Sunday, January 29, 2017

Canyon Dreams

  I finally finished this big pair of paintings. They are 24 by 36 inches.
  First - which is not pictured - I put 2 /3 layers of about 12 different colors onto these cradled boards, with cooper being the last layers, and blue being the first layers. That process took about 12 hours total all and a boatload of wax!!!
  I used a 10 pound bag of plain wax alone(used to prime the boards and then mixed with the concentrated colored wax to get the desired color concentration) - a 10 pound bag of plain wax is 182 $$ - I also used about 2/3 bricks of  about 8 colors - each brick costing 20 to 40 dollars depending on the color.
  Next I started carving into the wax to make the rivers - and that took about 22/24 hours total.
Its really cool to do and see all the layers come out!!!
  Last major step was adding texture to the top flat parts where I didn't carve. Many, many layers painted with a cooling brush and lightly fused to keep the bumps - another 8/10 hours on that, along with adding a bit of green and yellow to the top textures to look kinda like fall tree leaves.
  Another hour or 2 to clean up the side and put wire on to hang them with and thet will be going in the mail this week.
  It will be my first time mailing one of my encaustic paintings and they are BIG and a bit heavy from all the layers too.
  I hope my friend in Chicago will enjoy them - can't wait to see picks of them on her wall!!!
      All for today - tons of pics - enjoy!!
             Take Care

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