Sunday, October 4, 2015

Steampunk vase

   A short note tonight with a 'vase' I finished off yesterday. I used a 'gray goose' alcohol bottle and spray painted it white. Next I tangled it with a sharpie marker.
  I tried to use tangles that were more 'steampunk' in feel.
  When done I used a fixative on it and then several layers of acrylic sealer so it can be washed off.
  I spent some time in the craft room yesterday and today with a few hours today in the studio too - have an encaustic piece I want to finish in time for the next show at our local Arts and Design society - which is a beach theme.
 Later in the week I will show you my FIRST Prize winning wax piece from our current show!!!!
  Yes I said FIRST PRIZE - my very first one!!!! I was very surprised and excited!!!!
  All for tonight  - Take Cate

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