Thursday, May 21, 2015

Vintage red

   Lots of pics today - finished framing these beauties this morning.
$ encaustic wax pieces with vintage images and wax and stenciled wax...I really love how they turned out!!!!
  The frame was originally a creamy off white and I debated for several days before painting it black and I think it makes the girls show up even better!!!
  I ended up  coming home from work early last night on call - got to work and transferred a patient to the step down unit, went to a meeting, stocked the unit, did some of my education (mandatory stuff) on the computer and by midnight we hadn't had any admissions so I came home.
  I had a yukky day yesterday so I was happy to get off early - my IBS was acting up all morning and then when I got him settled down enough to brave a quick couple of errands I get out onto base and my trusty old van decided to act up for me - pretty sure it is the fuel pump... managed to get him home, and tried to putz around the house but was so sleepy that I laid down for my pre-work nap a bit early.  I was kinda surprised to be able to get to sleep so easy when I got home around 1215 am - guess I needed the sleep....
  All for today - have a couple things to try and finish before my nap - as I am scheduled to work again tonight....
   Take Care

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