Monday, September 7, 2015

Goose tangle

   Happy Labor Day!!!!
   Popping in this am to show you a vase I finished off yesterday. I called it 'goose tangle' for a lack of a better name - the bottle I used was from 'gray goose' vodka. My Hubby works at the recycle center on base so can get me bottle when I need them - this brand of vodka doesn't have any raised letters in the glass so once I get the label off it is nice and smooth to paint and decorate.
  I used a sharpie extra fine black pen and mostly just added a few designs a night for a few while sitting on the couch watching tv....
  Then when I am done adding tangles I seal it first with 'workable fixative' and then several layers of clear acrylic sealer so it can be washed with a damp cloth.
  All for today - pups have already had their walk so now its time to go to the craft room and clean house or maybe some yard work or a bit of each maybe.....
    Take Care

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