Saturday, May 2, 2015

Vintage wax

   Well I had a good day playing with wax in my studio yesterday. the first 3 pics show some panels I have been working on - or rather they got to this point and I really liked them but they didn't feel 'done' so I set them aside and just waited.
  Well Thursday when my friend Pat and I went shopping I found a nice stencil and decided to try it on a few of these panels and see how they looked.
   So the next few pics show how they look now with a bit of red wax applied with the stencil and now I do believe they are done (except for framing) I plan to frame these 4 up in a group in the same frame and the last 4 I will add some more design with a stencil but probably do the last 4 all in different colors because I plan to frame them all separately.
  The last 2 pictures are of another painting in the same style as these, only it is 12 by 12 inches instead of 8 by 8.
   All for today - time for me to get some sleep for the day, it is going to be a long weekend - I am not used to working 3  12 hour shifts in a row anymore.....
   Take Care

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