didn't get much time in the craft room over the holidays for several reasons - one I was spending as much time with the kids as they could stand :), 2 worked an extra shift in there somewhere as it has been pretty busy at work lately, and 3 my craft room still has DD's bed in it and she tends to spread out which makes it hard for 2 people to be in there....
  So the kids left last Saturday to head back to college and I spent a couple days getting my craft room put back together and getting some of my craft stuff that is stored in my bedroom arranged a bit better. I brought back all my stuff from the booth I had in Panama City - even though I made some money this month I had only 2 other months of the 9 I have been there that I even made booth fee so it was time to give it up, was fun though.
  I am hopeful that I can get back to posting on a pretty regular basis from now on....I had planned on teaching another 3D box class with our local CLL but I found out that not enough people signed up for my class so it wont go this time.... I did take 2 classes but should still be able to get in the craft room more.
  I am really going to try and do some deep cleaning in my house over the next couple months - a bit at a wish me luck....
   First picture is of some sweetness I got in the mail today - I participated in a 'Gift of Love artist exchange' over the holidays and in addition to our exchange most of us added art pieces to give away to 'fans' I added a zentangle jar.... well I won one of the give aways from Jenny Heidewald and aren't they adorable!!! I really love the dragons especially the little dragon stealing cookies :)

   The next 2 pics are of my puppy Duke - he usually rides in the back seat because my other older puppy Kyna is a princess and always has to ride in front to see what is going you can see Duke is not so much interested in taking in the scenery as in taking a nap - I took him to the pet shelter clinic yesterday to get him micro chipped (they do it waaayyy cheeper than my vet can) and it was only a 15 minute drive - so my guess would be that Duke will prefer the back seat from now on (when he stretches out he covers most of the back seat anyhow which is the other part of the reason Kyna rides in the front :)
And yes he is a big boy - 8 months old and 70 pounds but still very much a puppy. I will say that I was very pleased with him at the clinic - he was calm and behaved very well, such a good, sweet boy!!!!
   All for today - will have some more crafty stuff for you tomorrow!!!
    Take Care

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